suspicious partner season 2

Episode 1 63m. Jun 12 2017 1:42 am Lulai Jul 18 2017 4:31 pm For me, im okay with her voice, the expression whenever she talks is so good. This episode proves that getting the answers you’re looking for doesn’t necessarily solve the mystery, and those same answers can often make the truth even harder to ferret out. Another Kdrama for JCW , its awesome.I love watching this. After this show end i bet i will replay it again. The ending-she caught me off guard. Same thing happened in k2. Seo Hyun Jin please writer'nim !! Hahaha. :( May God bless them with more wonderful projects in the future! ?.but I felt something different? Wish him good luck in real life<3, kloe Jun 07 2017 12:21 pm Alpha Jun 03 2017 11:13 am I really love the acting especially for my super hot oppa Ji Chang-Wook. Really great drama. The two leading were so self centered that they made every problem about themselves, it seems they'd compete over who had the saddest story. I was a JCW fan but now i am just looking at NJH and getting amazed how that little girl has turned into such a pretty beautiful amazing caring woman. omoooo this plot drama was amazing!! He obviously likes her so much. Just ignore their bad comments. pheno Mar 20 2017 3:48 pm i understand. Bogoshipeo Wookie. I will definitely watch this drama. In love with the plot. Lee kwang soo for the male lead :D, Jg Feb 20 2017 6:04 am this drama is like the experimental stage for both leads that put them to a different level as actors. This drama is out of this world! And so does NJH, breaking​ into adult roles, which she does so fine here. Cantttt waitttt!!! Please let us focus on the entire story, which is so brilliantly executed so far by the whole SP Team. Too many. I was more invested in him because he was trying to mend his broken relationship with his longtime friend Prosecutor/Lawyer Noh who he hurt. Mia Jun 25 2017 10:52 am Just can't get over with this 2 leads... the charming ji-wook n the cute with some twist of craziness bong-hee. I don't know that a lawyer can actually walk through a suspect room easily, bring a possible evidence and they even are not his lawyer anymore. She multitalented actress. Meme May 11 2017 9:06 pm This is my current fav drama! <3 <3. I love the suspense, drama, comedy, romance, and everything. SongJihyo is Life Jun 04 2017 1:04 am Rere Mar 30 2017 12:53 am (Too many idiotic comments on this page...). Loving it. She has already proven herself to be exceptionally talented, and with her down-to-earth and positive attitude towards her work, I can safely say that she won't stay underrated for long. JiBong couple, FIGHTING!! Hate me all you want, I'm simply conveying what I think. Usualy one day one episode, but why they split it into two episode? W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; I give it 110% out of 100! I love how she gained more popularity after suspicious partner. It was quite beautifully done and i think it was necessary that this makes it more difficult for ji wook to walk away from the relationship after discovering who bong hee's father is. I hope Ji Hyun and Chang Wook Oppa stay together for real life as nam ji hyun and ji chang wook. i think her character fits lee sung kyung well, it seems like lee sung kyung will give it more "alive". This drama is hard to watch, but since I'm almost halfway done, I'm just going to finish it. Please move on guys!!! Login. a fan from the Philippines, Ellen May 19 2017 3:06 pm i am just simply in love with this drama. and when this drama ends i wonder how my life would be? Kudos SP Team! But then Han Ji Min was also offered the lead female role and she's considering. jijicoupleforeverrr Jun 07 2019 12:34 pm I didn't understand will all hates for Nam Ji Hyun while the drama isn't even started yet!!! I love this drama so much that I watched this many times already! I can see that nam ji hyun acts so well in other dramas but this character here does not fits her well. Even through heavy pressure from Hee-Joon's father (who is the chief of the district prosecutor's office), Ji-Wook finds evidences to proves Bong-Hee's innocence and sets her free. Anyone else out there also wondering what the heck happened between Prosecuter Cha and Lawyer Ji? Still can't move on from this drama. She still young. The build-up to their romance is actually cute and heart-warming unlike the cheesiness of other recently popular dramas. Please, do not be jealous about other co-stars because each couple has its own colours. SBC started separating their 1 hour dramas in 30 minutes segments to circumvent some korean regulation that prohibits commercials in dramas when aired in public television. Just an honest