neumann kh 120 vs focal shape 65

I think the Alpha 65 would be fine. by dickiefunk » Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:13 pm . The three models in the line are: The Shape 40 (4” woofer), Shape 50 (5” woofer) and Shape 65 (6.5” driver). 23 posts • Page 1 of 2 • 1, 2. Focal Alpha 65. EQ, Neumann KH 120 A. Probably no better than the Neumann’s tho. €223.28. After doing a couple mixes, I don’t think I’m gonna keep them. 145 . I've used both. Sadly these are completely out of my price range. Ideally I'd like something that can go a little lower. €242. Also, I read that the EQ knobs on the back are not indented and are on a continuous pot? In stock . Buy Neumann KH 120 A Studio Monitor online from $8.59. $262. Thanks John. 18 . Genelec M040 Review. Unbeatable prices and next day delivery from the UK's no1 instrument store. This seems a little poor for a monitor in this price bracket as every monitor I've tried has indented EQ adjustments. I understand that the Neumanns are better. I prefer the. Rear, Neumann KH 120 A. enlarge. I just finished to test both monitors (Focal Shape Twin & Neumann KH 120 A) in my semi-treated room and I concluded I'll stay with the Twins. So in this case, it looks like Neumann is now the better choice then? $235. I used to use the K+H O110 (the forerunner to the KH120) - but I could not find anything better until I spent almost double for the Geithain RL906 (and those, unfortunately, are above your £1,500 budget). £242. Bundle Offer Neumann KH 120 A Table Stand Bundle €1,439. This can provide a more stable image while also incorporating depth, in a sense almost emulating a mono feedback (while maintaining its stereo qualities) which can be important in maintaining accurate mixes today across many plat… The CMS65, are a better deal too (cause they are better than the neumann in my opinon). €225.86. So Neumann KH 120 A tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than Focal Alpha 50, as seen on the chart below. 56 . €857.24. In stock . To me, the Neumann's just worked. You need an account to post a reply. KRK RP7 Rokit G4 Professional Bi-Amp 7" Powered Studio Monitor, Black (RP7G4) ... As many more expanded and thorough reviews will attest to, the Focal Shape 65 are warmer monitors and less clinical and neutral sounding than … Is your room treated? Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. More Details. Adam T8V. I’ve had the Focal Twins for 3 weeks and the Focals sound great. $117. €233. If your room sucks (not treated and just reverby), you could have the SM9s and it would be a total waste of money because of the room (Maybe not a total waste of money, but not great). Before I get into the trickier side to the tests, let’s look at the facts. Special Order. But when I added the 805 to my 120’s it was a big improvement in sound. Dynaudio LYD 48. Gain, Neumann KH 120 A. DIP switch and input, Neumann KH 120 A. Yes I did wonder if I need to increase my budget further. Neumann KH 120 A: AudioTruth's user review « fantastic as the focal cms » 5. March 2015 Audio Reviews All Reviews. The distributors who loaned me their speakers also added to my list: Focal Shape 65. $179.95. Bundle Offer Neumann KH 120 A Iso Pad Bundle £1,045. Dynaudio LYD-48 Active Studio Monitors | KMR Audio, the t.akustik WDS-7 Diffuser 8-er Set – Musikhaus Thomann. I just finished to test both monitors (Focal Shape Twin & Neumann KH 120 A) in my semi-treated room and I concluded I'll stay with the Twins. Everything translated really well. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. That's quite a shootout with a few of my dream monitor's - PMC TwoTwo6, Neumann KH310 and Unity Audio Super Rocks. Share. In stock . Mackie CR4-X. Genelec, Neumann. 4694 . Post by sellanraa » Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:50 pm I've sort of narrowed it down to these two. 4672 . €341. Genelec 8010 AP. I wish they had 6.5 inch woofers. The three monitors that would be top of my list are the Super Rocks, PMC TwoTwo 6 or Neumann KH310's. 01273 665 400 Rob Tavaglione ⋅ … I thought you were referring to the CMS65. In stock . 12 . They have a lot more low end than the KH120's. KRK Rokit RP8 G4. £633. It would have been great if this feature could be switched on or off. I would have to hear them side by side but I am not sure the 120's would have much more detail. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. * I'm also interested in this, considering the huge price gap, in what ways the KH120 are better than the Alpha 65? Dynaudio Core 7. I want these and Focal now. Winner: Genelec 8340 Print view. The Alpha 65's had good mid detail when I heard them in a store. €299. Have you compared the KH120's with the Focal Shape Twin? Adam T8V. Like This is not exactly a great answer, but they are both good monitors. The Shape monitors replace Focal’s CMS models, placing them above the company’s budget-priced Alpha series (reviewed December 2014) and below the Solo6 Be, Twin6 Be, and Trio6 Be models. Because if your room is not treated, the alpha's just may translate the same. At right around $1K per pair at retail, these KH80 DSPs are hardly the most affordable of the micro-monitors out there today. PSI A17. £215. Shapes were nicer on Phil's solo voice – Genelecs were a bit harsh. Genelec 8340 vs Focal Shape 65. Neumann KH 120 Review . RemyRAD Member. Adam T8V. All I'm worried about is how well my music will translate. 