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Fill up with your Shell fleet card at your favorite Shell locations—and carry a monthly balance when cash flow is tight. Wex Inc. does not hire independent sales agents but has received some complaints about its telesales practices. Wex Photo Video is the primary destination for enthusiast and professional photographers and filmmakers. I want to make a difference and make people feel like they belong here and WEXPats empowers me to do that by giving me a community of people who have the shared experience of immigrating to a new country for work and the passion to make the transition easier for others. Tenet is a client Jessica Cook implemented in the summer of 2019. I have heard that Walmart has pushed orders to new levels. The GSA Fleet WEX … WEX has saved me tons of stress. They are out in the field every day keeping the economy going. We are helping them take care of their employees, meet payroll, and even when working from home seamlessly run their business. This MasterCard offers an easy automatic way to pay for qualified health care/benefit expenses. In the API Apps List grid, click API App next to Create New. And during this shortage of hospital supplies, Tenet can use that virtual card to turn to less commonly used e-commerce web sites like Ebay, Amazon, and others and purchase from places they do not normally bulk order supplies.”. Our selection of multi-card offerings give you the option to boost the network available through a single fuel card account. You are either not logged in or logged out because of inactivity. Accepted at 9 out of 10 fuel stations, as well as 450,000 maintenance locations nationwide Wex is a near universal card that will conveniently and efficiently fuel your fleet. You are agreeing to receive your statements electronically only and some of your legal notices electronically only. WEX’s virtual card solution will be provided in partnership with Mastercard and has been approved by the Central Bank of the UAE. See accepting locations. Your WEX Health Card is programmed with your FSA balance amount. With WEX you’ll have access to 180,000 stations nationwide, 20,000 of which are maintenance/service locations. I no longer have to question the fuel bills when they come in. We reduce the complexities of payment systems for travel companies – giving our customers deeper insight into and greater control over their businesses. You can pay for fuel and maintenance for your GSA Fleet-leased vehicle with the Wright Express, Inc.® (WEX) Fleet Mastercard. Today we serve over 300,000 U.S. companies, and we’re a worldwide leader in fueling solutions for small businesses and commercial fleets. By serving them, we’re participating in getting America’s vital goods, including medical and food supplies, delivered throughout the country. I am impressed with how well most businesses and employees are handling all of the changes during this trying time.”, — WEXer Kate McAndrew, Client Specialist, Corporate Payments, “The transition to working from home has been an unexpected change for many. Drive savings with powerful tools, increased security, and available discounts. As Brian Helton describes it, “So here’s the crazy part. With many stores shuttered, that type of freight is drying up, and we are doing more delivery transactions with brokers. WEX cards are accepted at every major U.S. fuel station—wherever the job takes you. Please enter the following information if you would like to: Register a new user account; Recreate a forgotten password; Change your username or password So, when she was tapped to work on this project she was already familiar with their business practices and was able to quickly start work on a solution. It just so happened that he’d hit the road on a day when people in the area were beginning to be concerned about the spread of the coronavirus. Enroll as a new user. We are now focused on our wellness as well as genuine concern and care for one another. Please log in again. Save 15% at participating Jiffy Lube® locations. As Helton describes it, this is what happened: “Just two weeks ago, when things were just starting to get kind of spooky with COVID-19, we had a driver over in West Virginia, Jason Miller, who had just left home that afternoon and after driving for several hours was ready to get a bite to eat before settling in for the night. WEX cards are accepted at every major U.S. fuel station, plus over 45,000 service locations. Safer than cash. PayCard card account. Start saving money on fuel and time on admin with Esso Card™. Smarter than a credit card. Login to your Circle K account here. The Savings Account is established by MetaBank, Member FDIC. You may place an order either online or by phone. Green Dot Bank operates under the following registered trade names: GoBank, Green Dot Bank and Bonneville Bank. For security, when you choose "Continue," we will send you a one-time, numeric passcode by phone or text. Plus, save 15% at participating Jiffy Lube® locations. Choose Google Chrome or Firefox browsers to optimise WEXPAYs performance. 