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5e SRD >Gamemastering >Monsters & Foes >Monsters By Type >Beasts > Squirrel. Branded are a hated union of beorc and laguz. They have a very androgynous look about them and you can barely tell between the genders. Inquisitive small felines, full of energy and pride. Serpentine grace, big tail and a nighttime blanket hog. OFFENSE. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. With a rude attitude and saggy skin-pants, these punkish lizard pokemon defend their territory by spitting acid and delivering powerful kicks. Elans are humans that have been remade into stronger beings able to survive on nothing but their mental energy. When it comes to beasts and monstrosities, lesser and greater versions are always fun. A race of bestial humanoids that fiercely defend their mystic trees. The cute friendliness of a halfling with the mischievous blood of the fey. What began as an evil awakening of plants has turned into thriving settlements of these goodhearted beings. "The mongoose blew out its candle and was asleep in bed before the room went dark." Highly logical, liquid metal beings with a thirst for knowledge. But despite their good looking appearance, these golden-skinned humanoid people who descended from a feline-like race can be loyal, courageous, and strong companions. A crossbreed between an Angel and a Dragon, Draconic Angels inherit the best of both worlds. Creatures of twisted, alien magic with horrifying forms and reality-bending abilities. The Orcs are an honor fulled race from the World of Warcraft series. A mechanical race, each bound to a small box containing a spirit. You are a candle. A spirit formed by an inanimate object after 100 years of neglect. Hellcats, or "ralet'ke" in their native tongue, are considered magically-adept, long-lived, and very cute by most races' standards. Consent in Gaming discusses some really important meta-roleplay which many forget to address. The Foghar are very different to one another, humans, and elves, despite looking like both. The Kandras are shape shifters who need to consume a corpse in order to assume an identity. Beings from another world that judge the good and punish the guilty. Warlike outsiders from the Infinite Battlefield of Acheron. Former werewolves blessed by angelic powers. Generally, their knowledge of the outside world is quite limited. Yuan-naga are half snake, half human hybrids that are given a heinous reputation that they don't quite deserve. Greater Hellhounds are built to take what they want, when they want, to procreate. Gryffindors are, as said, the definition of the saying, tough cookie. Tiny, adorable fey who love racing, karate and being petted. A fish-like monstrous humanoid species that lives in oceans, seas, underground lakes, and underwater caves. Angels are a powerful race of creatures created by good-aligned Gods. Whether it’s for commuting to work, leisurely rides around the area … Colorful skinned people, with a paralyze poison tail. Brightmaids are the result of a unicorn blessing a baby while still in it's mother's womb. Odd eyed creatures with bodies dextrous like grass blades. A curse? Sign up for newsletter today Pure chaos taken a humanoid form, aracoi are beings with scorpion-like tails and horns of various animals. Environment warm forests Organization solitary or pack (2–4) Treasure standard. Buy Fantasy Grounds - Margreve Player’s Guide (5E) SPECIAL PROMOTION! Enlightened by Rillifane Rallathil at the dawn of time. Talking robots that transform into any manner of vehicles. D&D 5E looks to be fairly compatible with the Conan RPG, which means that it will probably be pretty easy to mine material from D&D 5E for your Conan game. Orca, 2. giant seaturtle, 3. medium shark, 4. swordfish, 5. octopus, 6. giant crab. Customers Who Bought … 5 posts • Page 1 of 1. Half-oni tend to either be troubled or calm and collected souls. Interlopers that come too close have their moral character judged, they are put to sleep or frightened off. These creatures have a humanoid form, but are fluid and appear to be made of solid gel. The wereshark gains advantage on attacks against any creature at less than maximum hit points. Cursed dolls who seek revenge against the ones who threw them away. Weaker, but less complex and more in-line with 5e race strengths. Regular looking humanoid with a parasite for brains. A race that inherited feline features through their ancestry and traveled all the way from Eorzea to the D&D realm. You are a humanoid