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This Shea Moisture smoothie does wonders for your hair, especially high porosity hair. Cuticles are your hair's outer most layers; they are tight overlapping scales that serve as a defensive shield to prevent damage to the inner part of your hair. Luckily, here, both Smith and Hill share their favorite products for high-porosity hair. "The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair. Each strand of your hair is made up of three layers: The outermost layer of your hair shaft consists of tiny cuticles that are too small to see with the naked eye. It also prevents split ends and makes hair smooth and soft. High Porosity- Madam CJ Walker, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, High Porosity- Aunt Jackie’s Natural Growth Oil Blends, Phyto Phytoelixir Intense Nutrition Shampoo, High Porosity- Carols Daughter Sacred Tiare Hair Mask, High Porosity- MicMas Remix My Porosity Hair Moisturizer. While curly girls with high porosity hair often notice their curls are harsh to the touch after just applying a moisturizing product, because the hydration absorbs too quickly. "High porosity hair usually needs more protein or oil to help seal in moisture. The malleus is the outermost and largest of the three small bones in the middle ear, and reaches an average length of about eight millimeters in the…, The human ear consists of three regions called the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear. I have also included natural oils, natural butter, and other styling products for the optimal care of high porosity hair. This product is enriched with the richness of shea butter to keep your hair frizz-free, smooth, and defined. Using protein will temporarily fill in those gaps and provide strength to your hair. Incorporating protein in your hair routine with products such as conditioners and protein packs, is very crucial. After figuring out my hair porosity level, my mission was finding the best products that would work for my low porosity hair. The products recommended in this article are the best shampoos, daily conditioners, deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners for high porosity hair. Experts explain high-porosity and low-porosity hair characteristics and what products to choose if you have either. Place a strand of your hair in the water. By understanding your hair porosity, you can take steps to ensure that you’re managing it correctly and using products and ingredients that are well-suited to your hair. The problem I run into is that my hair looks really good with oils/butters because of the high porosity, but because it's fine it easily starts to get weighed down so I have a hard time making it to day 2 hair without it starting to look greasy/stringy. How well does your hair retain moisture? Here is my monthly Hair regimen. Use this product during twist outs for ultra-defined twist and curls that feel supple and moisturized. I follow the curly girl method and try to use clean “nontoxic” products. Well-formulated shea, coconut and mango butters can be good for high porosity hair. The posterior auricular artery emerges at the back of the jaw…. These types of treatments can damage your cuticles, causing them to lift or separate. I also do protein treatments every few months (read more about those here !) The following shampoos may be especially helpful for cleansing your hair without drying it out. Fine, Low-Density High Porosity Hair Remember that high porosity hair tends to get wet quickly, stretches out when it's wet, absorbs products easily, tangles easily, is easily over moisturized, and is more prone to dryness. Additionally, it may take some time before you notice a significant difference. Soooo excited to bring another updated regimen video for you guys to check out. A tight cuticle means your hair is relucant to absorb moisture and is low porosity. HACK! Deep conditioning treatments are especially helpful for adding moisture, nourishment, and softness to highly porous hair. Bounce Curl is not really clean, but their ingredients are better than most curly hair brands. The Slide Test. High porosity hair is prone to damage and breakage. These cuticles protect the inner layers of your hair by controlling how much moisture, as well as products and chemicals, can be absorbed. Testing your hair's porosity is as simple as taking a few strands and dropping them into a glass of water. I'm still working on my routine but for products I do really like: sulfate free shampoo: I really like Shea Moisture Curl and Shine shampoo. Protein helps to strengthen hair by filling in gaps in the hair shaft, and moisture hydrates hair and brings parched curls back to life. Depending on how porous your hair is, it may be classified as having high, medium, or low porosity. All rights reserved. These products attract water into the hair and weigh it down. Remember the types of products that best suit your hair are heavily determined by your hair’s porosity level, or how porous your hair is. Apply that moisture right where you need it with Aunt Jackie’s balancing oil, with a nozzle style applicator that is great for getting close to the scalp. Folks with high-porosity hair have cuticles that are raised and open (like a hole-y sponge), meaning they lose moisture fast and require extra-hydrating oils and creams to prevent dry, frizzy curls. Those with high porosity hair do not have a lot of protein in their hair strands. The oval window, also known as the fenestra ovalis, is a…, The auricularis anterior muscle is located between the ear and the eye. The…, The vestibulocochlear nerve (sometimes referred to as the auditory nerve) is the eighth of twelve cranial nerves. Determining your hair type opens the door for best products to use for maximum health. Hair fix: Lighten up on your routine by using just a small amount of water-based products. It hydrates, defines curls and protects the hair from frizz. • Curls often look and feel dry. Hair will be dehydrated and less elastic. Close. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Did you know naturalista, this might have less to do with your hair maintenance routine, and more about your crown’s genetic structure? Porosity measures the hair’s ability to adequately take in color, moisture, and any other topical liquid. I struggle with liking the way my hair looks and I think us wavys are always wushing for more curl or straight hair so we don't have all this frustration. Keep positive. Porosity is your hair's ability to absorb moisture and it can be low, normal or high. Levels are usually measured on a low, normal, or high scale with most of us labeling ourselves either low or high. When treating high porosity hair, it's best to adopt the LCO method—liquid or leave-in conditioner, cream, oil, which refers to the sequence the products are … However, the moisture is not easily retained in the hair," says Alicia Bailey. We’ve included a few recommendations for low- and high-porosity hair. Apply deep conditioning treatment (Aunt Jackie’s Fix My Hair Intensive Repair Conditioning Masque is a good option) and be sure to add heat. Melt a tablespoon in the microwave and apply evenly. This brand’s hydrating balm is also great for moisturizing before detangling or a good blow out! Curly Hair Styling Products that Include Protein for High Porosity Hair High porosity hair likes protein, so I include them in every washday, whether that’s in the shampoo, conditioner or stylers. Meet our graphic designer, Fran. • Curls dry quickly. Doing this simple routine on a daily basis is all you need to maintain moisturized hair in between wash days. Butcher Box is a grocery delivery service specializing in meat and seafood. I have learned that high porosity hair is caused by weather damage, frequent washing or wetting, harsh brushing, from hair dye, chemicals relaxers and from harsh styling products. Hair types range from wavy, coily, and curly,types A, B, and C, to high and low porosity.But what does it …

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