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[More»] 26 minutes ago The Lorekeeper (Guest) Realistic Among Us Pack 2 I asked Milky but I didn't get a response. Master Mode HP: 76,500; How to summon Duke Fishron. The battle with the Duke itself was, for the most part, trial and error, but I can give a few tips: Try to always "summon" the sharknado/cthulhunado on either ends of the arena Example: I'm running away from the Duke Fishron and I am on the far right side of my arena, I'll try my best to stay there till he summons the Sharknado, and then I'm going to the far left side and repeat. Once the bobber bobs, reeling in the line spawns Duke Fishron, who emerges from the water, pauses for a moment, and then begins attacking the player. Duchess Fishron is more agressive, and is much faster. The two giant aquatic beast form the forever rival sandbox indie games! To defeat Duke Fishron, you need an arena. "The COMPLETE guide to the Duke Fishron fight in Terraria! Copyright © 2017-2020 Let's Play Index. really (REALLY LIKE MURDER DUKE FISHRON FAST) good weapons; User Info: ragumuffin. Duke Fishtron (Fishron Prime)is an extremely powerful War Mode boss, and the mechanical version of Duke Fishron. I think Sans takes this low-dif. He has 2 methods to summon: In the Night, with the warning message "The sharks have come seeking revenge!" I've had no issues with fighting most of the master mode bosses...except Duke Fishron, mostly cause in master mode, armour is almost useless, I tried using a minecart strategy but the tornados ruin it, I'm a ranger using a sniper rifle with chlorophyte bullets for reference. "Cannot regenerate life" for approx 6-20 seconds. Duke's Decapitator Briny Baron (In Revengeance Mode) Duke Fishron (Lore) (Always on first kill) Revengeance Mode: HP increased to 111,000. I hate this fight so I use beetle shell armor as you can see. "Increased damage, Decreased life regen, Causes status effects" for approx 3-10 seconds. Опубликовано: 3 месяца назад. You need to be stay almost hitless While this boss fight is optional, it will give some strong equipment and a infinite flying mount. Upon striking an enemy, a short-lasting briny typhoon is formed, dealing 50% of the weapon's damage in rapid successions. He can be summoned with the Mechanical Shark. Duke Fishron's History: Now Drops Treasure Bag in Expert Mode. Длительность: 46:12. However, a world … That means paying close attention to where his glowing eye appears in the fog. TERRARIA 1.4 Journey's End Master Mode Episode 14! Duke Fishron: 1 33.33% Eater of Pain: Tool - Healer. It must then be defeated within the Oceanor else it will be enraged. Man beschwört ihn indem man mit einem Trüffelwurm im Ozean angelt, wobei die Angel keine Rolle spielt. In order to summon him, the player must fish at an Ocean using the Truffle Worm. Duke Fishron (PC Version Only) Summoning Item: Truffle Worm used with Fishing Rod on Ocean Life (HP): 50,000 Boss Info: You can acquire a Truffle Worm by taking a bug net to the Underground Mushroom Biome. Recent Comments. In Expert Mode, bosses drop Treasure Bags which contain exciting Expert Mode … The Lorekeeper (Guest) Realistic Among Us Pack 2 I really did though, no joke, I spent 52 HOURS working on this. I'm surprised I actually got this first try. Profaned Guardians; Providence the Profaned Goddess; Sentinels of the Devourer (Order of the Sentinels doesn’t matter) Duke's Regal Carnyx: Weapon - Bard. Now drops Pork of the Sea and Duke Fishron Relic in Master Mode. If used to fish while in Eternity Mode, it will summon Duke Fishron EX. When the Old Duke charges at the player, the direction it charges takes the Included at the bottom of the guide is a list of all his drops, with descriptions of their uses. I think the accessories I listed covered the whole tanking aspect. He has 2 methods to summon: In the Night, with the warning message "The sharks have come seeking revenge!" The Treasure Bag is a guaranteed drop from Boss Monsters in Expert Mode under conditions. Using a Water Candle or Battle potion is recommended, as they spawn rarely and other enemies may attack them. TERRARIA 1.4 Journey's End Master Mode Episode 14! i beat duke fishron with a copper bow in master mode - YouTube

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