opinion from my observation. Their chemistry is so amazing . Park min young please!!!!!! This drama starting with so cute and funny, but ep 3-4 murder case happens it is unpredictable. they really had good working relationship as seen in the bts. Jichangwook can act better than nam ji hyun when he's crying. Dami once said they would'nt accept her in Korea unless she does surgery done on her face. The drama has the perfect dose of romance, thriller and comedy. Perfect. I find Bong Hee to be annoying here, don't think they have the right actress for that part. She has a mature and pretty character that matches No J. clara May 20 2017 2:09 am Yes I heard Nam Ji Hyun is the female lead for Ji Chang Wook in this series I like Nam Ji Hyun but I want jcw to reunited to Ha Ji Won, Park Min Young or Jin Se Yeon but pmy was casting in another new drama so... hope Nam Ji Hyun will right partner to Jichangwook goodluck! OTBrain Jun 17 2017 6:02 pm DAEBAK!! LSK maybe will make it a little too hard for the character. Actually this drama gave me so much feelings! I feel like the initial premise of the drama has been done before (not a problem though) but done with a twist. He sure deserves an award!! just my 2 cents here. the people who hate their chemistry and call it average are mostly the one's who ship jcw with other actress like grow up its not you who decides with whom hos chemistry is best it's upto the viewers and the fact that many bts views are increasing in numbers and few have already crossed 1 million within weeks and few days itself show with whom his chemistry is best and your hate and your so called opinions won't stop the ship from sailing immature fan girls and other shippers better move on jibong has sailed by the way this is the first time in my whole life i am shipping actors their chemistry is that intense accept it or not jibong is real they have got that fire and passion. Erica Altabano Feb 23 2018 8:21 am Versatile actor..He lives the character..he proved that he can do any roles brilliantly and naturally..not only action dramas(although no one can beat him in action roles in his generation?? I want him to go out with a bang, this drama is more like a small flame. Long way to go JCW, you are cute but better brush up your acting if you want to stay in the business for a very long time. I hope this couple would be able to thrill, excite, and make our hearts flutter until the Final episode. I swear. I have sympathy with her so I hope she will work on it. tia May 12 2017 9:46 pm I guess that's what make her a really good actor. I really like this drama. Ji wook -bong hee together forever I love this drama Thisis a really really good drama...... nam ji hyun and ji chang wook chemistry daebakkk... i this nam ji hyun is the best leading lady of ji chang wook so far... i lobe them, Claudya May 12 2017 10:10 am #crossfingers, aline Feb 20 2017 11:27 pm Park Shin Hye will be the best partner for Ji Chang wook, will be the best Couple. Falling in love with this drama. i thought its supposed to be While you were sleeping Drama Right? All the way from Tanzania watching this drama OMG it's such a wonderful dramaq??? Thus far he seem like a happy-go-lucky attorney, but I suspect beneath that cheerful facade is a sly and cunning man. Ying Mar 27 2017 6:06 am but sorry to say that i dnt fancy his love interest in here... ill give it a try tho` xx. Riviewer Apr 18 2020 3:16 pm Dude why not JCW take fantasy drama . I love jihyun but idk why i dont interested to watch this drama until final ep. I guess reviews are not to review the drama that these actors are working so hard on, but for character assignation of their abilities, their looks and/or their past record. Lee Sung Kyung is great too huhu. So for those who dislike the story or the lead couple, aka haters, just cut the crap already. She is an exceptional actress ugh I was so sad T.T. Barack Obama. Finally JCW is experienced actor and he accepted this role so he is okey with NJH so thats none of your bussiness. Its a perfect rom com with a pinch of thrill. suissant May 31 2017 7:17 pm Wooks playing is like always perfect... i sense a little "Healer"-feeling here, but still. This series need season 2. JCW and NJY deliver their respective roles very effectively and naturally. Eun hyuk..character is so good...Every time when he say saranghae ji wook I hope the series will have a great last quarter. Anu Aug 25 2017 11:10 pm JCW dancing not fighting hahaha... oppalover Apr 30 2017 1:11 pm Ji Chang wook and HJW have a good chemistry in Empress Ki..and also HJW can do action scenes very well,..i hope u can reconsider.. miki Mar 29 2017 8:12 pm

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