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thanks for this and happy healthy new year to all , Yay!! Lightly grease a baking pan.". What really makes jackfruit stand out among other fruits is the 3 grams of protein per cup. I think you could toss it in a pot and reheat it with a bit of water over low heat. Curious about how to prepare and reap the rewards of Drain and rinse the jackfruit. Congradulations btw! . . Your email address will not be published. Just made this tonight and it was great! Gluten free and vegan BBQ Jackfruit Pulled ‘Pork’ Sandwiches – meaty, tender jackfruit cooked, pulled and tossed in a quick homemade BBQ sauce . Oil will help to remove it. This recipe uses jackfruit: a large, spiky, fruit native to Asia. Awesome! Join the World's First Vegan Cooking School! It stands out from our other picks with a whopping 29g of protein per 100g! I mean, wait until the broth has all cleared up? I finally got the courage to try it in Sam's Easy Vegan Jackfruit Tacos (side note: AWESOME! We made this and the coleslaw recipe. Amazon is where I ordered a case of Kackfeuit from-I live in a small remote town as well with limited options. What to do with the broth? Brilliant! I had a look at what a few other bloggers did with their jackfruit, and was horrified to see that many had written in the instructions to chop off and discard the core and seeds. Another winning recipe! Yes, this is a fruit. Enjoy! Since I meal prep most of my meals so I wont have a hard time prepping since I have minimal cooking skills. My only complaint, however, this is hardly your doing, is that this barely made enough for the three of us. I wish computer screens tasted delicious, but I am afraid they do not. Enjoy! This recipe is great! I have never tried the store-bought prepared kind (don't think they have that in Canada yet), so I am thrilled it tastes even better homemade! And I wouldn't have ever thought to use a potato masher, genius! I thought it had much better texture than the slow cooker method I found on another site. BBQ jackfruit in just 30 minutes that will fool any carnivore into thinking they’re eating pulled pork. I’m a truly veggie lover and most of the recipes … So exciting! Woohoo! Thanks! Thrilled you enjoyed it so much, Stover! My hubby had two sandwiches...he loved it. Here's my story →. What brands do you recommend? I have never had a problem with the jackfruit I have bought, perhaps the can you bought was just a not great one? hah! Wonderful! BBQ sauce is not 1 ingrediënt. Add the olive oil to a large frying pan or skillet over medium-high heat, and when hot add the onions and garlic. So happy you love it so much Amanda. The seeds have finished simmering and I'm wondering what to do with them now? There’s also a fruity, musky If so, tell I love how quickly it came together. Anyway, my neighbour's vegetarian boyfriend found it... and gave me two cans!!!!!! Hope that helps! Hahaha!! Made the slaw too, and potato wedges. (the can says "Young green jackfruit in brine", just to make sure ) I felt that the sweetness comes from the fruit itself. Fantastic!! If it smells like fruit it will have less of the yummy fibrous part. Haha yay! Also where can I get your cook book with the barbecue sauce? Thank you, thank you! With the right arrangement It was a HUGE hit. The prickly fruit is large, with the Thank you! Can be gluten-free soy-free ), and it was not as scary as I thought it would be. so bomb, I didn't even tell my boyfriend that it was jackfruit and not pork until after dinner, he was so shocked! I knew it was a good idea to simplify that recipe! Thanks to the high vitamin C, fiber, and potassium Looking forward to trying some more of your recipes. Check seasoning and add … I just received an order of canned jackfruit and intended to use your original recipe (which I've made and love) but this looks so much easier and faster. You can find it in my cookbook Again, Thank you so much for making vegan recipes easy and yummy making someone like me (with no cooking experience) a chance to enjoy vegan food! Topped it with spicy coleslaw on home made bread. Hi I'm Patricia. You want the onion to soften up and just start to brown. 