triumph of orthodoxy anathemas

The Synodikon of Orthodoxy is chanted on the Sunday of Orthodoxy (1st Sunday of Lent) in most monasteries and Orthodox churches where a bishop is present. And when they are bound and handed over to the law and to punishment, no one considers this to be inhumane or a violation of freedom. Really, did the Lord Jesus Christ, who we glorify amd who we venerate in icons, not living among us? That ye pious and Orthodox Christians remain faithful in what ye have been taught and have been born and brought up in, and when the time calls for it and there be need, that your very blood be shed in order to safeguard the Faith handed down by our Fathers and your confession: and that ye beware of such persons as have been described or referred to in the foregoing paragraphs, in order that our Lord Jesus Christ may help you and at the same time may the prayer of our mediocrity be with all of you: Amen. To them who do not accept that the sacrifice which is offered daily by those who have received from Christ the priestly service of the Divine Mysteries, is in fact offered to the Holy Trinity, and thereby contradict the sacred and divine fathers, Basil and Chrysostom, and other God-bearing fathers who all agree in both their words and writings. To them who do not confess that God is the Creator of heaven and earth and of all creatures, the Maker of Adam and the Fashioner of Eve, but say that the Adversary is the ruler and creator of all and the fashioner of human nature; to such men. Evangelicals Come Home to Orthodoxy, The Correct Understanding of Being Born Again, List of Activities to Complete Prior to Baptism and Chrismation, Man Kills His Girlfriend’s Unborn Baby Because She Didn’t Want to Have Abortion, Doctor Calls Abortion the “Greatest Universal Genocide” Facing Humanity, Senator Kennedy: GOP Must Keep Senate, “Do Americans Want to be Governed by People Who Celebrate Abortion?”, Weekly Bulletin for Sunday, December 6, 2020, A Pagan Records the Slaughter of the Holy Innocents, Weekly Bulletin for Sunday, November 22, 2020, 1,000 indigenous Papuans interested in holy Orthodoxy, appeal to Patriarch Kirill to start a mission, Lutheran Professor and Former Pastor Discovers Orthodox Christianity, Dcn Michael Bishop’s Journey to Orthodoxy, Make THE Difference, where you are, right now. Again, to those same men who think and say that the essence of God is communicable, and who thus without shame strive to subtly introduce into our Church the impiety of the Massalians, who of old suffered from the malady of this same opinion, and who thus do not confess in accord with the divinely inspired theologies of the saints and. It is not inscription in the baptismal records which makes one a member of the Church, but the spirit and content of one’s opinions. To them who understand and speak of the deification of the assumed nature as implying a change of the human nature into the Divine Nature and do not believe that, because of this union, the Body of the Lord shares the Divine rank and majesty and consequently is worshipped with one worship of God the Word Who assumed it, nor do they believe that it shares in the one honor, glory, and throne, being life-creating, and equal in majesty with God the Father and the All-Holy Spirit - not that it became coessential with God so as to lose its natural properties, of creaturehood, circumscription, and of the other properties seen in the human nature of Christ - but they believe rather that it is changed into the very essence of the Divinity and, by this, imply that either the incarnation and passion of the Lord were not true, but a fantasy, or that the Divinity of the Only-begotten suffered passion. To all the followers of Eutychius, to the Monothelites, the Jacobites and the Artzivurites, and generally to all heretics, HERE COMMENCES THE PRAISE OF THE ORTHODOX EMPERORS WHO HAVE GONE TO THEIR REST.

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