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Nurse If your car becomes irreparable after an accident, we will replace it with a brand new one as long as your original car is less than 12 months old. Suzuki 2013 71 ... At some point in their lives, a great many people in Singapore will be diagnosed with a critical illness. If you need us all you have to do is call +65 6333 2222. Crossroad 2.0X Self Employed Not only do we take care of you, your car is also important to us. General Worker We will be happy to provide you with a quote for any of our insurance plans. From the cheapest policy to the best insurance coverage for your motor vehicle, find a wide range of car insurance policies to suit your different needs at Seedly Reviews. 10% The main driver must be aged between 20 and 70, ""They really understood my issues and helped me to get it resolved pretty fast. CR-V 2.2 Do I need to pay any excess under the Third-Party Fire and Theft plan? 27 , registered in Accounts Assistant 0% Bmw Civic Hybrid 1.3 Just like your vehicle, you deserve the rights to tailor your policy with our Optional Benefits so you pay only for what you want. In all other cases, your NCD may be affected. What if my car stalls or is damaged in a flood? Managing Director Bank Teller 5 years Accord 2.3 Kia Daihatsu CIVIC ESI 3M Their licence should also not have been suspended or cancelled in the last 5 years. 37 “It was my first time buying my car insurance online and had a good experience. Chef/Cook 32 No: 200822610R). How is my refund computed for my insurance policy cancellation? What documents do I need to make a claim? If someone is injured, then you'll need to report the accident to the police. Integra 2.0 FR-V 1.7 SE Single 80 LEGEND 3.5 My car is under finance, what type of insurance plan can I purchase? Optician Please enter your email address you used to create your account. 9 years The Policy Owners' Protection Scheme (PPF) protects the interests of policyholders in the event an insurer fails. Like many other countries, car insurance is a necessity, should you choose to buy a car. You may still be entitled to a No Claim Discount even if you have made a claim, provided you are not liable for the accident and that you have been insured with us for the past 12 months. With a customer satisfaction rating of more than 90%, rest assured that we're constantly looking for better ways to serve you. It can be rather confusing, with dealers throwing around terms like excess, co-insurance, and no claim bonus. Pricing is based on risk, and the age and experience of the driver is a major factor in determining price. CIVIC IMA 1.3 2011 Entertainer Mazda Engineer (Aircraft) Rather than give you a discount, they will give you S$100 in the event your renewal premium with your current insurer is lower than Budget Direct's for the same level of coverage. CR-V 2.4 Choosing a DirectAsia car insurance plan means cheaper premiums as you’ll only be opting-in for the features you want You may also pay via cash or cheque. All car insurance companies in Singapore use a guide called the Barometer of Liability Agreement (BOLA) to determine how much each party is liable in an accident. Edix 1.7 However, if you choose to use our HL Assurance Approved Workshop for repairs, you can be assured that genuine manufacturers’ parts will be used and it comes with a full 9-month repair warranty. 2019 SHUTTLE 1.5 Anyone can be an authorised driver so long as they have a valid driving licence. Enjoy Freedom of Choice: No Workshop Restriction HL Assurance Motor policy gives you the freedom to choose your preferred workshop in Singapore. Jaguar If you don't opt for automatic renewal we will send you an invitation to renew. Because of this, their main promotion is a bit different than other insurers'. We also take into account the car's make, model and age. Baggage Porter Social Worker Daewoo Tour Guide (Overseas) Do I have to submit a receipt to prove the sum insured for my car accessories? Naming additional drivers may affect your premium. You should check the details with your insurer, but generally, your NCD can be transferred to another vehicle owned by you, but it can’t be applied to more than one vehicle at any point in time. Judge City 1.5 Also, check out which insurer can process the claim online which is much faster. 0 years Call 999 first then call us, we will send someone out immediately to help you. For more details please go to or Do I need to do anything if there's an accident and I settle a dispute amicably between myself and a third party? Benefits like 24/7 roadside assistance and a courtesy car help you to keep on going, even when your car … 5% Demerit Free Discount is allowed provided a Certificate of Merit from the Traffic Police is produced and with nil claim for the past 3 years. ; If your car is damaged in an arson attack, report it to the police so that they can investigate and find the culprit. Please note that if you’re entitled to 50% NCD upon renewing your policy with us, and should you decide to switch to an alternative insurer, the NCD Protector is not transferable. Home Maker Own Damage Excess will be halved if you choose to repair your vehicle at any of our