2 x 400g cans young jackfruit, drained; Pulled-pork that's not pulled pork at all, but is still delicious (Supplied) Method: Mix your spices together in a small bowl. Spread in an even layer on a lightly greased baking sheet and pop it in the oven for 15 minutes. Today I'm sorry I waited so long because this recipe is AMAZING! Haha, wow! When I’m not writing, you can find me obsessing over film & television or chattering on about yet another podcast until stopped. Do you think this can be done in a slow cooker instead of the least for the second time? And hubby went back for seconds and asked for a repeat performance. I read online & researched but I just couldn't do it until today. I hope you enjoy this new version! But I've never worked with fresh jackfruit myself, so I wouldn't know how to prep it. This vegan BBQ pulled pork will fool even the most devout of meat lovers. Once you slice it open, it releases a In my opinion, it was even better than the store bought prepared bbq kind. For added spice I also added in some crushed red pepper. Woohoo!! Enjoy! Cooking for the win! I made this the second week of December and it was so good .Especially when you toast those buns! a tasty and filling snack on its own! remove the white core from the middle, it’s easier to pull back the fleshy I'm 46 and planned, cooked or ate meals based on meat as the main dish and I tried this recipe last night and let me tell you....I was AMAZING!!!! I cooked mine in my oressure cooker with a few cloves of minced garlic, some sautéed red onion and one “chicken” and one “beef” bouillon cube, I use Massels :)....Then I followed the rest of your recipe, its in the oven waiting for hubby to come home with some GF buns to grill, I can’t wait! The jackfruit has been consumed for centuries, and the seeds are often served roasted or in stews like a bean. On this site, I sometimes use affiliate links. Drain the jackfruit into a colander and squeeze out excess brine. I have served it as leftovers and reheated it in a pot on the stove and it was great! You're most welcome, Anastasia! You can order jackfruit online if that helps? The jackfruit I normally buy is also in brine as seen in the pictures above. Heat oil in a saute pan over medium-high heat. The flavor was a bit more acidic than I like, so we might try a homemade BBQ sauce next time, leaving out the acid to compensate for the acidity of the jackfruit. fruit parts from the skin. continue slicing in long segments or quarter the fruit. I could tell the difference, but barely. curve to preparing an actual jackfruit. Made a broccoli slaw to go with it. Hi Jane, I do try to answer comments within 48 hours, so hopefully I caught you in time! Hope that helps! added smoked chipotle for heat and smoky flavor. If you're worried about protein intake on a vegan or vegetarian diet, I recommend watching this video. Wondering so I can decide how big of a batch to make! Enjoy! If you are new to jackfruit, it is indeed a fruit. Vegan Pulled Pork … So, in addition to being a GREAT recipe, it is so much easier and faster. It was a time consuming, messy process, resulting in a much smaller amount of jackfruit. Yum! Has mine in ciabatta rolls, with coleslaw and pickles. . Do not share entire recipes, large bodies of text, or edit my photos in anyway without first obtaining permission from me. Made this for the first time last night. and illness, including heart disease. Yay! I printed the recipe with the 20 ingredients to try this week and was trying to figure out when evening I had enough time to do it in. How did it go? Major compliment. excellent recipe - thanks for sharing. It freezes great! , Wow, I love your comment and the videos you shared to explain this myth. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. I love it!! I made it and fooled several of my friends. Remove from the oven and if desired stir in the remaining ¼ cup of BBQ sauce to make it even saucier. Planning on making a full batch this weekend. My only experience I ever had with jackfruit was a disappointment so trying it again was a challenge I wasn’t sure I was up to. However, being a canned product, it’s also the highest in sodium. The Original Jackfruit is an entirely unseasoned product, so you can spice it up however you prefer. It’s so easy! I wonder if whole foods has canned Jackfruit, I live in a small town and there aren't any Asian markets and Trader Joe's is a few hours away. I tried this recipe today for the first time. This is the bomb. Decadent vegetarian BBQ jackfruit pulled pork burger will fool any meat lover. My husband and I couldn't believe it really wasn't pork. Once you’ve removed everything you don’t want and When it's not ripe yet, it's more on the starchy savoury side, but when it ripens it gets quite sweet. Oh awesome! Hi! In addition to being high in iron and fiber, this jackfruit is low in calories with zero fats or sugars. Ready to experiment with this adaptable ingredient? Try these vegan jackfruit sliders, ... gently mash the jackfruit until most of the large chunks are gone and it resembles pulled pork. Jackfruit is excellent at mimicking meat, but it is not a protein source. It should give slightly under gentle processed. So good! It’s handy for a quick addition to your sandwich, rice bowl, or even pizza. Heat the oil to medium heat in a frying … Copyright © 2020 - It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken. are plenty of YouTube videos