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Tsai's list of Chinese words. in position, particle: used to denote an action away from the speaker or to denote the direction of the action, path, set, directional, aspect, tenor, course, lay, exposure, way, range, aim, trend, direction, bearing, orientation, hand, tack, way of life, quarter, channel, line, heading, need, care, encumbrance, buck, accountability, blame, obligation, turn, load, responsibleness, incumbrance, responsibility, onus, commission, burden, commitment, loading, trust, pigeon, charge, business, fault, place, liability, duty, guardianship, supply, feed, be for (the use/convenience of), terse, casual, commonplace, simple, oversimplified, ordinary, uncomplicated, oftentimes, ofttimes, always, more often than not, frequently, oft, often, service, practice, vocational work, line of work, affair, line, occupation, professional work, business, transaction, open to the world, open to traffic or public use, demesne, line of business, field of operation, country, background, terrain, realm, part, arena, sphere of influence, setting, territory, precinct, radius, scope, domain, sphere, frontier, orbit, preserve, area, world, kingdom, ambit, signory, province, region, field, universe, hemisphere, run, stand, valid, effective, efficacious, avail, make, hold, girl, female, woman, neodymium, hen, daughter, beaver, creature, engross, have, join, treat, plow, handle, follow, embark, undertake, attend_to, attack, occupy, absorb, go_into, work, engage, prosecute, go_about, go in for, pursue, be, meddle, embark_on, perform, enter, cover, deal, address, be engaged in, deal with, place, wage, bring into play, give free rein to, develop (idea/etc. Here we’d like to introduce basic Chinese words and phrases which you may need in your next Chinese language survival and social situation. "", ""And ...? The Chinese Internet corpus is a snapshot of the Chinese Web from 2005. After this, if you want to learn and know more, just check the 750 commonly used Chinese Conversations or HSK words. Upcoming releases of Chinese Toolbox will provide even greater integration of character frequency lists, especially in the Search window. It can be useful for printing purposes. When using the list to determine the text difficulty for a particular grade level, it is recommened that 70% of the words in a text should fall into the range of the Word Frequency Dictionary band for a particular level. ), consideration, ingredient, constituent, factor, strand, component, element, go up, mount, board, get on, go to, go to, leave for, present, forge/go ahead, enter, place sth. ), divide into, reveal, in_chorus, together, in all, in the same place, holus-bolus, altogether, in company, employee, personnel, reason, force, staff, cause, elicit, beget, causation, give rise to, incite, pique, engender, bring_on, trigger, fire, compel, kick_up, superindividual, draw, spawn, invite, touch_off, occasion, lead, bring_about, procure, touch off, raise, enkindle, give, poke, produce, capture, generate, stir, arouse, excite, put forward, provoke, breed, bring, conjure up, grip, create, kindle, tempt, set_up, interest, give rise, enga, occupy, have, receive, aught, hold back, keep, keep back, owe, retain, own, possess, possession, hold, seize, take, acquire, corral, hold on, fact, event, page, incidental, go, case, job, natural event, timing, proceedings, social occasion, happening, occurrence, matter, occasion, incident, shebang, affair, chapter, concernment, graduate_school, research institute, school, laboratory, graduate school, institute, linguistic communication, lingual, language, idiom, tongue, oral communication, speech, perspicuity, lingo, contumely, Fortran, parole, natural language, spoken language, linguistic process, serious, significant, acute, critical, severe, grave, spiel, recital, relation, scam, rede, plot, yarn, narration, story, fiction, tale, history, legend, narrative, ology, academic, systematic learning, science, learning, installation, set, device, appointment, plant, fixing, system, appliance, fixture, fitting, accommodation, fitment, finishing, unit, furnishings, materiel, contrivance, paraphernalia, facilities, rig, equipage, setout, facility, fixings, equipment, indeed, really, honestly, in fact, as a matter of fact, extend to, find, fulfil, compass, encompass, extend, gain, answer, achievement, succeed, fulfill, live_up_to, attainment, strain, bring_up, achieve, get to, touch, strive, make, accomplish, progress to, come, hit, come_out, obtain, reach, attain, clock_up, suffice, do, get, arrive_at, constitution, configuration, framing, structural, design, underframe, framework, construction, structure, schematism, economy, fabric, mechanics, composition, machinery, contexture, texture, constellation, fable, ordonnance, skeleton, organization, frame, architecture, chemistry, make, inhabit, cease, stay, visit, shack, dwell, stop, people, live, reside, populate, dig, sustain, hold out, bear;support, back, stand by, fare, stand, base, constellation, footstall, pedestal, m.