HL Assurance Approved Workshops. Just answer a few basic questions about yourself and your car & get online quotes immediately within seconds for Auto insurance also called as Vehicle insurance. At the moment, we don't offer a temporary extension of selected coverage. years old 49 Accountant INSPIRE 3.0 Also all costings were quite transparent. It takes the hassle out of buying your car insurance, getting you back on the road quickly and easily. NCD60 is a fantastic new innovation to give even more savings to the safest drivers in Singapore. Can I protect my No Claim Discount (NCD)? AXA Singapore is one of the world's leading insurance companies. Painter (Outdoor) Goldsmith Driving instructors requiring business use, You can select your level of cover according to your needs, The higher the excess you choose to pay, the lower the premium (only for Comprehensive). Jeweller Do all insurers adopt the same method to compute the refund? For drivers who prefer a complete peace of mind. Learn about different  MSIG Car Insurance Plans. If you do not fully and faithfully tell us everything you know or could reasonably be expected to know that is relevant to our decision to give you the insurance, you may receive no benefit from your policy or we may cancel your policy and treat it as never having existed. The main driver is the person that uses the car most frequently – they must be aged 70 years old and below, with at least 2 years' valid driving licence. the person who uses the car most frequently)? Financial Controller ; There are, however, cases in which the main driver (the person who uses the car most frequently) hides behind a better profile driver. Free 24/7 roadside assistance: With AutoPlus, get free towing if your car breaks down, and roadside assistance to fix minor problems, such as a flat tyre, anywhere in Singapore. Chief Executive Officer Car Motorcycle Travel News About Us Save More Singapore Disclaimer Get a Quote. Free Windscreen Cover (with an excess of S$100 for any workshop or complimentary for authorized workshops. In the event of a Total Loss or theft of your vehicle, we will either offer cash compensation or a replacement car to you; it will be at DirectAsia's discretion and approval. Can DirectAsia cancel my policy if I did not truthfully declare all information while buying my policy? Call us at 6532 1818 if you're in Singapore or at +65 6602 3699 if you're overseas. If you're in West Malaysia or Southern Thailand and you need towing to the nearest repair workshop we can help you arrange that. ACCORD V6 3.5 ; You can, however, still have your vehicle repaired even when the cost is more than the economic repair value. Reporter Seamstress If you have a clean driving record, though, your premium will still be lower than those with accident claims. Yes, you can pay your premium in monthly instalments with your credit card at no additional cost. What documents do I need if I have to cancel my insurance policy with you? The BOLA is designed to speed up claims processing. Can you refund me cash instead of a cheque? We have 3 different plan types depending on your needs. Renault ACCORD DX If you are looking for maximum savings, Budget Direct's comprehensive car insurance is the cheapest on the market, even before discounts. We will charge an excess of S$100 if we have to replace windscreens or windows, but this is waived if the damage can be repaired. Just answer a few basic questions about yourself and your car & get car insurance quotes online. Direct Asia Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a member of the DirectAsia group of companies. Politician The BOLA is designed to speed up claims processing. 53 However, before you buy the policy, please check with your finance company. claim(s) in the last 3 years Hotel (Pr Officer) This is a fraudulent behaviour called 'fronting'. 45 Surveyor (Motor) We are committed to providing you with quality insurance products and services but if any dispute arises out of your insurance policy that we cannot resolve between us, then that dispute may be submitted to the Singapore Mediation Centre for settlement by mediation in accordance with the mediation procedure in force. 5% Offence Free Discount (OFD) will be granted automatically if NCD is 30% and above, Loss of Use Benefits of S$100 per day up to 10 days (selected plans). Jazz 1.4 54 © Copyright Direct Asia Management Services Pte Ltd (Reg. DirectAsia Insurance offers car insurance, motorcycle insurance and travel insurance. Legal Liability of Passengers for Acts of Negligence. Stream 1.8 We usually factor COE in with the market value of the car. Please choose a password with at least 8 characters. 2020 Feefo Platinum Service Award. Our dedicated claims specialists will ensure that you experience a faster and personalised claims process with greater clarity and assurance! Feel safe and protected with 24/7 roadside services and high medical coverage. Hairstylist The premium offered was very reasonable with good coverage. Motorcycle Delivery The information you provide to us via this website is securely encrypted as it travels between your computer and our computers.

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