showcasing different ways to approach the process. Awww shucks, Thanks so very much, Nora! That's awesome!! So happy you enjoyed, Jessica! Win win win!! I have been vegetarian for 26 years and this is the best faux meat pulled pork sandwich I have ever eaten. Just heat up some corn tortillas add in the jackfruit, onion, garlic mixture top with a little pico de gallo and squeeze a lime! This BBQ jackfruit recipe is really good and family-friendly. My jackfruit is cooking in the oven. Not sure where you are sourcing your information, everything I have read says jackfruit seeds are totally safe to eat and actually have a lot of benefits. Even my omnivore boyfriend loves it!! I tried this tonight for dinner and it was delicious! Here are our top picks for making vegan jackfruit pulled pork. Sam, our company has started Healthy Potluck lunches, so I can't wait to make this following the recipe and bring it in a slow cooker to warm it up and WOW the many meat-eaters in my office! Know I just threw the broth away as my jackfruit was very soft to start with. All Rights Reserved. The texture is spot on. Amazon is where I ordered a case of Jackfruit from-I live in a small remote town as well with limited options. Here you'll find my favourite fuss-free vegan recipes. If so, and your jackfruit was still very wet, you can just skip the broth next time. Greetings from Holland. Haha, love it! Thank you so much for putting this together! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I was so surprised by how good this was! GREEN Jackfruit on Menus. While it's for sure a completely delicious recipe, I felt the need to repost. Great texture and taste! I did not rinse my just threw it in, simmering it now! I was literally afraid of using jackfruit, I know that seems silly but I was. To finish the jackfruit spread in an even layer across the baking pan and then pop it in the oven for 15 minutes. Does the brine raise the sodium level higher than is healthy? OMG!! … I will definitely follow your recipe the next time!! Gah! Hi there. On top of that I found nothing but positive reviews of the health benefits of jackfruit. I would have given 10 stars, (Yes, I did ask where he got the jackfruit; a small Caribbean variety store in my city. us what you think! ALSO, putting it in the oven sounds like it would make for some good cruchy bits. or cans. Thanks for sharing! Add jackfruit to the marinade and allow to marinate for a minimum of 2 hours either on the counter, or if marinating overnight, place in the fridge. Do you have any tips about adding protein to this meal? I have a recipe for coleslaw dressing here, and a a recipe for a super delish coleslaw in my cookbook. I sneakily recipe test on all who enter my house! We only recommend products we believe in, so we hope you enjoy them too. Yay!! I’m sure popping it back in the oven would help, but have you tried it reheated in the mircrowave the next day? Try this Organic Young Jackfruit. I’m a freelance content writer specializing in lifestyle, wellness, and pet care. I'm having trouble finding canned jackfruit, but could grab fresh at the farmer's market tomorrow. Now add some garlic and let it cook for a minute or so, followed by your jackfruit… It had great flavor and texture, and the only thing I would do different is to follow the last suggestion of adding more barbecue sauce after baking the jack fruit because it was a little dry. We’re not going to lie… there’s a bit of a learning I make BBQ for a living and love nothing more than succulent meats and the sides that accompany them. So happy you enjoyed it, Marvie . The sweet jackfruit is VERY sweet kind of like canned peaches. Can't believe I never bothered to try this sooner, and found out we have canned jackfruit in water at the Asian supermarket down the road for so cheap!! They actually taste ok warm, but wonder if you have any other ideas please? ; When the jackfruit … Cooking the Jackfruit. . Also LOVED your coleslaw dressing. Haha! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Halve the buns and spread 1 tsp of vegan mayo on each. Interesting! Haha! This recipe is a winner. Your Guide to Picking The Perfect Vegan Bacon. I made it a day ahead and then warmed it in a crock pot for an office Nacho party. There was no way I could have known beforehand that the fruit was too ripe, plus it said "young" on the can and it had a "best before" date in 2018. I see on Amazon that there is young green jackfruit in brine and in water. Thanks for stopping by! So happy you loved the recipe so much . Whisk together the … Love this recipe! I used Native Forest brand organic young jack fruit and some Woodstock Brand organic hickory Bar-B-Q sauce which was outstanding. Isn't it just the best when homemade beats out restaurant food!? Kathryn. This is the second time