[general], , customer, Aquarius, seating, plinth, place, seat, scantily, simply, alone, merely, barely, only, but, just, be worth, merit, pay, rate, behove, worthwhile, worth, worthy, deserve, call_for, command, academic, literate, pandit, letters, litterateur, learned person, literati, philomath, pundit, academician, faculty member, scholar, bookman, clerk, student, scholarly person, man of letters, man of learning, speleologist, doctor, clerisy, initiate, swami, punditry, savant, learned man, sophist, intercourse, commutation, transportation, communication, commuting, traffic, traffic_light, liaison man, communications, dealings, liaison, staged, period, phase angle, stage, gradation, level, peg, grade, remove, phase, leg, step, TV, box, iconoscope, video, television set, teevee, orthicon, huckster, TV set, radiovision, television, telecasting, airwave, telly, venter, materfamilias, mother, mither, sultana, maternal, female parent, mater, particle: used to persuade someone to do something; used to emphasize the obvious, journalist, writer, correspondent, newspaperwoman, newspaperman, gazetteer, newswriter, reporter, pressman, newshound, newsman, newsperson, force per unit area, P, strain, overwhelming force, pressure sensation, burdensomeness, oppressiveness, pressure, onerousness, stress, compulsion, constraint, muscle, lading, dare, make bold, have courage to, be sure, have confidence to, venture, have the confidence to, be certain, public facility, college, courtyard, designation for certain government offices and pub, hospital, clinic, branch of government, university, institutes, compound, abbey, academy, institute, yard, educational institution, faculty, possibly, peradventure, conceivably, assumedly, mayhap, doubtless, ablings, perhaps, perchance, potentially, probably, maybe, presumably, ablins, just, workforce, hands, work force, folk, people, they, the people, men, manpower, common people, I'm afraid, dread, funk, I suppose, be afraid of, fear, soma, system, physical structure, body, health, carcase, corpus, frame, person, somatic, organic structure, personage, latitude, rate, degree, point, measure, way, grade, gree, pitch, cut, length, plane, stage, level, extent, scale, notch, lear, know-how, understanding, ken, instruction, science, sophistication, consciousness, light, awareness, cognizance, knowledge, lore, mastery, know, cognition, acquaintanceship, mind, intellect, knowingness, equipment, internal structure of an organization, motion, gadget, instrumentality, institute, organ, mechanism, gear, representation, mechanics, machinery, apparatus, establishment, institution, means, organization, agency, setup, delegacy, outfit, theatrical role, character, persona, part, function, office, fictional character, actor, fictitious character, personage, role, repair, background, picture, state (of affairs), state of affairs, status, gear, scene, setting, scope, condition, state, circumstance, trimness, context, showing, trim, factor, condition/state (of affairs), situation, shoes, consideration, place, guru, pundit, adept, expertise, professional person, specializer, specialist, proficient, whiz, oner, expert, swami, savant, dab, professional, authority, stunner, technician, amuse oneself, treat lightly, have fun, resort to, enjoy, appreciate, play, toy, trifle with, employ, disport, shoot, amuse onself, operation, execution, result, effect, background, sound effects, purpose, point, background signal, fruitage, outcome, force, punch, totally, together, in all, in company, altogether, lift a ban/etc., be turned on, be in operation, neighborship, neighborhood, precinct, vicinity, neighbourhood, parent, father, pere, Pa, begetter, governor, abba, male parent, pater, guv, finances, monetary resource, expenses, expense, expenditure, pecuniary resource, fund, outlay, funds, outgo, cash in hand, in one case, , one time, formerly, syne, at one time, of all time, once, ever, will, be willing, please, wish, like, care, attach importance to, take sth.

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