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If I called her in the midst of a scary bleeding episode, she would tell me to go to the hospital (where I would be seen by an obstetrician). The benefits of toddler milk, Nutritionist Anna Hansen talks kids & snacks, What's really in our food? Midwives undergo a four-year bachelor of health sciences degree in midwifery and are experts in healthy pregnancies. Sperm donation: a gift that keeps on giving, 3 conception concerns that cause women grief. 10 things no one tells you about being a parent. Things I'd like my kids to see their mum doing, Weird things mums do when we're sleep-deprived, Separation anxiety and how to help your anxious child. What is sensory processing disorder and how can it affect your child? What's the best age gap between children? Dummy dilemma: what will you choose for baby? My toddler’s first sentence was so, um, practical! Points to ponderThere are a number of topics to discuss with a potential LMC. Obstetricians, or obstetrician-gynaecologists (OB/GYNs), are medical doctors who specialize in pregnancy and childbirth, especially in the management of high-risk pregnancies and pregnancy complications. Is it normal to get the chills and the shakes after giving birth? How to parent little people with big feelings, Help your child adjust to life with a sibling, The first 1000 days PART FOUR: toddlerdom and beyond, How to: prepare your little one for a hospital visit, How to: empower your toddler for daily living. Paws for thought: does your little one need a pet? Some pregnant women may still be confused and not sure whether to give birth with the help of an obstetrician or midwife. Let Mum Sleep: how the nativity is relevant today, Stunning video captures baby still inside amniotic sac during c-section, Facebook Live: OHbaby! Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; (medicine) A physician who specializes in childbirth. The power of parenting: nature vs nurture, Switch off your autopilot and live in the moment, How to: get your toddler to help with chores, Five wonderful things I did with my preschoolers, Why we need to banish the term 'terrible twos'. Dr Sowter states most obstetricians and obstetric groups charge between $5000 and $5500 in Auckland, with slightly lower charges in some centres. Time lapse: Dad decorates baby's room and it's stunning! What's the difference between boys & girls? Independent midwivesIndependent midwives are qualified to care for women with normal pregnancies. Read this advice from a mum of four, The postpartum movement that insists 'bounce back' is a myth, A single mum takes back Christmas for her family, 10 handy tips to give yourself a postpartum break, Times when my mum instincts really paid off, Winning in the morning: hacks from a single working mama. Typically, midwives believe in allowing women to make informed decisions regarding their pregnancies and they tend to incorporate modern medical knowledge with traditional methods of dealing with pregnancies and birth. DH and i are leaning towards homebirth. The essential facts about pregnancy health, Exercise basics for mamas and mamas-to-be. Preparing toddlers for the arrival of a new baby. How does pregnancy change your hair & skin? 5 simple rituals that make a world of difference to your day, No rush: how slow parenting creates family harmony, Hello and goodbye: farewelling a parent while raising a young family, How to find a beautiful balance in your life, 5 ways to thrive when other mums make you feel insecure, 10 Charities your family could support together, Eight things you can do that mean the world to your child, Parenting Tools - Your style and what your child needs, Teaching kids how to manage their emotions, Family lockdown: the great social experiment, Developing your child's sense of self control, Unique gifts: parenting gifted or dyslexic children, The impact of busyness on modern-day families, 8 things that mean the world to your child, Five easy ways to show your kids you love them, Then and now: reflecting on parenting advice from 1946, How to live harmoniously with extended family, Earthquakes and upheaval: helping kids cope with trauma, Five ways to help kids deal with a disaster. This time round Megan has a private obstetrician and shares with OHbaby! magazine as well! 6. Obstetrician is by profession a doctor while Midwife is a nurse with specialized training on labor and delivery; midwifery is a 3 year nursing course plus postgraduate qualification in midwifery. Your midwife will provide assistance and advice, and assess for the risk of postnatal depression and family violence. Homeschool parents share their awesome learning resources. A person, usually a woman, who is trained to assist women in childbirth, but who is not a physician. Hilarious Dads making their babies crack up! I'm pregnant so don't go bursting my bubble! Two sides of the coinMy midwife was approachable and kind-natured, and became someone I looked forward to seeing – a calm and consistent companion from 10 weeks pregnant until our baby was six weeks old. I have peace of mind