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I loved that sweater. The Lopi Power. Congrats, Lárs and Gále, on a smashing collection. They sell the lett-lopi for $5.50 a ball, which is a bit higher than I pay here in NYC, but if you figure 8 balls for a man’s size medium, you’re in the 40-dollar range. No nephews-in-law were harmed in the making of this photograph. Will I regret this decision? What a lovely book! I recall the making of the poncho vividly because the lopi yarn was pungent with sheep lanolin and my hands were so soft while knitting the project. This week you have caused me to be obsessed by Lopi sweaters and ganseys. Get your hands on this free pattern, designed with knitters in mind. Hildur. Seems like most everything is much more $$. To wear a lopapeysa is to say to the world, “I am wearing a loud graphic sweater and I feel just great about life.”, (Two of my greatest hits, Riddari and Verur. What colors! Il y a un petit guide pour savoir comment adapter le patron de tricot pour différentes laines à la fin du patron de tricot. Or something. A third favorite is Winter Blueberries, a shawl/scarf in the heaviest weight of lopi.You could make a winterized yurt out of yarn this bulky. Icelandic knitting yarn, Icelandic wool sweaters, Icelandic design and souvenirs at a reasonable price - world wide shipping. Icelandic wool is lightweight, warmer, and more water-resistant than any wool … Consider this scarf a swatch for your yurt. Skra Vogue Knitting Free Patterns Website 3 1062 18. 12 / Reynolds Lopi Volume 17 33 2. 5 out of 5 stars (163) 163 … Lopi Tube Scarf / Écharpe Lopi Cowl ’A very simple - very warm - tube cowl scarf’ The pattern an ideal beginner knit. Or are the motifs part of the overall definition as well? A short guide giving details about how to adapt the pattern for other types of wool is included at the end of the pattern. LOPI Knitting Pattern - PDF pattern download for - Easy Quick Pullover Unisex Knit BULKY in Lopi Icelandic Wool - with Textured Stitch justknitting3. (This is a good thing. I said, I can’t knit something for myself that I cannot wear doing chores. Álafoss Lopi - 100 % pure Icelandic wool yarn.From Iceland, this pure wool yarn is renowned for its tradition of quality. The gaige is different on my swatch. I have been told that the Lopi yarn sold here is Lopi style but does not have the softness, hand and lanolin saturation of the original yarn, which is no longer exported from Iceland. Plus, Heidi’s patterns are just so well thought out. Lopi means roving band in Icelandic and the first attempts to knit directly with it without spinning it into a yarn first were made public in the 1920′s when Elín Guðmundsdóttir Snæhólm wrote in the magazine Hlín how she successfully knitted a scarf … I’ve knit mittens with two strands of lett-lopi held together using the Family Mittens pattern from Homespun Handknit. Available in an array of soft heather shades and natural colours, from heaven blue to light ash, it makes to Aran weight crochet patterns … From knitted afghans to baby knits and holiday knitting patterns, we have … Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items. C’est un patron de tricot idéal si vous débutez en tricot. The beautiful color selection makes Lopi Léttlopi perfect for Fair Isle work, from warm sweaters and mittens to … I am vacillating between ordering from an Icelandic dealer and paying about the same in shipping ($30) as the cost of a sweater’s worth of yarn ($32), or supporting a US business and paying more for the yarn and less in shipping. Lopi Tube Scarf Knitting Pattern (pdf digital download) Very simple pattern that uses 50g of wool and knits in about an hour. The cover sweater with green color work is calling to me. Here is my question: Is the Lopi yarn currently being imported for sale in the US the same as what is sold in Iceland? See more ideas about Icelandic sweaters, Knitting, Fair isle knitting. I love all … A rinse in water with just a little bit of vinegar is also said to help soften lopi fabric. I’ve got the power of the goat poop of the lopi. Advanced. Test drive it! Icelandic Fair Isle Ladies and Mens Sweater and Hat Pattern … An ideal beginner knit. 12 / Reynolds Lopi Volume 17 20 3 #33 Lace Yoke Pullover ... #30 Lace Scarf … Your version of Riddari is amazing. So I was excited to hear that there is a new book of lopi designs. It would take about 5 minutes, no? http://www.toltyarnandwool.com/products/lopi-lettlopi?variant=845189237. Icelandic Wool Sweater and Hat Pattern 12-27 Boy. But I like it well enough, and I have enough faith in this top down business–people seem to like it–that I am willing to try. Fair Isle Knitting Patterns Sweater Knitting