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Stay off rocks. West Anacapa (except Frenchys Cove) is a protected research natural area and is closed to visitors. Do not exceed your skill level. Carry these items with you and know how to use them. A permit to land on the other 76% of Santa Cruz Island is required from TNC. Helmets-always wear a helmet when paddling below cliffs and in sea caves. Rated the #1 Outdoor Tour on TripAdvisor! The float plan should include: 1) the number of boats and boaters on the trip as well as the color, size, and type of craft used; 2) names and addresses for the boaters , as well as emergency phone numbers; 3) any survival and special emergency equipment should be listed (EPIRB, VHF, food rations, flares, etc. Be capable of re-entering your kayak from the water. For the ultimate sea kayaking adventure, make sure to plan a trip to Channel Islands National Park, which possesses some of the best coastal kayaking in the world. All guided kayaking adventures must be booked in advance as space is limited. The kayaking opportunities at the Channel Islands are some of the best anywhere in California. Kayak the Channel Islands! These tours are mostly only available until around November, so be sure to check dates prior to booking. Tours include a complete ocean kayaking lesson, a tour of the pristine Channel Islands from the Harbor to our local waters, and a view of the fascinating wildlife our coasts have to offer, such as seals, dolphins, crabs, starfish and numerous species of sea birds. All transporting of kayaks on Island Packers boats must also be booked in advance because kayak space is limited. We visited Anacapa Island in June 2017 for a tour of the Channel Islands sea caves via kayak. Channel Islands Outfitters operated at Santa Cruz Island, Scorpion Ranch for 25 years and had one of the most experienced guide rosters in the National Park. Marine Reserves are closed to fishing. There are no landing permits required for the islands administered by the National Park Service (NPS). Refer to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Ocean Survey charts 18720, 18721, 18725, 18727, 18728, 18729, and 18756. Please note that rocks or islets on or near any of the islands are closed year-round to any landing and pets are not allowed in the park. Because you can only get to the islands by boat or plane, plan ahead and make your reservations before your trip. Kayaking (excluding personal watercraft-see Laws and Policies for more information) is a unique and rewarding way to experience the pristine marine environment of Channel Islands National Park. These places are best for kayaking & canoeing in Channel Islands: Which places provide the best kayaking & canoeing in Channel Islands for kids and families? Shipping Lanes Kayaking in the Channel Islands. Santa Cruz Island attracts kayakers with … CALL US (805) 984-5995. The winners for Best Kayaking Tour are in! Sea kayaking is a high risk activity that has caused the death of park visitors and annually numerous near fatal incidents with sea kayakers occur in the park. If you are traveling to San Miguel Island with Island Packers they will provide the forms to you upon your reservation. To help you decide which island to visit, specific island information is available at Places To Go or from the visitor center through publications, exhibits, and the park movie. No off-trail hiking is permitted. Please remain on the wet sand (below mean high tide) or the road throughout this area. Winds are often calm in the early morning and increase during the afternoon. Some of the most beautiful views in the world can be found in Channel Islands National Park. One of the best ways to experience the marine environments of the park is by kayaking. Let our experienced guides outfit you for a fun day of cave exploration. The Channel Islands National Park includes five of the wonderful islands, including the popular Santa Barbara and Anacapa Islands. These are the best places for kid-friendly kayaking & canoeing in Channel Islands: Which places provide the best kayaking & canoeing in Channel Islands for couples? Sea kayaking opportunities are available throughout the park. Top Channel Islands Kayaking & Canoeing Activities: See reviews and photos of kayaking & canoeing in Channel Islands, United Kingdom on Tripadvisor. Remember to be flexible with your plans. 243 reviews. Come experience the wonders of one of Southern California's most beautiful coastlines. Visitors may kayak on their own or with a park authorized guide/outiftter. For kayak guide and outfitting services in other areas of the park (excluding Scorpion area), visit the Visitor Services List. Scorpion Rock on Santa Cruz Island and all other off shore islets in the park are off limits. The Santa Cruz Island shoreline between Arch Point (northwest of Scorpion Anchorage) and the east boundary of Potato Harbor is closed to landing to protect nesting seabirds. Extreme weather conditions may be encountered at any time and the sea conditions may become dangerous without warning. Here you will also face new challenges and may encounter unexpected dangers. Channel Islands Kayak Tours. Another wonderful activity that is easy to do in the Channel Islands is kayaking. Obtain current weather and sea conditions. Ventura county's best kayak and Stand up paddle board rentals. The other months are subject to a much greater chance for adverse wind and seas with sudden unexpected changes. Challengin Santa Ana or east winds may occur at anytime, but are most common from September through April. This is what I did. However, the best time to go is dependent on the type of outdoor activity you’re interested in doing on the islands. The area of the park that is most popular for sea kayaking is centered around Scorpion Beach on East Santa Cruz Island. Sea kayaking is potentially hazardous, even for experienced kayakers. Channel Islands National Park consists of group of protected islands off the coast of Ventura. Sea caves can be very dangerous-large waves or swells can fill a cave unexpectedly. Don't miss a chance to cross Channel Islands kayaking off your bucket list at Channel Islands National Park! Many consider the fall as the best time of year for snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and swimming. Regulations Book a kayaking trip with Santa Barbara Adventure Company—the main outfitter for activities on the Channel Islands—which includes your ferry ride from Ventura, kayaking gear, and a guide. We are the number one choice for Channel Islands National Park outfitting and tours. Kayaking guides and nautical charts to the Channel Islands are available from local marine stores and online bookstores. Safety There are closed and restricted areas on each island. Dense fog is common during the summer months, but may occur at any time, making chart and compass navigation mandatory. Visitors can kayak on their own or on a guided tour. Summer and fall are considered peak seasons for snorkeling, diving, kayaking and swimming as ocean temperatures may reach 70 degrees, and … Santa Rosa Island: Boaters may land along coastline and on beaches without a permit for day-use only. Channel Islands Kayaking. Click here to download a PDF site bulletin file of Santa Cruz Island kayaking information with a map. Safety requires good planning and common sense. Stay together and paddle within the skills of the least experienced paddler in the group. Santa Barbara Adventure Company offers kayak trips and Channel Islands Aviation provides air service from the Camarillo airport to Santa Rosa Island. Kayaking at Channel Islands National Park is a great way to soak up the island’s majestic views and sea caves. Major shipping lanes lie between the islands and the mainland. With so much unspoiled nature and so many coastal areas to explore on the five islands, visitors can choose from an array of activities. Weather No craft, including kayaks and inflatables, should be left moored to the dock. San Miguel Island: Kayakers may land only on the beach at Cuyler Harbor. Always observe and evaluate sea conditions before entering the water. Weather conditions vary considerably in the channel. When I discovered you could kayak through caves of the Channel Islands, it was immediately placed on my southern California bucket list.

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