hornbeam carpinus betulus 'columnaris nana

The muscle-like bark is smooth, ray and fluted. Leaves are dark green, sharply toothed, crinkled, and egg-shaped. At present our information about this plant is limited to a list of the nurseries that supply it. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) 'Columnaris Nana' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave's Garden. Its relatively fine texture sets it apart … Carpinus caroliniana American Hornbeam. Latin Name. Grafted on C. betulus … CARPINUS betulus ‘Lucas’ – The tree has a dense, columnar habit staying narrower than C. b. ‘Fastigiata’. Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana' Common: “Dwarf Common Hornbeam” Dwarf cultivar of Fastigiate Hornbeam: Unique dwarf hedge that requires little pruning: Lovely golden yellow fall color: GardenCenterMarketing.com does not sell/broker plants or provide gardening advice. European Hornbeam Bonsai Tree (carpinus betulus) $ 59.95. e4002. Listed in the RHS Plant Finder. Ovate, sharply-toothed, dark green leaves (to 5” long) are clean and attractive throughout the growing season with little susceptibility to foliar diseases. Branches Ascending Broad-domed Columnar Conical Fastigiate Horizontal … Use as a specimen or hedge. Foliage is dark green through the growing season, turning brown in autumn … Has leaves with catkins and drooping clusters of fruit. Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata' Columnar European Hornbeam . Prune as a hedge. Carpinus betulus is a columnar or teardrop-shaped tree with two primary cultivars, both noted for their fine and dense texture, ornamental smooth gray bark, dense Summer foliage, pendulous Spring catkins, and unusual Autumn fruits. Common names: hornbeam, common hornbeam, European hornbeam. The Garden wouldn't be the Garden without our Members, Donors and Volunteers. Dense, dark-green foliage that turns golden in fall. Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana’ Dwarf Columnar European Hornbeam Zones 4-9 Part Sun-Full Sun Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana’ is a slow growing narrow form of European hornbeam that shines in the landscape and the ornamental garden. CARPINUS betulus ‘Columnaris Nana’ – Truly a dwarf form of Columnar Hornbeam that remains dwarf and compact. Another name is common hornbeam. Male catkins (to 1.5” long) are yellowish and female catkins (to 3” long) are greenish. American Hornbeam Bonsai Tree (carpinus caroliniana) $ 59.95. e4001. This plant is listed in the RHS Plant Finder book. More Information. We are excited to offer this truly dwarf cultivar of Fastigiate Hornbeam, reaching a height of 6-8'. Origin: native. The tree also offers an airy spring foliage and rich honey autumn tones, as consistent with the species. Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana' Dwarf Columnar European Hornbeam. Available Online. Distinctive, dark green foliage turns yellow-orange in fall. Requires very little pruning. See more ideas about columnar trees, trees to plant, plants. It is a slow-growing upright deciduous tree with dense, compact foliage that grows to 4 feet tall and 1 1/2 feet wide and prefers full sun to part shade. Useful as a unique dwarf hedge that requires little pruning. ... (carpinus betulus ‘Columnaris Nana’) $ 499.95. k6953. Street tree. Description. ‘Columnaris Nana’ grows 6 to 8 ft. tall and 3 to 4 ft. wide. European Beech Bonsai Tree (fagus sylvatica) $ 59.95. The narrow habit and slow growing nature of Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana' makes it suitable for even the smallest of gardens. Columnaris Nana Hornbeam will grow to be about 10 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 4 feet. Report a problem. Columnaris Nana Hornbeam is a dense multi-stemmed deciduous shrub with a narrowly upright and columnar growth habit. Plant in groups as a screen or windbreak, or use as a specimen in a narrow yard or street side. Monoecious flowering catkins form in early spring before the foliage emerges. Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana' Join the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9. This is a relatively low maintenance shrub, and is best pruned in late winter once the threat of extreme cold has passed. Needs little pruning when grown as a tree, but responds well to hard pruning if grown as a hedge. Fall foliage is yellow to orange. Bloom Description: Yellow (male) and green (female). Common hornbeam is a deciduous, broadleaf tree which has pale grey bark with vertical markings, and sometimes a short, twisted trunk which develops ridges with age. Carpinus betulus commonly called European hornbeam is a medium-sized, deciduous tree that grows 40-60’ (less frequently to 80’) tall with a pyramidal to oval-rounded crown. A terrific dwarf columnar to pyramidal specimen tree that needs little to no pruning! 'Columnaris Nana' is a dwarf, slow-growing, conical to columnar tree with dense foliage that turns golden yellow in fall. Foliage turns an undistinguished yellow to orange in fall. , WordPress Download Manager - Best Download Management Plugin. Why are there no more details? Great for walking gardens or Japanese-style plantings, this dwarf slow growing pyramidal tree has beautiful dense, compact foliage and is hardy in cold weather. Columnaris Nana is a rare and quite beautiful pyramidal dwarf European hornbeam that forms an incredible, sculpted specimen resembling fine bonsai creations. Fruits are small nutlets in 3-lobed bracts that appear in drooping 5” long clusters in summer. NATIVE RANGE AND HABITAT. An attractive deciduous feature tree with a broad-domed crown and smooth pale grey bark. Oct 15, 2020 - Anything but Italian Cypress!!! No. Catkins mature into attractive hop-like fruit. It requires a warm climate for good growth, and occurs only at elevations up to 1,000 metres (3,281 ft). An unusual dwarf Hornbeam, Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana' forms a dense, conical shrub or very small tree in time with green summer leaves which turn shades of butter yellow before falling in autumn. Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana' Dwarf Columnar European Hornbeam Zone: 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b. Useful as a unique dwarf hedge that requires little pruning or as a sculpted specimen that resembles a fine bonsai creation without all the pruning. Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana'. Dwarf Columnar Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana'): Hornbeam is an excellent landscape tree and, due to its dwarf narrow shape, dwarf columnar hornbeam fits nicely in the home garden. Hornbeam refers to the dense, horn-like wood, and the use of the wood to make beams and ox-yokes. Join now. Its leaves are distinctively ribbed and serrated. 'Columnaris Nana' is a dwarf, slow-growing, conical to columnar tree with dense foliage that turns golden yellow in fall. A form of our native hornbeam differing mainly in its tightly ascending branching habit, which lends strong architectural structure to a landscape. Trunks have smooth gray bark and distinctive muscle-like fluting.Genus name comes from the classical Latin name.Specific epithet is in reference to the birch-like (Betulus) characteristics of this species.Common name comes from the extremely hard wood of this tree that will take a horn-like polish and was once used in Europe to make yokes for oxen (the beam between the ox horns). Plants are easily integrated into rock gardens or Japanese style plantings where they will slowly mature to 6’ in height over many seasons. (carpinus betulus ‘Columnaris Nana’) A handsome tree suitable for many locations. Obviously this is a slow growing plant and not for instant … Common Hornbeam. Shade tree for lawns. Easily grown in medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Columnaris Nana Hornbeam is a dense multi-stemmed deciduous shrub with a narrowly upright and columnar growth habit. More About Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana'. Introduced by Broken Arrow Nursery. Forms a dwarf, dense, upright conical tree. European Hornbeam Bonsai Tree. No. Its catkins mature into attractive hop-like fruits. Dwarf Alberta Spruce Bonsai Tree With Christmas Lights (picea glauca conica) Carpinus is Latin for “hornbeam;” betulus means “birch-like” because the tree looks similar to a birch tree. Best pruned during the period of late summer to mid-winter to avoid significant bleeding. ‘Columnaris Nana’ grows 6 to 8 ft. tall and 3 to 4 ft. wide. Its relatively fine texture sets it apart from other landscape plants with less refined foliage. Shop our site today! USDA zones: 4 - 8 Sunset zones: 2 - 9, 14 - 17 Mature size: 6 - 8 feet high and 3 - 4 feet wide Light needs: full sun or partial shade Bark is gray and furrowed. Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana' Dwarf European Hornbeam (aka Carpinus betulus 'Monument') is a densely branched, upright pyramidal, slow growing cultivar originating from Italy. Carpinus betulus 'Vienna Weeping' Weeping European Hornbeam . CARPINUS betulus ‘Lucas’ – Lucas Columnar European Hornbeam. - Needs to be edited for hardiness zone 11a - Carla needs one that is shade tolerant. CARPINUS betulus 'Columnaris Nana' Common Name: Hornbeam, Dwarf Columnar European Click image below to enlarge. Also known as European Ironwood. Common Name. Carpinus betulus . Slow growing, columnar habit. It is a great tree for tight and small spaces in the landscape, and it even has unusual winter interest with larger than normal buds. Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana' Upright European Hornbeam A dwarf deciduous tree with a narrow, conical growth habit. Common Name. The dark green foliage of summer turns golden yellow in the fall. Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana' - dwarf columnar European hornbeam : The Dawes Arboretum An attractive, densely branched, columnar tree when young, aging into a stately, broad cone shape with handsome, fluted, gray bark. Plants easily to integrate into rock gardens or Japanese … It has a low canopy with a typical clearance of 2 feet from the … Carpinus betulus, the European or common hornbeam, is a species of tree in the birch family Betulaceae, native to Western Asia and central, eastern, and southern Europe, including southern England. It's autumn color is … Its catkins mature into attractive hop-like fruits. Takes well to hard pruning as a formal hedge. Family: Betulaceae. Its relatively fine texture sets it apart from other landscape plants with less refined foliage. Exposure: Plant Category: Shade & Flowering Trees. Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana' aka Dwarf Columnar Hornbeam. It is useful as a walkway or border focal point or as an edging feature. This is a relatively low maintenance tree, and should not require much … Carpinus betulus 'Columnaris Nana' Buy Dwarf Columnar European Hornbeam online. Pyramidal European Hornbeam is a dense deciduous tree with a narrowly upright and columnar growth habit. As a young tree, 'Fastigiata' is very narrow and columnar, but broadens significantly with age. Lovely golden yellow fall color. Carpinus betulus 'Foliis Argenteovariegatis Pendula' European Hornbeam . Scientific name: Carpinus betulus.

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