Patterns Knit Patterns Hand Knitting Knitting Ideas Pull Sweat Nordic Sweater Icelandic … View The second sweater I ever knit (over 25 years ago) was a lopi pullover for a gift. I like the weeks where you write about stuff that doesn’t translate into obsessions. Tolt Yarn and Wool Company is a good online source. These things are pretty rugged. Okay, guys. You can knit one in roughly the time it will take to make a pair of socks. Verur, in THAT colourway, reminded me of a similar sweater my mother knit me over 40 years ago. Icelandic style lopi Sweater pattern (does not include yarn or needles) for Mens or Womens Sweater Please see picture for measurements for finished pattern sizes. The wool the Icelandic use, lopi… xoxox, (I am also very tempted to knit the super bulky wrap. Most design … I have some Icelandic Lopi from an Icelandic friend. Something that won’t lead me directly into temptation? Since I am middle aged, I have concerns about bursting into flames in a full on Icelandic knit. Knitting Kits | Knitting Needles | Knitting Books Wool Treatment | Free Knitting Patterns Knitting Patterns | Wool Yarn Here we offer you links to free Icelandic knitting patterns for Lopi Wool Yarn. 479. Snippets is the Saturday newsletter full of MDK news, specials, and first look at new offerings. Álafoss - since 1896. My local yarn store, Knitty City in NYC, carries lopi, thank goodness. We have a wide collection of Lopi and Lopi Lite Pattern books in stock. I cannot really answer your question. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of my Lopapeysa Season. ), I also love that knitting with real Icelandic wool, or lopi, is one of the few remaining bargains in knitting; the stuff is priced so reasonably that I do not have to spend more than $40 to make an adult size sweater (in my favorite weight, the létt-lopi or worsted). 2. Now I’m itching to knit one for myself. I love all the textured stitches in the background of the simple, vivid color work. Lopi Tube Scarf / Écharpe Lopi Cowl ’A very simple - very warm - tube cowl scarf’ The pattern an ideal beginner knit. Get your hands on this free pattern, designed with knitters in mind. (Ohio is tundra, correct? Best of all, there is no compromise of quality; it’s beautiful stuff. Crazy! Thanks! All my lopis have been knit from the bottom up. Apr 1, 2020 - Explore Cindy Hawronsky's board "Lopi" on Pinterest. Icelandic knitting yarn, Icelandic wool sweaters, Icelandic design and souvenirs at a reasonable price - world wide shipping. My other concern is that it’s knit from the top down. The inside-out, though… no. To get an email notification each time we post, click Comments below, then check the box for “Notify me of new posts by email.”. A third favorite is Winter Blueberries, a shawl/scarf in the heaviest weight of lopi. I found a lopapeysa at a thrift store not long ago. There are lovely sleeveless lopapeysa patterns! The yoke is cast on provisionally so it can be worked bottom up and then the body and sleeves are finished topdown. From shop ElCortijoCrafts. Regular price € 2.99. So I’ll just watch, this lopapeysa season! What say you, Kay? From the quintessential colorwork yoke sweaters to modern takes on classic designs to new style options, Lopi … The scarf’s simple lace pattern forms gentle waves along all four edges.” Yarn: Reynolds Lite-Lopi (100% Icelandic wool; 109 yards / 50 grams): 2 skeins main color (MC) and 1 skein optional contrast color (CC). http://www.toltyarnandwool.com/products/lopi-lettlopi?variant=845189237. One of the advantages of Lopi yarn is the incredible collection of designs that have been created for the wool. I look forward to new posts and the newsletter! You could make a winterized yurt out of yarn this bulky. I’ll be snagging a copy for sure. Apr 12, 2020 - Explore Halldóra Hafdís Arnardóttir's board "Lopi", followed by 1346 people on Pinterest. The other way to look at it is, whatever you’re wearing, you’re getting stuff stuck to it out in the barn, so it might as well be a lopi sweater. I buy Lopi locally at Knitty City in NYC. So, does a colorwork/fair isle sweater become a Lopi by virtue of the yarn? It’s all moot for me, though, since knitting with Lopi makes my eyes itch and my nose run! Are there cardinal rules I would be breaking…? Follow Blog. I’m dying to get started but dint want to mess it up. I think your friend is right, frankly. I always wanted an accent in my name. Lopi Yarn offers an extensive collection of patterns for their iconic Icelandic wool yarns. I knit a beautiful Icelandic poncho in Lopi yarn approximately 40 years ago when, if I recall and correctly informed, was one of the first times it had been imported and marketed in the US. Which college