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The lack of implementation of nursing systems could explain why the majority of respondents did not received any training in the last six months. / Yes, continuing education takes time. The American Nurses Association 2015 Professional Issues Panel (Panel), Barriers to RN Scope of Practice, was established to identify and clarify barriers that inhibit registered nurses (RNs) from practicing to the full extent of their education, experience, and scope of practice (as determined by relevant state nurse practice acts). The shortage of primary care physicians is creating a need for more family nurse practitioners. Reports on nursing throughout the past 120 years have recommended higher education and greater responsibilities for nurses, but progress often was impeded by gender and class barriers, and by short-term economic demands of the healthcare industry, nursing … UTA also offers a pre-licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Not only do nurses provide care in these and other locations, but they also educate their patients. Why is a higher level of education necessary in nursing? We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. The education needed to become a nurse is highly dependent upon what type of nurse you want to become and can range from associate's to master's degrees. Having at least 80 percent of nurses holding a bachelor’s degree or higher by 2020 is a key recommendation of the Institute of Medicine’s landmark report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. privacy@rwjf.org Nurses have long been expected to continue their education, and the ANCC has been accrediting providers and accreditors of continuing education programs for four decades. By signing up, you agree to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Read our updated Privacy Policy to learn more. Similarly, UTA offers other bridge programs that take RNs to different educational levels. Despite these monetary reasons, there are other reasons why higher education is important. Six years ago, a report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) changed the course of nursing education. Not only do we need more BSN-prepared nurses to provide care in this increasingly complex system, we need more nursing faculty at our institutions of higher education to educate the next generation of nurses. It found that for nurses with associate’s degrees, being Black, living in a rural area, having non-nursing work experience, an optimistic outlook, higher work motivation, working in the intensive care unit or step-down unit, and working the day shift are among the most important predictors that they will pursue a bachelor’s degree. This report not only informs and highlights the need for change in nursing education to meet the changing face of healthcare, but also recommends the nursing profession increase the number of registered nurses (RNs) with a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) … Techniques change and understanding the need to know about the changes as well as the reasoning behind the change can make a huge difference in how you practice and the outcomes for your patient. Some people come out of high school already knowing what they want to do, so getting a degree in that field can help make them more employable. Some study programmes … In December 1996, before she became the “Domestic Goddess”, Nigella Lawson wrote in the Times that: “Irrelevant academic qualifications are an insult to nurses – and useless to their patients.”As the Nursing and Midwifery Council publishes new standards for UK nurse education, it is timely to revisit this argument about whether the UK has an adequate nurse preparation programme. † Online Nursing Degree Programs: Learn While You Work . 701 S. Nedderman Drive, Arlington, TX 76019 Knowing what motivates nurses to seek BSN and higher … Called “The Future of Nursing; Leading Change, Advancing Health,” the report called for 80 percent of the nurse workforce to have at least a bachelor’s degree by 2020, and to double the number of nurses with doctorates by that same year. The American Nurses Association 2015 Professional Issues Panel (Panel), Barriers to RN Scope of Practice, was established to identify and clarify barriers that inhibit registered nurses (RNs) from practicing to the full extent of their education, experience, and scope of practice (as determined by relevant state nurse … ", One of the key messages in the report states, "Nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved education system that promotes seamless academic progress.". Higher Education Articles September 29, 2013 Nurses who are willing to take an ECG interpretation course can create added value to their resume with a skill that is widely used and needed. Nursing school is a difficult experience for many and the mere thought of any continuing education course is enough to make some nurses shudder. One of the most practical reasons for pursuing a higher education is that it prepares you for an eventual career — ideally. “Scheduling bachelor’s-level and graduate classes at times and in places that make them more convenient for RNs is also very important.”. With expansive developments in technology and science, the impression that fundamental nursing education will suffice is no longer prudent.10-12 Healthcare employers readily recognize the impact of advanced degrees and hire nurses who meet these standards.13 Data indicate that greater than 75% of nursing employers mandate or undoubtedly prefer new graduate nurses … Nurses now need knowledge of public health, geriatrics, leadership skills, health policy, … Different paths Nurses who resonate with and appreciate the world of technology and its effects on patient care often pursue a … Linda Aiken, PhD, RN, FAAN, FRCN, The Claire M. Fagin Leadership Professor of Nursing, professor of sociology and director of the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, said the need for more nurses with bachelor’s degrees or higher … © 2001–2020 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Thus, it is plausible that practices will increase the use of providers other than physicians, such as nurse practitioners.". In The Future of Nursing report, the IOM recommended that 80 percent of nurses hold a minimum of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing … For some older nurses, certification may be a more dollar friendly alternative to another degree. Restrictions on the scope of practice must be removed; nurses should be able to practice to the full extent of their education. This online program is for students with no prior nursing education or experience. It identifies the characteristics and factors that best predict whether nurses will return to school to earn higher degrees. or by clicking on the Manage your Subscriptions link to unsubscribe in the footer of any email we send you. The IOM report and many nursing associations are pushing for RNs to earn an MSN in nurse education to combat this problem. With so many online programs to choose from, it's easy to find a program that works for you. 817-533-3118 or UTA also offers multiple nursing certification programs online: With the current legal, social, policy, and technology issues at play, nurses need to know more now than ever in the past, and UTA has the nursing programs you need to boost your education at any level. While Associate's degrees are fine for most healthcare facilities to get hired, the long-term employment