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Let me get him over there and let him help you." We’ll have a brand-new roof, furnace, all of that. And he made me understand that I was, and so I was doing it. On the other side of my house, I have a neighbor, but they are very quiet. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. How BBB Processes Complaints and Reviews. I’m not crazy about the bugs, though. The price point was there as well. She was my original rep. She called me weekly 'cause I purchased a home in December. We pride ourselves on our quality construction and are glad that you were pleasantly surprised! We love our house and the experience. The neighborhood's incredibly quiet as well. Lgi Homes Home Buying reviews: Lied about HOA location next to our house. I didn't realize I was in the position to buy a house really, financially or credit-wise. This luxury upgrade features all of the amenities of the CompleteHome package plus: These extra touches add more value to your house and enhance the features of your new home. Congratulations on your new home! We have a number of "0" Down options. They disconnected my neighbor, but not me." There was no scheduled walkthrough. We have a German Shepherd puppy and she runs and runs and runs and plays. We were able to call him any time we wanted and he had a good response time getting back to us. Hi Cody, we truly appreciate your review. We are glad that the buying process was so smooth, but are disappointed to hear about the walk-through. They aren’t water-treated and they’ve been sitting out since LGI prepared and built these lots. We are excited to help … BBB is here to help. The combination of the price, the builder incentives, and the amount of home that we were getting for the money led us to choosing LGI Homes … it just made so much more sense to go with a new [home]. It was great as well as the rep. Click here to learn more about LGI Homes. It's good, but I have a couple that I need to request repairs for. You have to have your finances in order and make sure what they ask you to bring, you bring. We are glad that you feel that you overall made the right decision for you. Every single… LGI Homes is known for its high-quality construction, expert sales teams and quick qualification process. We were shopping for a new home or an older build in the Sacramento area. We’ll guide you through the process. Were you guys able to go out and do X, Y and Z? The combination of the price, the builder incentives, and the amount of home that we were getting for the money led us to choosing LGI Homes. He also got a great attitude … the home is great and I l. LGI Homes offers floor plans for every budget and need. And they offered me a good plan to buy a house there. We checked all the windows, all the appliances, all the numbers, and it was a very thorough and easy process. So, when they patched it, they only painted that one area of the ceiling, and so you could tell the difference in it. The biggest problem that I had is that after I had signed the paperwork and at the closing, the concierge with my real estate has been trying to get the electric meter turned into my name, and just was told time and time again that it was a business meter and they couldn't have it turned over onto my name. 2 reviews of LGI Homes "I purchased a new construction home from LGI Homes in the Ayersworth Glen sub-division on 8/7/2015. I paid for the house. We sat down with Jake and he had us sign this long contract, but stated that we would be contacted by their finance company loandepot on 6/29/2020. I went with LGI Homes for their price and location within the city. He explained all my commentary, answered my questions well enough, that I felt confident with moving forward. The home is a little cheaply made. Your roof's gonna rot if you don't have gutters. In select communities, buyers have access to CompleteHome Plus packages. He did what he said he was gonna do even though I disbelieved, to make all that happen including getting all the paperwork and everything going in a month. She was at the hospital. Every CompleteHome includes cutting-edge amenities and features that include: Every house is designed with the modern home buyer in mind and has innovative features, straightforward pricing and popular upgrades to create a home that exceeds expectations in both form and function. Date came and went so I contacted the loan officer several times no response them contacted the lgi team. But they tell you exactly what you need to know so follow instructions. It's all included into my monthly mortgage payment. But because of trying to get the building permits 'cause of the Coronavirus, I wasn't able to move in. My friend got another LGI home. I've always been able to go to her. But by the time we were ready to close, which was in less than 30 days, it was ready for us to move in. If you haven't already, please submit those requests through our convenient online warranty portal so we can get them taken care of. I've got granite countertops. It made the purchase really easy. But I went 24 hours without air conditioning in the heat. Congratulations on your new home! After a few months living here I completed a form of issues we had with the home and turned them into the contractor manager. I made an appointment with them. I called Monica and said, "What do I need to do to get rid of this business meter? So we did that. They rely on their sales system and their reps to force people into homes they do not want and can’t afford which results in losing the closing before it makes it to the finish line due to a lot of remorse more than 50% of the time. They didn't just slap it together and be like, "Oh, here. Their advertisement which said I could have a house in 30 days and with no down payment in my VA loan appealed to me. So, two weeks in a row and he promised me. They didn't come out when it all of a sudden turned on. Hi Jacqueline, we are sorry to hear about the trouble with your driveway. Me and my husband went to LGI homes in Fort Mill on 6/27/2020 and met with Jake from LGI, we spent like 5 hours looking at lots we were excited to be purchasing what was supposed to be our first home. For a new home, their infrastructure is new so you have little or no problem. I worked with Marty, and he was great. 1 review of LGI Homes "Great to go to if you are positive you know what you want in a home and don't want the ability to choose things like carpet counters. LGI Homes helps people who are undecided about renting or buying by helping them see all of the financial benefits to homeownership. But at any rate, she was wonderful. File a complaint at ComplaintsBoard.com. I spent hours on the phone before I could find out what the problem was, and also because Eddie, the guy that was supposed to find out what was going on, the only thing he said is, "There's nothing I can do about it.". If I had any questions and she wasn't available, she always got back to me, sometimes on the weekend. So, they went in to see what it was but it turned out, someone had just spilled water on the floor. I was pleasantly surprised. ", R4-9-108, November 19, 2020, Dismissal Letter from the ROC, C017 8/29. They don't even have you to get signed up with FHA or USDA before you go there. I was so upset, this is not how you do business, i know i asked point blank how many days i had to decide, and submit i was told 14 days but just 11 days they cancelled the contract for financing but they knew we could get it...i have all my emails, and text...nobody ever said oh if you do not respond by this date or time we are cancelling, just a sorry we have cancelled....i want my $1,000 back...i had to move on and find another home and i did nothing wrong, jake preached how awesome LGI is with integrity ....this did not show it.

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