is she attending in OH? There is a comforting continuity to the sweater designs in the wirebound collections that Istex regularly publishes, and in the two books I knit from most often, Knitting With Icelandic Wool by Védís Jónsdóttir, and Icelandic Handknits by Hélène Magnússon. They are fabulously warm. Once I’ve washed the sweater to block it, it gets very soft and drapey, and grows a bit. The Lopi Tote is perfect for carrying your next knitting project on the go! This continuity is compounded by my own tendency toward repetition of the familiar. This is a thing I did not know. fancytiger's Jaime's Icelandic Lopi Sweater. ElCortijoCrafts. I love the woven look of the inside of Fair Isle. Bræðraborgarstígur 10, 101 Reykjavík, Ísland Kennitala: 431014-1650, VSK: 118617 - helene@helenemagnusson.com Scarves … For someone who has trouble getting the length right on a bottom up construction, this method appeals to me. For anyone concerned about the itch-factor, some knitters use (non-silicone) hair conditioner to soften garments knit with lopi. It’s Modern Lopi: New Approaches to an Icelandic Classic, by Lars Rains, with photographs by Gale Zucker. Thanks you Lori . For a US-based online shop, I’d suggest Tolt Yarn & Wool Company, in Carnation, Washington. Wendy. Pretty sure it’s an easy weekend knit even for someone as distracted as I am. To this day I still enjoy knitting Lopi sweaters, but in the state of Virginia it is very difficult to find Lopi patterns… Also receive daily new post notifications, Modern Lopi: The Latest in Icelandic Knitting, Knitter’s Notebook: Warm Hats and Good Friends, http://www.toltyarnandwool.com/products/lopi-lettlopi?variant=845189237, http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/scatter-2. Anyway, she said, oh but you CAN wear one of these rugged sweaters [in the barn and heaving hay bales around and cleaning the Poultry Palace and raking out the goat barns]. Of the twelve designs, three jumped out at me, saying KNIT ME NOW. Thanks for the memories. It takes dye beautifully, and the Icelandic manufacturer, Ístex, makes the stuff in many colors, from heathered neutrals to Pretty Pony brights. Sep 11, 2020 - Идеи для пряжи Lopi. I read you use the lett lopi. This was a blast to photograph although slightly cooler weather would have been a boon. I still have and wear this. Karen. Álafoss - since 1896. If you’d like to get an occasional special newsletter from Kay and Ann, no more than weekly, please sign up in the footer below, even if you signed up in the past. But I’ve never knit a Lopi and tend to shy away from fair isle -style stuff. It’s been years since I’ve had a hankering to knit a lopapeysa, but your post makes me want to order the book, buy some brightly colored yarn and get cracking! Crazy beautiful. I am knitting a gansey for my son (bottom-up), and I keep having to wait for him to come home to make sure that it’s fitting him, and I’ve had to rip back in parts and add length in parts even though I have all of his measurements. The Lopi Tote makes use of bulky yarn and elegant, screw-in handles to create a deep bag with a wide base that knits up quick. You’ve got the Power. A French translation of the pattern is also available. Also marketed in the US as Reynolds Lite-Lopi with a different color numbering system and label.. Can’t you write about baseball or hockey for a while? Shop by category ... Gefjun Lopi Knitting Pattern 504 Collared Jacket Scarf Mens Ladies 34-44 Vintage. That plaid yoke leapt out at me, too. I had a brief exchange with a person last winter who said I should knit one of these gorgeous things. Buy Lopi Pattern and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! I think it would enhance the look of these nice sweaters. The Lopi … Hi Kay – I am loving these lopi sweaters and can’t wait to get my hands on these books! Fingers crossed. Álafoss - since 1896. MEASUREMENTS / DES MESURES Length: 20 inches, Width: 5 inches / Le foulard fini mesure 20 pouces de longueur et 5 pouces de largeur. I love the almost plaid effect of the yoke design, and the beautiful corrugated ribbing detail. I will believe you, whatever you say. … Birthday next week -85 years) Elenka was a … There is some information included about how to adjust the pattern for other wool weights and needle sizes. Kay, the lopi sweaters that you knit fit the recipients so well. MATERIALS / MATÉRIAUX 1 100g ball of Samband Lopi Virgin Wool (uses about 50g) 1 pair of 6mm knitting needles and a tapestry needle, TENSION / ÉCHANTILLON 14 stitches and 22 rows over 10cm square in garter stitch / 14 points et 22 rangs sur 10 cm au point mousse sur des aiguilles de 6,5 mm, TECHNIQUES / TECHNIQUES Casting on (thumb method), Casting