prospects of a BSN degree educated nurse are … “Another key goal is to provide classes and courses that help nurses develop themselves professionally.” Overall, there are a number of reasons that nurses should take the time to pursue continuing education courses. They measured nurse education by calculating the percentage of all nurses in each hospital that reported that the highest academic qualification they had earned was a bachelor’s degree (a degree, in most cases, obtained at a university) or higher. Those include tuition reimbursement, compatible work and class hours, paid sabbaticals, forgivable loans for service, pay for attending class, and Web-based and worksite classes. The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) has embraced "seamless academic progression" by offering multiple online "bridge" programs that will take ADN- and diploma-prepared RNs to the next level of education and beyond. These and other advanced practice nurses, such as nurse midwives and nurse anesthetists, are considerably more cost-effective than doctors. Beyond the hospital, nurses provide care where the patients actually are, increasing access for those who can't or won't come to a hospital or doctor's office. Poor education and a lack of sufficient knowledge can lead to mistakes that are costly for people’s health. One reason for this recommendation involves the complex demands of modern healthcare. Health care is relying ever more heavily on information technology. I understand this consent is not a condition to attend UTA or to purchase any other goods or services. While nursing requires continuing education, we hope this article motivates you to go above and beyond that requirement to enhance care for your patients and nurture a long, successful career in nursing. All Rights Reserved. “Our findings complement studies in the U.S. linking improved hospital nurse staffing and higher education levels with decreased mortality.” In the U.S., analysis of patient outcomes associated with nurse … By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The ANA Enterprise supports both individual nurses and organizations every step of the way. The RN to MSN program offers two paths to RNs: the MSN Nursing Education track and the MSN Nursing Administration track. For nurses, continuing education is a lifestyle. By submitting this form, I am providing my digital signature agreeing that The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) may email me or contact me regarding educational services by telephone and/or text message utilizing automated technology or a pre-recorded message at the telephone number(s) provided above. in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Online, M.Ed in C&I – Mathematics Education Online, Driving Factors Behind the 80% by 2020 Initiative, American Association of Colleges of Nursing, pre-licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing, MSN in Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, MSN in Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, MSN in Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, MSN in Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Nursing Administration, Post-Master's Certificate in Nursing Administration, Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate (Post Master's), Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate (Post Master's), Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate (Post Master's), Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate (Post Master's), Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate (Post Master's), University of Texas at Arlington's online nursing programs, Learn Nursing Education Strategies to Use With Your Future Students, A Look at the Future of Nursing Education, Doris Blacksher Comes to UTA Online for Bachelor's, Stays for Master's, Alumna Brenda White Eager to Return to UTA for MSN in Nursing Education. We set standards of education, training, conduct and performance for nurses and midwives in the UK and nursing associates in England Standards for education We review and maintain standards for nursing and midwifery education and practice at both pre and post-registration levels. Education … Nurses the world-over are essential in the delivery and transformation of healthcare and health systems. The study draws on data from nurses in 34 states, covering 51 metropolitan areas and nine rural areas. Nurse educators are registered nurses (RNs) who have obtained advanced nursing degrees that allow them to teach nursing curriculum at colleges and universities, teaching and helping to train the future nurses of the world. Of those reporting cost and time as significant barriers, many cite difficulty scheduling classes around their work schedules as a significant challenge. IOM: The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health: Key Messages of the Report, American Nurses Association: IOM Future of Nursing Report, AJMC: Nurse Practitioners Play an Increasing Role in Primary Care, Nurse.org: New York's 'BSN in 10' Law and the Push for 80% of Nurses to Hold BSN by 2020, Nurse Journal: Top 9 Advantages of a BSN Degree, American Association of Colleges of Nursing: Nursing Faculty Shortage. The . "The complexity of this care requires transitioning from skill-based competencies to those that assess knowledge and competence on health policy, system improvement, research, evidence-based practice, teamwork and collaboration, complex decision making and leadership," according to "Driving Factors Behind the 80% by 2020 Initiative " published on RN.com. There are no inexpensive programs in higher education in America — just more options. RNs who say they are undecided about continuing their nursing education identify organizational incentives and rewards as important motivators. This in turn leads to more questions, such as Nurses may cite reasons against pursing their BSN such as time and cost. While an internship for a non-healthcare position is highly recommended, clinical experience for nurses is compulsory. With the push for more highly educated nurses, there must be the nursing faculty to teach them, but unfortunately, there's a shortage of qualified nurse educators. Nutrition continues to be an essential domain of nursing practice," asserts American Nurse Today, the official journal of the American Nurses Association (ANA). You are free to change your mind and to stop receiving emails from us by contacting us at The ANA Enterprise supports both individual nurses and organizations every step of the way. Christine T. Kovner, PhD, RN, FAAN, professor at the College of Nursing, New York University and Carol Brewer, PhD, RN, FAAN, professor at the School of Nursing, University at Buffalo direct the RN Work Project. Student numbers have expanded by 60 per cent over the past five years. With evidence-based strategies, graduates of this program are ready to change the face of nursing in clinical leadership roles, as consultants, and as policymakers. Get informed: Receive the latest news, research, and funding opportunities from RWJF each week. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, "... U.S. nursing schools turned away 64,067 qualified applicants from baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs in 2016 due to an insufficient number of faculty, clinical sites, classroom space, clinical preceptors, and budget constraints." Submit the form below, and a representative will contact you to answer any questions.

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