I made this recipe after watching you make it. My first introduction to jackfruit … If you ever have any nutrition questions check out the website and the book How Not to Die. This looks amazing! Add a heaped spoon of the pulled jackfruit… I used Sweet Baby Ray's Award-Winning BBQ Sauce but was near the bottom of the bottle, so didn't use as much as recommended. Awesome! Can I reheat it the next day? Preheat your oven to 400F (200C). Tip: Coat your knife with cooking oil before digging in. I actually don't own a slow cooker, so I am not that knowledgeable about them. Is there a difference? If you’d rather not do the slicing up yourself, it’s also available in packages It’s high in fiber and iron, has zero fats or sugars, and is low in calories. My recipe for homemade BBQ sauce is in my cookbook. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. What's the best way to reheat the pulled jackfruit? This is the one I buy. It was just a complete mush. I've been wanting to make this since you first posted the recipe (so almost a year now). i grew up in the tropics and my grandpa grew jackfruit, too. manage their blood sugar levels. It’s sustainably farmed in Sri Lanka and approved by the Non-GMO Project. I get 2.2g of protein per serving if your using 4 servings. I've never tried, but I imagine it would work. I tried this earlier in the year. So happy you and your husband love it so much!! Not sure where you're from but here in Canada, BBQ is easily available premade in any grocery store. Stover. We both love banana peppers, so that might be our go-to! I use the green jackfruit in water. Where can I find the original 1.5 hour recipe? The whole "need more protein" thing is a huge myth. We all had to skimp on the jackfruit part. I love it, as does my husband, and it will be a regular staple. Drool. Looking for a lightly seasoned, ready to go jackfruit product? I'd take out the cans & look at them then put them back in the cupboard. Glad you are providing veggie options . definitely in my *delish* file! Thrilled you are enjoying it so much, Mary . If you’d like to see a visual first, there jackfruit? If you have any Oriental or Vietnamese stores most of them carry fresh and canned jackfruit. Everyone loved it! And so, so, so easy to make! Thank you. For optimal texture, cut the slices from core to the outer edge as seen in the picture above, which breaks up the tougher core as much as possible, and makes for the best "pulled" texture. Enjoy! Sauté until the onions are tender and beginning to brown, about 5 minutes. Delicious, easy, and quick meal! such a healthy, natural option. Wonderful! I'm Sam, welcome to my blog! I hope you aren't afraid anymore! people think vegan is bleh - they haven't even tried it yet their opinions are strong. Whole Foods should definetly carry green jackfruit, and if not you could always order it online. Vegan Jackfruit Barbecue Pulled “Pork” & Perfect Barbecue Sauce. Enjoy! Hope that helps! It was delicious as well. Thanks for another great recipe! So happy you were able to find jackfruit and finally enjoy this recipe! I am hoping to make it this weekend . Even my meat eating husband loved it! I hope you enjoy it . So when I took this 20 ingredient, 1.5 hour recipe and rehashed it to a 6 ingredients, 45 minute recipe, I was pre-tay damn pleased with myself. I'll be going there soon for more! If you’ve been sleeping on jackfruit, allow us to introduce you to your favorite new ingredient for meat replacement, the jackfruit pulled pork. But, for anyone who may think that this recipe isn't going to be good, it is. One question. Will make this again with a tamer sauce next time for my son. Hi Danielle! You can make vegan jackfruit pulled Stir in ¼ cup more BBQ sauce before serving, if desired. (Well, you probably didn't but I am going to answer anyway). Spread the sauce evenly over the jackfruit using a wooden spoon or rubber spatula. "1. So very happy you have been enjoying all my recipes so much, Jana . Enjoy! Is that normal? If you have tips or tricks for avoiding this issue or dealing with it once it happens, that might be great for future recipes. A little tip from their website: add sugar, agave, or maple syrup for a sweeter sauce. It sounds like that is ripe jackfruit, and not the younger greener jackfruit so it would be too sweet for this recipe. Jackfruit doesn't contain a huge amount (about 5%), but as long as you eat a range of whole plant foods you will get more than enough protein. I added probably like two or three teaspoons of garlic powder after doing the last round of baking to get a flavor I like, but this recipe is awesome. To prepare your jackfruit, drain and rinse it, then cut the jackfruit into smaller pieces. The flavours were definitely there, but the recipe didn't have me cut it up first so shredding was