1)more detail/precision in the mids and highs, but nothing worth paying nearly twice the money vs Alpha 65 (which actually are even better in the low end area). Print. Maybe switching to something larger sometimes would work. €259. Genelecs had better clarity in percussion in documentary and Can song, and crisper fx and foley in fight scene. $695. Back Panel, Neumann KH 120 A. enlarge. Bundle Offer Neumann KH 120 A Table Stand Bundle $1,444. Focal Shape 65. So what justifes the kh120's double the price of the Focal? They are, however, the most advanced, the most flexible, and quite likely the best sounding. Intro Specs Sound Measurements Compared. I can’t comment on the Eve sub since I have no experience with their products. Controls, Focal CMS 65. enlarge. Getting in Shape. £42. 4644 . €100. They are pricey and don't go too low, but they are ultra transparent and revealing. what will the KH120 will give me that the Alpha 65 will not? 54 . I heard the Alpha 65's and they were very impressive for the price. Hey there! So I’m looking to upgrade my shitty KRK Rokits with something new. £105. I don't understand how the Alpha's are the better deal if music will translate better with the Neumann's. Genelec 8010 AP. Thanks. If not, wtf sense does it make to buy monitors that are twice the cost of another that perform? Bottom Panel, Neumann KH 120 A. enlarge. $30 /mo. JBL 305P MKII. 273 . KH 120 A G - - Nearfield Monitor,Up to 4 m (12 ft),Down to 52 Hz,Down to 57 Hz,Computer Desktop,Editing Suite,Domestic Environment,Home Studio,Broadcast,Professional Recording Studio,Up to 3 m (9 ft) - Sennheiser Discover True Sound It seems like the Neumann KH 120 will be fine. Focal Solo 6 Be red burr ash. I sold them and got the Genelec 8300's plus 7350 sub with room correction and it is amazing. All about the tools and techniques involved in capturing sound, in the studio or on location. 146 . A more proper comparison would be the Shape 65 to the A7X or the Shape 50 to the A5X. I'm particularly interested in the Focal Shape's but have read a few find the auto standby power saving feature a little annoying. Focal. It sounds so pure because they are directing every sound wave so precisely. I have the staff at GIK Acoustics assisting me in treating my room. By Rob Tavaglione. It's needless to say, but you'll get way better idea of these monitors if you can try listening to them. I haven’t heard the Neumann’s but IMO, the Focals are great speakers. general, you are saying that high end monitors( like the KH120 )are just not worth the extra $$$ over the price of low end monitors(like Focal Alpha)? When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Bundle Offer Neumann KH 120 A Table Stand Bundle £1,299. Introduction top. Easily mount the Neumann KH 120 A/D active monitor and adjust angle vertically and horizontally. I've decided to order the Eve Audio TS108 and it should be here early next week. KRK Rokit RP8 G4. Intro Specs Sound Measurements Compared €265. I had the KH120's and could never get a sub to work in my room. Technical Specifications And Pricing The Neumann LH 65 Table Stand for KH 120 Monitor is height and angle adjustable. €115. Another option could be to get a second pair on monitors. Hey there! Bundle Offer Neumann KH 120 A Iso Pad Bundle $1,149. Focal Shape 50 vs. Neumann KH 120. $115. The 120's did not have enough low end in my room . But the thing is I am treating my room though. After AES there should be some folks that checked the Neumann KH 120 out. Thanks for the info. I place these between the Dynas and Genelecs, but with a different sound. Bottom, Focal CMS 65. €590.52. My room is not massive so I don't want to add a sub in it really (though I may be moving the studio to a bigger space in the next few months). Actually I'm 100% sure it's fine, I guess my main concern is how well I'd be with the Focal Alpha 65. Both will be a major upgrade, but curious if anyone cares to share their take. JBL 305P MKII. £235. Don’t know about Adams but I listened Neumanns KH 120 and Focal CMS 65 side by side and preferred Neumanns (more detailed, more natural … 277 . Introduction top. €200.86. Review: Neumann KH80 DSP Monitors. In general they are worth the extra cash, but the Alpha's are a real bargain. Id say get the alphas, unless you can get the CMS ones used. 143 . 