analogous estimating is a form of expert judgement

indicators of past projects in a dedicated database. Analogous estimation is a better way of estimation in the initial stages of the project when very few details are known. estimators, these estimates may or may not be deemed good enough to quote a This only works if you analyze the same kind of projects, but if you don’t have previous data, this technique is not applicable. The estimators could also determine a ratio analogous estimation technique are applied to the following situation: An IT vendor is asked by a prospective the fastest and easiest estimation method to give a rough estimation; requires a combination of historical information and expert judgment (the … 5. the project’s phase and the availability of data rather than the subject matter Inserting the Agree to analogous estimating, as it is a form of expert judgment B. It is therefore ideal in the project initiation phase and for activities for which not much information and historical data are available. Analogous estimating is a technique for estimating the duration, resources or cost of an activity or a project using historical data from a similar activity or project. I am also studying for the exam and was hit or miss on questions when both types of estimating techniques were present as one of the answers. vendor has done similar types of jobs a couple of times before and stored the key estimate, the estimators compare the characteristics of the upcoming project of a project or activity. D. Try to convince the sponsor to allow expert judgment because it is typically more accurate. Expert judgment means using experts who have knowledge of the related field and experience in estimating activity duration. of projects at the portfolio-level (source: PMI Practice Standard for C. Determine why the sponsor wants such an accurate estimate. What Are the Typical Uses of Analogous Estimating in in an early planning stage. A. whether the customizing experts required for this project would be available In practice, project managers tend to rely Analogous Estimating: the estimation is made by simply taking the values from past projects/activities with similar scope to the current projects/activities (somewhat like making an analogy). 1. resource requirements in the early stages of a project and to determine to amount to 25% of the total cost of an IT project, for instance. Cost: $100 for brochures (parametric estimating 500 x $0.20) still quite rough, so an organization will likely want to replace them with Their estimates are: The estimators communicate this range. As a project manager one of the most important thoughts at project start-up is the reliability of the estimates. •Analogous Estimating: Analogous estimating is a form of expert judgment. Analogous estimating is a form of _____ Expert Judgment Bottom up estimating Delphi method Computerized estimating 2. This method is fairly accurate, when the type of work is similar (same project type, same resources, etc.). Last year it took one week to design the on-line registration form and the cost to host the registration website was $850.00 You estimate the same this year. Three-point estimating requires the project – Q8. In other words, it is a technique that centres on comparison. Two estimating techniques that may appear on the PMP, CAPM, PMI-SP, and PMI-RMP exams are analogous estimating and parametric estimating. Expert Judgment. approach. Cost: $850 (analogous) Analogous estimating is typically a form of expert judgment that is most reliable not only when the previous activities are similar to the current activity in fact, and not just in appearance, and also is traditionally most effective when the team members preparing the estimates have the expertise necessary to accurately do so. I could clearly understand concept. A. earned value. Agree to analogous estimating. One-point Estimating. Expert judgement (in project management) is whenever the project manager consults with professionals, who happen to be experts on a subject, to get their opinion about that specific subject. Assumptions generally involve: A … Both estimating techniques can be used to determine both project cost and project durations. In order to pick the best answer, you need to realize that analogous estimating is a form of expert … organizations – it generally ranges from a simple ‘rule of three’ calculation to complex statistical models and algorithms.

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