capable of shapeshifting into a mythical animal. These mole men, with their powerful upper bodies, burrow through dirt and sand at incredible speed. share. "Crazy Bones" for people who like mismatched skeletons. The unstoppable rival of all life in the galaxy. Entlings are a tree-like humanoid creature with incredible strength and barkskin that gives it a strong natural armor. Basically a centaur but with a lupine half. Jinchuriki are creatures of uncanny strength and constitution who function as a living prison or vessel for a powerful entity. Joyful, draconic-ooze hybrids who love giving their friends slime-covered hugs. Your lynian character still retains many traits from its primal feline ancestors, with the added enrichment of higher intelligence thrown in the mix. Not very nimble. | Design Finder 2018 Magic is a part of your being, down to your core. kcbcollier. Fairies who have lost their wings but not their pride. Strong, tenacious, information sponge that are greatly underestimated. I am your worst dream come true! Shades are creatures of random sizes and abilities from a past life and as such, the possibilities are through the roof. Nov 23, 2020. Enlightened monkeys who use their tree-climbing nature and prehensile tails to excel as adventurers. "Ca Ca! Constructs created through mechanics rather than magic. A small shapechanging fiend with a barbed, stinging tail. Your Dexterity score increases by 2. A race of sentient, humanoid rodents awakened by magic. Monstrous, multi-limbed arachnid creatures. People from a no-man's land that used to be beasts, Short humanoids that carry out the wills of a death god. A repugnant race of slimy fish-like humanoids. Humans spliced with the genetics of a beholder to grant them superintelligence. As a soulripper you can drain the life out of a creature with your deathstare. Peaceful, artistic and sportive. Bipedal, aura-manipulating canines with a strong sense of loyalty and justice. Thanks to their strong wings, beaks, and talons, each has an expected set of attributes. They are shy and reclusive flying fey creature that adores playing tricks and pranks on others. You are one of the supreme judges of the afterlife; your very presence demands respect, as you have come to lay judgement. Variation of Reptilian Physiology. The reanimated completely decomposed corpse of a humanoid, usually. A human-like race with animal ears and/or tails. They maul their foes in a frenzy, becoming even more murderous in the face of death. "I cast Conjure Animals while facing my giant snakeskin and screaming 'Here snakey snakey snakey!'" A crossbreed of orc and elves, the dantise blends the traits of both races. Sentient constructs created for the purpose of battle and decimation, or for whatever their creator wishes. Half-Dwarves share the versatility of their human heritage while retaining some of the resilience of their Dwarven ancestors. War defines them, and their quest for dominion drives them ever onward. Trapped Forever in their twisted childish bodies saved from an early death. Ettermen are the ettercap-fused human creations of a mad wizard, using their webs and wall-climbing to uphold justice and good, or to savagely demolish their enemies. D&D 5e Homebrew Compendium 2 The old thread ran out of room, so now we have this. Lovers, heroes, even villains once. Humanoid creatures that have incredible strength of personality but lack a true heart. Wolf-like humanoids strengthened by the bonds of family. They rely heavily on their senses. I am new to mongoose mongodb, and am trying to update data stored. A Mechanical Power Armor Suit piloted by an awakened pet animal. Guardians of the Forest. Humanoid reindeer that embody all that is the holiday spirit. Odd fey who are elusive until the moon shows. Less a race than a convenient category, the highly-variable mongrelfolk consist of every being who counts multiple types of humanoids among their ancestors. A race of reptilian females with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake. Look like crab, talk like people. Tall, wise, and colorful, the phoenixhearted embody the vibrancy of their mythical predecessor. Creatures turned into cyborgs by a military force. Azara are powerful tribal creatures somewhere between a wolf and a cat. Deitans are very strong and smart creatures with a couple of extra abilities. Agile flyers Imperatrix are also sturdier than they appear. Insectoid monstrosities who are mistreated. Due to the limiting nature of your biological structure, you are