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Key Concepts of this section: # Understand what a network is. If one computer can forcibly start, stop and control another one, the computers are not autonomous. other computer is available. • Every host hasa a unique 4-byte IP address - E.g., → - Given a node’s IP address, the network … • Most computer nets connected by Internet protocol - Runs over a variety of physical networks, so can connect Ethernet, Wireless, people behind modem lines, etc. So messages between computers can be short, medium, or long. Protocol Concepts Protocols are sets of rules. To exchange the data and ideas, you need an effective data and … View Chap1.ppt from CSE 142 at University of California, Berkeley. Introduction to computer networking Objective: To be acquainted with: The definitions of networking Network topology Network peripherals, hardware and software Definitions 1.1 Network Definition A network can be defined as two or more computers connected together in such a way that they can share resources. And sometimes computers send a lot of information like a whole movie or a piece of software to install that might take minutes or even hours to download. Computer Networking Models Models, also called protocol stacks, represented in layers, help to understand where things go right or wrong. 5. Introduction to Networking Two main categories: Guided ― wires, cables Unguided ― wireless transmission, e.g. # 1 – Introduction to Computer Networks & Internet Firoz A. Sherasiya, CE Department | 2140709 – Computer Networks (CN) 3 Nowadays, most of the works of businesses are done over the computers. Introduction to Computer Networks and Data Communications Chapter 1 Introduction to Computer Networks and Data Communications Data Communications and Computer Networks Chapter 1 Network Architectures Application layer - where the application using the network resides. A Computer Networks K Munivara Prasad UNIT- I Introduction An interconnected collection of autonomous computers is called a computer network. A network is a way to get “stuff” between 2 or more “things” Examples: Mail, phone system, conversations, railroad system, highways and roads. Business Applications of Networks (2) The client-server model involves requests and replies. An Introduction to Computer Networks - An Introduction to Computer Networks Lecture 8: Internetworking University of Tehran Dept. An Introduction to Computer Networking : In this section we will discuss what networks are, including advantages and disadvantages of using them. CSE 150/L : Introduction to Computer Networks Chen Qian Computer Science and Engineering UCSC Baskin Engineering Chapter Two computers are said to be interconnected if they are able to exchange the information. # Know what networks enable us to do. Introduction 1.0 Technology Revolution Introduction 1.1 Uses of Computer Networks Business Applications Home Applications Mobile Users Social Issues Business Applications of Networks A network with two clients and one server. of EE and Computer Engineering By: Dr. Nasser Yazdani | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view Computers sometimes send medium-sized information like a single picture or a long email message.

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