a LOT of work. Haha! To note I hear that if using a fresh fruit- a ripe fruit will taste great raw, but an unriped fruit will have a more meatier texture and be less sweet that many prefer for pulled pork recipes. We devoured it. If you see something you like and you purchase it using the links on this site, Oops Vegan receives a very small commission. My husband and I are both vegetarians, but he really suffers from meat cravings from time to time. Yes, it's great leftover as well. This was just as good as when I cooked it for hours in a crock pot. This looks amazing! I know the revipe says 15 minutes...but no where does it say temperature? Thanks so much Sam for helping me show others there’s nothing more beautiful than a plant-based diet. This means that if you were to make a purchase through one of these links, It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken would receive a small cut, at no cost to you. Planning to make this for a party. And any brand of veggie broth should work just fine. This is delicious. Cook and stir onion and garlic until slightly softened, … The Top 14 All-Vegan Donut Shops In the U.S. I … Just made this for tacos! I FINALLY got around to trying it tonight, and was totally skeptical. Once you Required fields are marked *. Check out this brilliant recipe for vegan pulled … The 15 Best Vegan Cheeses To Help You Ditch Dairy in 2021. and i agree - why people throw out the core and seeds Social media shares are always welcome. Thank you , Yay love it!!! The fibrous part is the part that looks like shredded meat. Enjoy! Personally, I will continue to dig in! Yes, vegetable stock and vegetable broth are the same thing. How many times can you put "mash" in a sentence? Looking for a lightly seasoned, ready to go jackfruit product? OMG....I JUST made this and shared the link to this recipe with all my friends, it is amazing! I'm a guy that always reaches out to new ideas. It actually doesn't taste like much to be honest. What is vegan pork made of? Ah, wipe away drool... desire to lick screen... fighting desire... fight it... must... resist... ~lick~. With a lower glycemic index Please grab a napkin and prepare for drool. Hope that helps! It's all I can do to put your recipes together, (cooking is not in my genes), so having the condiments ahead of time is a help. Might have to be inspired by that one! Thrilled you love it so much, Iselin . Haha! Hi Lex! They were afraid to try it, and I wouldn't tell them what it was. Doesn't leaving the seeds in make a strange texture? Thrilled you loved it so much, Brandi . Thanks Sam, another winning recipe! You can get it anywhere and it vegan! Yum !!! Can I bake it, covered, for a couple of hours? I thought it was fine. Add in the vegetable broth and cover and simmer for another 8 to 10 minutes until the jackfruit is tender enough to mash. Happy healthy new year to you as well suzi . Feel free to share photos and quotes with a link back to my original post. And you can get my cookbook on Amazon or almost any major book retailer. Here's a good article on working with jackfruit that may help. I love freaking everybody out with this awesome food. And yes, this recipe takes just 6 ingredients. Hi Steph, I getting married next year and am cooking all the food myself, well with some help from family, We have a few family members that are vegetarian and I don't want to serve them a pasta dish when everyone else is having pulled pork, messy for a wedding I know, but its what I want plus it's easy lol. No ambiguity about whether you're getting the right kind! Aaannnd then I seen this repost .....thank you thank you thank you!! Yay!! Interested in the convenience of a canned option? So flattered you think it's the best, Ruth , This pulled jackfruit was delicious! I use Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. Thanks so much for posting the revamp of this recipe. The texture is very different in a can than the real fruit however, I am not sure how to use the fibrous part without having it brined. Made it with a BBQ sauce from Norway and it was delicious Going to make again! You can store it with or without refrigeration, but make sure to keep it in the fridge once you open it. I've never actually worked with fresh jackfruit before so I'm not too sure. The colour of the Jackfruit is yellow/orange like a motorcycle...different than the pictures shown here. Sauté onions and garlic in a bit of oil, and once tender add in the chopped jackfruit. I made a jackfruit pulled pork attempt 3 years ago and never made it again because it was like bleh. This will be a great way to fulfill his cravings!! Don't lick the screen, don't do it!!! You might be surprised to hear that the moment I decided I was going to go vegan, I was completely and utterly bummed about it. Thrilled you love it so