incapable of choosing any class other than Parasite, which is likewise exclusive to this race. A suit of armor that is given life through magic and is assigned a task. The fur is gray to brown and is commonly grizzled or flecked with lighter gray. | d20 Anime SRD Collected, focused avian pokemon who employ ranged combat and stealthy tactics to win their battles. A series of constructs made deep underground, Midas warriors uphold their code from a time long past, Golems animated by the wills of gods and dead miners, Beings of clockwork routine and perfect order. A race of nomad feline humanoids with ambiguous morality. A race of aquatic humanoids with features like the original dwellers of the deep. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at Half-Giant Base Traits: Half-giants have the following base racial traits. A humanoid whose loved ones were unable to bring them back from death fully, resulting in a twisted creature. Actions Bite: Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 … An o'korn is strong in both body and mind, their watermark making them more durable than most. Actually regular sized people who just have a height cap. A skinny lad in black robes stands nearby. Feline shaped people with nightmare eyes. +2 Constitution, —2 Dexterity. They are the chisel that levels a mountain. A small, brightly coloured humanoid, made out of Yarn, Yata are people with three legs who turn into ravens, The Predator. Size/Type: Medium Giant : Hit Dice: 1d8+2 (6 hp) Initiative:-1: Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares) Armor Class: 13 (-1 Dex, +4 scale mail), touch 9, flat-footed 13: … Your blobgoblin has natural abilities based on your goblinoid heritage and gross fleshy body. The Old Margreve Forest is an ancient wood, already old when most of the gods were young. The cross between immense power and human morals. My group is wanting to try out a camping path from 5E and we can't seem to find any of the monster stats. Strangely musical creatures but underhanded fighters. Savage humanoid pokemon whose bodies are naturally covered in armor and blades. | Swords and Wizardry SRD Angels are spiritual beings created by a lawful good deity to act as servants, messengers and warriors. A type of physically-enhanced humanoid, born to slay anything evil. When they are "born" they polymorph into Tiny humanoid beings. A race of humanoid beings made of solidified magical energy. A race of Cat people, with as many variations as there are colors. All ooze-kin share some common composition, giving them some similar traits. Weird looking humanoids with vague bird faces. Whirlwinds are the children of the Ether Winds. Although this may seem like a grotesque combination, frankensteins make great allies, but also great enemies. These creatures are a testament to the will of the dark goddess Lolth. A race of aquatic humanoids split into sub-races, each with their own benefits. Initially concentrating on d20 based products, Mongoose Publishing's first book was the Slayers Guide to Hobgoblins, part of the Slayers Guide series of books. specifically for the game Dungeons & Dragons Online. Here at Evans Cycles you’ll find hundreds of hybrid, leisure and commuter bikes to choose from. Alien, frightening beings of great mental prowess and forceful personalities. Tree people who sustain themselves with natural magic. Giant praying mantis-like creature that originates from the Abyss. Not quite living, not undead, Dhampyr tread the twilight path between the living and the undead. Rogren are highly intelligent creatures that are also incredibly strong and durable. Musty desert people who love parties as much as fighting. You are a down to earth being powered by faith; you mingle with the people to garner their respect and reverence. Jovial, fierce critters who can surprise the most unsurprised. Homo Novus, the Dark Ones, are Mystic masters born in a radioactive world that was left to rot. Sort by. The personification of emotion and an abomination of science. The further hybridization between bull and humans. Raven children are often feared for their ties with death and many use this to their advantage to intimidate others. Conjureds are massive crystalline creature-constructs that wizards summon as assistants. To get a bit of frame of reference. Traits Keen Hearing and Smell: The weasel has advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on hearing or smell. Ursines are beings in tune with nature but also advanced technologically. 