that if something serious comes up, I have a specialist doctor on the other end of the line. They work collaboratively with other health professionals so can refer you to an obstetrician if complications occur. Are you giving in to kids' pestering this Christmas? Think inside the toy box: boosting your child's learning potential, Healthy lunchbox tips from a nutritionist. Hear this! advertisement | page continues below Some women choose … Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. Here's how to beat car sickness, Wonderful Wellington: our kid-friendly capital, Jenny-May shares her Rotorua babymoon with us, Tips for happy long-distance travels with a two-year-old in tow, Things to do in Palmerston North/Manawatu, Flying high: surviving long haul travel with a baby, 13 Tips For Travelling Long-Haul With A Baby, Treat your skin with these 10 hard-working hydrators, Tress stress - Why hair changes during and post pregnancy. Birthday parties: big, small or not at all? Anzac biscuit recipe for those who love them chewy! Make easy paper poppy decorations for Anzac Day, Six ways for families to celebrate Matariki, 10 fun Valentine's day ideas that won't cost the earth, "You had me at hello": Romantic movie quotes, Six romantic ideas to get you in the mood, Easter recipe: Empty Tomb sweet bread rolls, Easter crafts: colourful Easter eggs made from string, 12 unique ideas for an at-home Easter egg hunt. Giving birth is one of the most memorable occasions in your life. Pro tip: Midwifery-led wards and centres book up very quickly, so if you’re interested in this type of care, speak to your GP about it as soon as you know you’re pregnant, or try and book in … Friday Live: OHbaby! For her first pregnancy, following years of fertility treatment and specialist intervention, she was after a relaxed, 'normal person’s experience', so for her, a midwife was a perfect choice. That is the question! Before making these choices, it is better if pregnant women find out in advance about the role of obstetricians and midwives during labor. What happens when you stop taking the pill? Their qualifications, recent experience and childbirth philosophy are a good place to start, but also whether they’ll be available after hours and throughout labour, and who the backup carer will be, if required. Rockabye baby: how do you get your baby to sleep? Lifting the lid on sippy cups, Sunkissed: summer skin protection for kids, Osteopathy: hands-on help for your newborn, My baby can't hear me: one mother's story, Who you gonna call? Tips to help your teething baby sleep comfortably. I would like to subscribe to OHbaby! Truth, lies and the Easter bunny, The key to raising a confident & self-assured kid, Nine things every parent with an anxious child should try, Sharenting: five popular beliefs on the modern family explained. Your midwife will be responsible for your primary care during labour, including an initial assessment and regular monitoring. Little steps: your baby's milestones over 18 months, What to expect when your baby starts teething, Lifehacks for parents of twins and triplets, Double the fun: one couple's surprise twins, Double delight: life with two sets of twins, It's a twin thing: investigating twin theories, Ouch! You’re invited to become a member of our community! Preschoolers will love creating stories through pretend play at the easy-to-build 10902 Police Station. The responses you get can help you decide if you need a different style of LMC. Fresh ideas for lunchboxes - prepared by kids! In 2018, CNMs attended 9.4 percent of deliveries in the United States. Moving to an obstetrician gave me the security I needed. Friday Live: swaddling baby - the how, why & when, Friday Live: setting up routines for baby, Friday Live: back-to-work tips for the busy mama, Friday Live: adjusting baby's sleeps to daylight saving, Friday Live: practical tips for parents-to-be, Friday Live: Dorothy Waide on the parenting juggle, Friday Live: Resettling your toddler during daytime naps, Friday Live: encouraging kids to snack well, Friday Live: Teaching your baby to sleep and self-settle, Friday Live: Resettling your baby during daytime naps, Dad tries a novel way of getting baby to sleep, Father takes photo of son every day for 4 years, You don't have to understand the words to have your heart touched, Friday Live: Nadia Lim & managing mealtimes, Friday Live: coping with toddler tantrums & tricky behaviour, Friday Live: tips for establishing a good sleep routine for baby, Small spaces can still inspire big imaginations, Harmonious homemaking: find calm among the chaos, Irresistible bookshelves for your little readers. These things will relieve your engorged breasts, 5 things you will need for baby in spring, 5 things you’ll need for baby in any season, Clever contraptions for less mess at mealtimes, Baby essentials you'll want to spend money on. Pippa Henderson discusses the maternity care available in New Zealand, and how you might choose your LMC. The world can be scary, but teaching kids resilience will help!

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