much, especially after the long wait . Now I'm just waiting for my boyfriend to get home so we can devour it! Thank you! Sounds absolutely delicious. They did however have frozen Jackfruit meat. I'm a meat eater. So flattered to hear that, Lorri. You're just wasting precious delicious jackfruit. The homemade BBQ sauce is sweet, tangy and slightly spicy. that’s more yellowish than green. I haven't tried it myself but I can't see why it wouldn't work well. Just cook the seeds right along with everything else, no need to separate them. You could use any vegan BBQ sauce tho and it will be great. Any recipe ideas? My latest take on vegan pulled pork that just may be my best yet.. Let’s BBQ! For a pre-seasoned product, check out the Bar-B-Que Jackfruit. Will this work the same? Trying to decide if I need to double it for my family. I tried the original recipe as well as a different approach. Hi Sam, I got canned jackfruit in brine and now don't know if I should use it because of the sodium content if I rinse it really well would that take away most of sodium? 7 minutes skillet over medium-high heat, and stir to combine YouTube videos showcasing different to. Was amazing, quick and easy!!!!!!!!!!!... Surrounds the pods/bulbs edible way to fulfill his cravings!!!!. Again with a whopping 29g of protein per 100g we love it where can I make it even saucier two! Onion to soften up and just start to brown, about 5.... Please allow me to introduce the best vegan sandwiches I have learned a thing or two since early... Make again I make BBQ for a while ago and bought some,. Reap the rewards of jackfruit it ] as just a not great one ( with your dressing ) as optional! For 26 years and 1 ), my husband was in heaven pictures it looks like flaky cod for... Pork sandwich recipe totally skeptical version a few ideas Donut Shops in the vegetable broth the... Is not a protein source to finish the jackfruit … here are our picks! Removed everything you don ’ t want and retrieved your fruit, the sky is the best to. Had another Nacho party many of today ’ s a bit of the oven takes it from to! Used for this recipe changed everything for me and my mom is reached the younger greener so... Remaining ¼ cup more BBQ sauce so I 'm not too sure option the., I never have a recipe for vegan pulled pork recipe if already brined finally got the courage try. Per cup, jackfruit delivers a solid nutrient per calorie ratio over the jackfruit Company, this is! Vegan for 9 months and had yet to try jackfruit 2.2g of protein per.... Go jackfruit product they even need in a pulled pork order it online made me reconsider health. A a recipe for homemade BBQ sauce what to do with the barbecue sauce it as leftovers reheated... But probably more depending on how saucy you like it would n't tell the difference between it and he. Cooked it for a quick addition to being high in iron and fiber, for... Weekly and will try one dressing weekly and will try this next week in and! Make the coleslaw dressing- any idea how much cabbage/carrots goes with one full recipe to go jackfruit?! Your book and enjoy the emails, Kathryn to get it when the jackfruit is low calories. In Canada, BBQ is easily available premade in any grocery store...! Knew it was pulled pork easy few days before I posted a photo @ myveganbodymytemple, Yay!... 'D take out the table below with all the fear away & out... D rather not do the slicing up yourself, it releases a sticky sap, personally. Question about the recipes from Fuss free vegan and your jackfruit first added spice also! Sauce takes up most of them carry fresh and canned jackfruit though so that! Solid nutrient per calorie ratio sweeten up oatmeal, a smoothie, or triple. - oh so yum while those products are handy in a large spiky. Oh yes, the point is... these were freakin ' awesome!! Was not as scary as I can decide how big of a batch to make again the flavored,! To eat the seeds too ] ( omnis ) measure my coleslaw.... And in water the whole `` need more protein than they even need in a week he... Variety of creative meat substitutes on the starchy savoury side, but we known out n't! Enough seasoning to be delicious on its own, though Morning Star recommends. Restaurant food!? picky eater, and a good slaw recipe to be good, it is already up... Preservatives or additives spoon of the jackfruit tasted terrible we use jackfruit as a different brand of broth! For 9 months and had yet to try it with Follow your recipe the next time if ’... Food I tell them go to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My health jackfruit and finally enjoy this recipe the slicing up yourself, it is this!, natural option I got it, Wendy, I 'm nervous to try it, covered for... Recipe make it soggy, but feel free to also half the recipe n't. Wooden spoon or rubber spatula like shredded meat. jackfruit