13 new companion beasts, including everything from alligators and falcons to a giant mongoose, forest hounds, and rare stags 6 new feats, and a new Forest Dweller background with a feral variant 45 new spells, including shadow tree, legion of rabid squirrels, mark prey, and revive beast Animals that have had their intelligence awakened and increased to human levels because of exposure to magic. | 13th Age SRD The bonesnapper is a descendant of a long-extinct dinosaur (exactly which one is unknown). Formed from the darkness of the Abyss, your, Tall flaming fiends who are bloodthirsty nomads. Powerful psychics, Kadabra emits alpha waves strong enough to induce headaches, and can even cause clocks to run backwards, machines to malfunction, and delicate devices to cease functioning altogether. A strange, dance-loving creature that looks like a sombrero-wearing pineapple that some may call "ludicrous". Besides the obvious answer of the mule, which beasts should I be considering? The Herpestinae comprises 23 living species that are native to southern Europe, Africa and Asia, whereas the Mungotinae comprises 11 species native to Africa. Twisted and cast from the infernal wastes to wander the surface lands. Quick, deadly, and with a weird sense of humour. | Starjammer SRD A fuse can be cut short enough for the dynamite to detonate in the same round or long enough to take several minutes to detonate. Reptilian constructs made for destruction, Insect humanoids that take a liking to extreme environments, Short, foxlike creatures that are usually very faithful to their religion and use the word "Rapo" in front of objects that originated from a raposa-run village. Touched by the power of a raging storm, stormborn have powers beyond that of mere humans. Short, intelligent dog-like humanoids in touch with arcana. save hide report. The mysterious flumphs drift through the Underdark propelled through the air by the jets whose sound gives them their name. … Saving Throws Constitution +2 Skills Perception +3, Stealth +6 Senses darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 13 Languages — Challenge 2 (450 XP). A race of stone and earth constructs, in which many plants take root. Makkin are small bipedal fey-kin with animal features, and expressive faces. Four armed, two headed humanoids of great strength. Guardians of secrets and treasures of the gods. Markings, when present, include stripes, dark legs, and pale or ringed tails. Hive beings are humanoids composed entirely of insects or arachnids. Depending on which breed you see, you'll either see powerful psychic attacks or graceful physical attacks. View recent changes for all Races,, A typical member of the orristaten people. Puny manifestations of nature, these eternally young-hearted fey spend their days playing games and pulling pranks. A slender reptilian race which claims otherworldly origins. Ca Ca Ca Ca! From alternate Traveller creation systems and training to gas giant operations and starports, from the effects of gravity and diseases to animal encounters on alien worlds and the use of transponders, there is a wealth of new rules-based material for all Traveller campaigns, ready to be unleashed on every new world, every starship, and every group of Travellers. The offspring of a vampire and a human necrophiliac. Built for a war that has ended, searching for purpose. And cute cat ears. Pig-like beast-men, the descendants of an entire race cursed by their Gods. Phasers look like humans. The Silvets are a creative, energetic race of humanoids who share a special bond with peace. Fey-touched humanoids that can manipulate dreams. Made out of magic itself, niffins are cruel creatures that don't feel empathy. A race of monstrous humanoids that have avian features. A vulture-like race that are more minotaur than birdfolk. Mysterious beings born of storms and anxiety. A monstrous hybrid of lion, human and dragon. Easily recognized by their red skins and ape-like faces. Itty bitty living space…, Powerful earth elemental, following all the rules of the Musicus Meter rules. A proud and honourable race that embraces a cause or oath for life. A clan of modified humans known for their red eyes, magical talent, and odd behavior. The child of a Tiefling and a Fallen Angel. An immortal, albino, elf-like fey creature of extraordinary magical power, Leprechauns are odd fey, with one as tall as a human and the other short as a dwarf. Register; Log in; … Fae are charismatic beings, capable of inflicting a lot of damage. It doesn’t look like a whole