16 . I went down to the local store and listened to Dynaudio Lyd 5/7/8, Neumann KH 80, and a pair of genelecs, can’t remember which ones… I really liked the Neumanns, but I’m a bit worried that the 4” inch woofer won’t suffice for bass heavy electronic music where I need to pay attention to detail in <60 hz. Genelec M040 Review. Messe 2014: Focal launches the new Alpha monitors, Already have an account? The KH 80 DSP’s design is based on computer simulations that calculate with a level of accuracy that no one other than Neumann … Related Products . Cordial CFM 3 MV . April 2015 Focal reviews audio reviews all reviews. The front baffle uses Neumanns MMD waveguide which produces a “sweet spot” response. The employee's at Sweetwater claim that the Focal Alpha 65's are the best in their price range & I don't NEED to purchase the Neumann KH 120 out of the two for simply editing vocals. Neumann KH310. Genelecs nicer bass-booms. I just set up my first studio this summer with gik acoustics and the Neumann speakers.... if you putting the effort to get gik then they will shine. The Neumann were too bass light in my room. 9 months ago. Joined: Sep 26, 2005. Neumann KH 120 A - Active Studio Monitor. Get the KH805 sub. Genelec 8010 AP. LH 65 - - KH 80 DSP A G,KH 80 DSP A W,KH 120 A G,KH 120 A W,KH 120 D G - Sennheiser Discover True Sound audiokid, Nov 5, 2010 #4. suggested payments. Focal CMS 65 Review . And the alpha's will translate nearly as well, and perhaps better as their low end is more balanced. Between Ns-10’s, avantones, hd650 cans and a small mono speaker, my mixes don’t sound any better with the Focals. In stock . In stock . They have a very flat response, equal or better than 2 dB across the spectrum. I've considered getting a second pair of monitors but would much rather just have one pair of monitors. Do the alpha 65 sound much bigger than the kh120? You could start by measuring your room to see if a sub could work. 16 . beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250 Ohms . Click here to login, The ability to reply to and create new discussions, Access to members-only giveaways & competitions, Interact with VIP industry experts in our guest Q&As, Access to members-only sub forum discussions, Get INSTANT ACCESS to the world's best private pro audio, Promote your eBay auctions and listings for free. 9% bought . Yes the KH120's are great monitors. Focal Shape Twin/Shape 65 vs Neumann KH120? 265 . Rear, Focal CMS 65. Oo ...we had a conversation regarding the Neumanns and Focals. The Neumann's are impressive though. $265. They are just not as detailed as either the CMS, or Neumann. JBL 305P MKII. 4% bought . Expected availability: 2-4 weeks. I think Sonarworks has changed everything as far as bringing the best out of monitors and I’m gonna leave well enough alone. Hi, I understand that the Neumann's are better, hear me out first. I have a pair of JBL LSR308's in another part of the room and they surprise me for the price. Please share your opinions on them. 49 . KRK Rokit RP8 G4. The KH 120's have more detail in the mids but the Alpha's are pretty good too. The KH branding stands for Klein + Hummel which has long been an anchor in the monitoring industry. Focal Shape 65. Neumann KH 120 A. €7.41 . Usage Recommendations More After Sonarworks it seemed to take them to another level in my room. Order Today. Neumann President, Wolfgang Fraissinet and product manager, Andrew Goldberg introduce the company's new KH 120 active studio monitor - Part one of two. Focal Shape Twin/Shape 65 vs Neumann KH120? The achieve an excellent flat response and they provide a very good bass response for the size. Connections, Focal CMS 65. bigger. I’ve been using Dynaudio BM5a’s for years. I've also been intrigued by three way designs and am curious to find out what benefit's these might bring? Millenium BS-500 Set. Focal Shape Twin/Shape 65 vs Neumann KH120? the Neumanns will definitelly be the better set. Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. Anybody have an experience with monitor speakers Focal shape 50/65 or Neumann KH120 ? Focal Shape 65. €685. €299. Hi, ^ Once I ask about that someone is going to tell me about something that's even better than that and I'd rather not keep on searching for more studio monitors. Focal Shape 65. The Neumann developers know every nuance, every angle and every wave reflection of the KH 80 DSP. How much better in % would you say that the KH120 are than the Focal Alpha? It takes the already awesome KH120’s to a whole new level. Bundle Offer Neumann KH 120 A Iso Pad Bundle €1,148. However, it's fairly safe to say that Focal Alpha 50 is a more popular studio monitor, based on its reviews. I already ordered pair of Neumann KH 120 Estimated delivery ... but in pretty good listening conditions in the quiet listening room. Genelec 8340a SAM. I was wondering to what extent though.

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