区桜丘町26-1 セルリアンタワー16階 TEL: 00531-11-3886(フリーダイヤル) ©1994-2020 Mastercard. When you have vehicles on the road, we have solutions to drive savings at the pump and beyond—for any business, any fleet, any size. I have one client that I know has loaded extra funds to their drivers’ cards so their drivers could purchase cleaning supplies to keep their trucks safe.”, “I would say that whether we are talking to a client or a vendor, it is great to hear that so many companies (including our own) are doing their best to get employees working safely from home whenever possible. And neither one of them drove a truck. Plus, rein in one of your biggest business expenses with instant accounting, reports, and powerful tools for saving. As Ontario was looking to shut down non-essential services our newest partner, AllCard, reached out to us on March 23rd to provide support to obtain “essential service provider” status. Kom nærmere opplevelsen med Esso Mastercard Du får rabatt på overnatting, utstyret du trenger og drivstoffet som tar deg dit. Their biggest single day to date was 2.3 million pounds shipped which last weekend went up to 3.2 million pounds. This kid’s spent $100 of his own money, built up from his allowance, to make sure these drivers don’t go hungry. Once Stone and Howard got a couple of trip leasers, they started telling people they were ready to haul freight. Username. Here’s a wonderful radio interview with Brian Helton, Logan Miller, and his dad, Jason Miller. * With WEX When you think about it, that’s a lot of supplies to keep stocked. Terms & Policies. Fuel Your Bottom Line. ERGs drive diversity by fostering new bonds and communities across the company. Video of Logan Miller talking about what he did: TA/Petro Stopping provides places along the major arteries across the U.S. for truckers to refuel, grab a bite to eat, use shower and restroom facilities, and take a break from driving. We are grateful to them for providing critical fuel and a safe environment for over-the-road truckers. If … They are essential to the livelihood of the men and women in the Fleet industry as they can sometimes be the only option open at certain hours of the day and in some locations. WEX is a global leader in supplier payment solutions, for almost 20 years we have helped our customers to gain a competitive edge with simplified accounts payable processing. They built a fleet of over 2,000 trucks that way. Driver IDs are entered for every transaction, to tell you who spends what, where and when—and help prevent unauthorized use. These include showers, restrooms, registers, doorknobs, tables, menus, chairs, booths, counters, and all dishes, utensils and cooking surfaces. She turned the implementation around quickly that Sunday night which allowed Tenet to be up and running just a few short hours after they brought the issue to us. GSA Fleet Card You can pay for fuel and maintenance for your GSA Fleet-leased vehicle with the Wright Express, Inc.® (WEX) Fleet Mastercard. We simplify the complexities of payment systems across continents and industries—including Fleet, Corporate Payments, and Health. OR. A new App Token is generated. Designed for both small fleets and large fleets with diesel, gasoline and off-road needs the Wex fuel card can do it all. WEX Inc. has released its 2019 Travel Trends and Expectations report in partnership with Mastercard, which conducted the primary research. Med nytt matkonsept på mange av stasjonene har det aldri vært lettere å få tak i variert mat, og til og med sunne alternativer, mens du er på veien. Get what you need to rein in some of your biggest business expenses. We even Standard text messaging and phone rates may apply. One of our customers told us about WEX. As Heisten puts it, “We have good freight coming out of our core customer base but backhauls have died down substantially. As soon as the card is swiped, the amount is automatically taken out of your account and the pre-tax dollars are then electronically transferred to the provider/merchant for immediate payment. A WEX não responderá, em nenhuma hipótese, ainda que em caráter solidário ou subsidiário por eventual: (i) prejuízo sofrido pelo USUÁRIO, em razão da tomada de decisões com base nas 17. SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 7, 2019-- WEX Inc. (NYSE: WEX), a leading provider of corporate payment solutions, has released its 2019 Travel Trends and Expectations report in partnership with Mastercard, which conducted the primary research., which conducted the primary research. The GSA Fleet WEX card is accepted at over 180,000 fueling and maintenance sites in all 50 states, U.S. territories, and Canada. Welcome to WEX Health Card Central WEX Health. Prepaid card can be used wherever Debit Mastercard is accepted. Click, call or visit for the UK's widest range of photo and video gear. Wex Inc. is a merchant account provider that primarily offers fleet card and business management services for the transportation and logistics industries. Due to COVID-19 and the increase in the need for medical equipment and supplies, Tenet was running into supply shortages with their existing vendors. Login. Log in from anywhere with a design optimized for any device. 会員専用WEBサービスではさまざまなお手続きをどこでもご利用いただけます DC Webサービスでは、カードご利用明細の確認、住所変更のお手続きなどさまざまなサービスをカンタン便利にご利用いただけます。ぜひご登録(無料)ください。 Not Registered Yet? Please log in again. One thing that I know for sure, is that our WEX team is comprised of resilient individuals who strive to bring a sense of normalcy back into our lives. But they had the right to haul freight if they could just figure out how to get some trucks.”. The web browser you are using may not display this page. Since that time, AllCard has expanded its operations to produce PPE equipment for those on the front lines of the pandemic. We are following individual state mandates regarding closures of full-service restaurant dining and are continuing carry-out services in these areas where we are able.”. Due to COVID-19 and the increase in the need for medical equipment and supplies, Tenet was running into supply shortages with their existing vendors. Password: I forgot my password. Password They are reconfiguring some of their production equipment to manufacture these Face Shields and are using materials that are coming directly out of their card plant located in Cambridge, Ontario — the same one where they manufacture our customer’s cards. Forgot password. LaTaschia Velasquez has been helping WEX customers in the trucking industry for almost eight years. Strengthen your bottom line with automatic fuel expense tracking, tools to help rein in spending, and available discounts through the WEX EDGE savings network.

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