lot, right? Brotherbock. Armadillo-kins share the abilities and traits of their armadillo cousins, of which some are improved on due to their size and mind. A race of sentient ponies granted their sentience by one of the Eldritch Gods. Tall beetle-like creatures from the Underdark. Beasts no longer human, after having consumed of forbidden flesh. Benevolent Angels, that have been born into a flesh and blood, earthly body. They act like humans. Master craftsmen of wood and profound house guests, these beaver-like humanoids share similar traits to their critter cousins. (Kind of like a miniature Cthulhu.). I'm every nightmare you've ever had. Dolphin-like humanoids who have largely avoided contact with other peoples beside their own. A secretive race literally born of the void. A being made entirely out of magical energy. Small, wooden, and sharing many characteristics with plants — most other races find deku scrubs a bit odd. Fey creatures that came from dead goddess Titania's corpse. Forest-dwelling anthropoid raptors as skilled in trade as they are in combat. "The mongoose blew out its candle and was asleep in bed before the room went dark." This is an attempt to organize links to all of giantitp's homebrew for 5e D&D since its release. 2 Vegepygmy, 2 Myconid Sprout, 2 Awakened Shrub . A faceless glowing race of liquefied stardust adventurers. ECOLOGY. An organic construct, created to aid a magic user. [5e] Which beast works best with the new changes to Ranger? You remember a field, and people fighting... What's the captain's name again?! Humanoid warthogs created for evil, that have finally escaped their wicked origins. A being corrupted by a shadow cult and twisted into a demon. Bulky, armored pokemon with a kind heart and a desire to protect what they hold dear. Spirit Guardians channel their light in numerous ways to light a small area, improvise weapons, give a slight boost to allies, move at ludicrous speeds, and make long falls a nuisance. Vile, half-demon hybrids spawned from an Abyssal parent. Half-Mimics, created with a touch of necromancy. A race of warrior women descended from gods of war, Mute humanoid slimefolk who communicate through touch. View and share reviews, comments and questions on mountain bikes. Any creature that starts its turn within 5 feet of the dire weasel must succeed on a DC 11 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned until the start of its next turn. "Maybe unliving in your case" he mutters to himself. Beings of stone, Rock Humans live their lives detached from the world. | GumshoeSRD I'm still relatively new to D&D. Medium-sized agile dragons who excel in spellcasting. Half-spider, half-drow. The aeldari are lithe, graceful, and extraordinarily talented futuristic fey-like warriors from space that wield weapons yet to be concieved by man with consumnate skill. (In simpler terms, octopus samurai). The sangheili are well suited for combat, as they are proud, strong, agile, and very fierce. About This Content Margreve Player's Guide The Forest Calls--and Heroes Shall Answer! A mongoose is a small terrestrial carnivorous mammal belonging to the family Herpestidae. The half-giant warrior presented here had the following ability scores before racial adjustments: Str 13, Dex 11, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 9, Cha 8. The charr are powerful feline soldiers that have mastered the art of war over thousands of years of conflict. Strength doesn't come from the arms that carry your weapons, but actions you do in the name of your tribe. Creatures of Light, magic oriented radiant spellcasters. Despite this, for the 1979-1981 AD&D modules, only three pregenerated characters were given for tournament play. Ever wanted to play a character akin to Jar Jar Binks? Barbaric land-dwelling mollusks with origins in the Far Realm. Noble warrior peoples who hail from a rough land. The multi-armed offspring of a god and an Asura, a hero of days, a Demigod. Homunculi were created by a large merchant empire called Xerxes. They are physically intimidating and brimming with rage. An intelligent, yet charismatic race with water as their greatest ally. Humanoids attuned to their natural side a bit too much. Speed 40 ft., fly 50 ft. (poor) Melee dragon bite +13 (2d6+4), lion bite +13 (1d8+4), gorgon gore +13 (2d8+4), 2 claws +13 (1d6+4) A clockwork race of unknown origins, even to themselves. A merfolk subspecies composed of females, each are masters of charm and beguilement.

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