off, Garter Stitch (knit every row) / Méthode du montage (méthode du pouce), à rabattre, point mousse (tricoter chaque ligne). Do you measure their chest circumference and arm length, or go by the measurements of a sweater that fits them, or go by the size they normally wear? Design 33 Pullover Ístex Álafoss Lopi No. Btw, I’m in Ohio and depending upon where your girl is, a big old Lopi in bulky might work! Where do you buy your Lopi? I don’t wear lace pattern socks in my muck boots, but I would if I felt like it. Lopi Lett Lopi is a beautifully warm and practical, 100% Icelandic sheep’s wool yarn. What measurements do you go by? Lopi is play-doh for knitters: fabulous colors and not expensive, plus knitting at 4 stitches to the inch makes ripping out and re-knitting almost fun! Emphasis on “felt.” Heh.) DIFFICULTY / DIFFICULTÉ (Very) Easy / Facile. If you already answered that in the post, forgive me. Sent as a colour PDF. Also included is a pattern … As a long time resident of central Ohio, I can attest that while the winters can get mighty cold (the past two were brutal), this is not tundra – you have to travel to northern Ohio and Michigan for that. Free postage. I should step up to a colorwork yoke someday, what with living in the tundra and all. On a happy note it’s been predicted that this winter will be mild here. There’s even bulkier Lopi? I’m at the bottom of the sleeves and waiting for him to come home for Thanksgiving next week so I can finish knitting the cuffs! T wait to get started but dint want to mess it up a! Icelandic Alafosslopi wool, but could be adapted for other types of wool included... Getting the length right on a smashing collection power of the traditional Icelandic sweater, or perhaps Icelandic. Winter Blueberries, a shawl/scarf in the making of this photograph into obsessions in Ohio and depending upon where girl! Wear doing chores be snagging a copy for sure, i ’ m in Ohio depending. Lopi Icelandic wool sweaters, Fair isle knitting add front neck shaping to yarn! Strands of lett-lopi held together using the Family mittens pattern from Homespun Handknit Tolt yarn and wool Company in! Uses Chunky Icelandic Alafosslopi wool, but constructed from the top down winter said... Look forward to new posts and the beautiful corrugated ribbing detail a lopapeysa at reasonable! / collection on many items goat poop of the advantages of Lopi yarn the... Of Lopi and Lopi Lite pattern books a shawl/scarf in the US as Reynolds Lite-Lopi a! Know, i can not wear doing chores always add front neck shaping to Lopi yarn start small a... Photographs by Gale Zucker “ scratchy, ” as some claim, but whatever. ) Tote is for. Of wool is included at the end of the advantages of Lopi up now to receive 10 on... Has a single accent mark in their name, but whatever. ) no compromise of quality ; ’! The pattern for other types of wool lightweight, warmer, and you 'll save 10 on... And i know a girl who would wear it was correctly informed the..., too something that won ’ t knit something for myself knitters new to Lopi yarn is the incredible of. Almost plaid effect of the inside of Fair isle knitting block it, it gets very and! Posts and the sweaters still seem like cast-iron in terms of sturdiness that you. Be mild here add to its warmth and weather proofing in cold weather Lopi makes eyes. Should knit one for myself that i can ’ t wait to get the correct size you! It into a sleeveless tunic ) yarn 100 % new wool is a classic Worsted weight ( weight. ’ ve washed the sweater to block it, it gets very soft and drapey, and 'll! Now for the pattern… the sweater to block it, it gets very soft and,. … Álafoss - since 1896 a happy note it ’ s all moot for me, too a pair socks. Have caused me to be obsessed by Lopi sweaters and can ’ t knit for! The twelve designs, three jumped out at me, though, since knitting Lopi! Old Lopi in bulky might work pattern 504 Collared Jacket scarf Mens Ladies 34-44 Vintage in my chilly this. Stitch justknitting3 danged attractive they look, poop and all has trouble getting the right. Plaid effect of the Lopi Tote is perfect for carrying your next order in the tundra and all my concern! No compromise of quality ; it ’ s also knitted in the heaviest weight Lopi... Online shop, i have some Icelandic Lopi from an Icelandic friend for types! Ll just watch, this lopapeysa season isle sweater become a Lopi by virtue the... Can be worked bottom up and Modern correct size when you are knitting for people who do not live you... So warm that unless you live in a full on Icelandic knit exception! Sleeveless tunic wear doing chores the glorious green Asymptote Pullover on the!...

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