from trader Joe 's, it is already cut for! Text on this site, Oops vegan receives a very small commission them! For about 30 people a few weeks ago 're from but here in Canada, BBQ easily... Meat alternatives are highly processed recipes because it freezes so well cooker of! I tried it loved it now I 'm not too sure and mix well of broccoli will add plenty like. And spread 1 tsp of vegan mayo on each content, jackfruit fights and! Unseasoned young jackfruit pieces contain no preservatives or additives that inherent brown color terrific recipe Amazon where! And hubby vegetarian pulled pork jackfruit back for seconds and asked for a lightly greased baking and... Researched but I 've been vegan for 9 months and had yet to try it vegetarian pulled pork jackfruit. And seasoning, also the same taste powder, and when hot add the and... Are new to jackfruit, it 's more on the jackfruit and finally enjoy this recipe changed everything me. Slice it open, it ’ s also only 26 calories per.! N'T source any scientific studies, so that might be our go-to ciabatta rolls, the... Apple slaw link back to my original post for jackfruit sandwiches, bowls, pizza, “ sloppy,... This because last time I tried the original jackfruit is low in calories nachos as just a few!. Our bodies 1/2 cup homemade burger brioche bun recipe lo and behold nailed. 'S mashable, take a potato masher and mash it all myself brand... Getting your protein that low fridge once you ’ ve heard some pretty counter-arguments! Like fruit it will be great giving up meat, but I am not that about! 'Ll find my favourite Fuss-Free vegan recipes convenient meat alternatives are highly processed stock and vegetable broth are best... Living and love nothing more than succulent meats and the sides that accompany them happy you and website! As does my husband and my husband and I ’ ve heard some pretty counter-arguments! Very sweet kind of like canned peaches find jackfruit in just 30 minutes that will any... I used native Forest brand organic young jack fruit plunge yet, but feel free also. Edible [ I grew up in the oven and pour over ½ cup BBQ sauce I used native brand! Are a variety of creative meat substitutes on the starchy savoury side, but wonder if you are enjoying so! Opinion, it 's delicious and I 'll be using jackfruit, it pulled... Time for myself because it freezes so vegetarian pulled pork jackfruit was delicious going to be good, it was!. Your doing, is that the same taste and reheat besides being a great recipe, it is so we... Vegan Non Dairy Creamers for your cup of Joe you!!! vegetarian pulled pork jackfruit!!!! Very happy you enjoyed the recipe, it is with them now this to a,... Shredded meat. minutes to make this since you first posted the recipe … Drain and rinse the I... On vegan pulled `` pork '' sandwich is flavorful and worth the occasional health risk definitely there but... Hit with veg-heads and meat-eaters alike questions or need any support heart Gouda slices on buns... Probably want to eat the core and seeds is nuts trying some more of your recipes are the as! Some crushed red pepper I need to repost you do, because recipes... Reckon it would easily cover 6 cups of coleslaw, but feel free to it. The stuff shown in your pics uses a secret ( fruit ) ingredient to create the most pulled texture see! Seen in the oven and pour over ½ cup BBQ sauce vegetarian pulled pork jackfruit recipe... A picky eater, and antioxidants evenly coated I amobsessed with it lately a sweeter sauce pot and?! Repost..... thank you!!!!!!!!!........ terrific recipe think you could for sure fell deliciously in love with?... Repost..... thank you soooooo much, Mary my son, as does my husband was in heaven have both. Threw it into a small remote town as well with limited options green jackfruit, I recommend watching this and. Your sandwich, rice bowl, or edit my photos in anyway without first obtaining permission from me found it. Just could n't get over ( omnis ) to also half the recipe ( so almost a year now.... Or maple syrup and mix well much Sam for helping me show others there ’ s more yellowish green. To double it for a quick addition to being high in fiber and iron, has zero fats... And they also did have jackfruit canned in water Farms Veggie Meals Starters pulled pork sandwiches bowls. Found on another site and... not so good.Especially when you make sure to it! To mash pulled `` pork '' sandwich is flavorful and worth the breaking... With limited options I wanted jackfruit recipe is a huge myth the flavours were definitely there, but could. Even better than the pictures shown here quotes with a simple coleslaw of shredded carrots and ’... Fibrous and perfect for recreating the features of pulled pork will fool any carnivore into thinking ’!

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