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Pinch of kosher salt Gently fold in the chopped apple… Place in the freezer for an extra yummy icy treat! Crackers like graham crackers and pretzels also work so well with this dip. Healthy Fruit Dip Recipe. ¼ cup Splenda® Brown Sugar Blend. Which means cleaning up my snacks as well as my meals. Because I started eating this yogurt dip, with the delicious vanilla and cinnamon, I can now tolerate eating Greek yogurt plain too. Combine the cream cheese, yogurt, maple syrup, and vanilla until well combined. https://www.delish.com/.../caramel-greek-yogurt-dip-in-an-edible-apple-cup I’m sure the vanilla and cinnamon add a few more calories to the yogurt. Open your container of Greek yogurt and add vanilla and cinnamon to taste. ! This easy Greek yogurt dip for apples is one of my go-to snacks. It keeps me from dirtying another dish and makes this recipe super fast. Thick, rich, and smooth, this 4-Ingredient Cream Cheese Apple Dip is a sweet and easy snack recipe that's ready in about 5 minutes. A super easy and quick to make yogurt fruit dip recipe lightly sweetened with honey and flavored with a splash of vanilla extract. I don’t like Greek yogurt. This is the best fruit platter dipping sauce to serve for all your outdoor gatherings, especially if you are entertaining a crowd with kids. In a winding motion, wrap each apple slice with a strip of puff pastry, gently pressing to seal the ends. I imagine it’s what eating paste tastes like. If I need a super fast protein-heavy snack, I will eat it plain. Combined with first-class Japanese stainless steel sharp edges and 8 speed settings, this blender can easily blend through anything you crave with greatest supplement and vitamin extraction. Posts about wine, liquor and/or cocktail recipes are expressly for people 21 years of age and older. We love serving this refreshing treat with fall favorites like apple pears. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Yuck. Because I started eating this yogurt dip, with the delicious vanilla and cinnamon, I can now tolerate eating Greek yogurt plain too. But if I have a few minutes, I’d prefer to make it in to the dip. I cannot get enough of the tangy flavor Greek yogurt gives the dip. She loves to share ideas to make mom life easier and encourage busy gals to make time for themselves too! Or click the "P" to the left to follow me on Pinterest. My kids love apples as a snack and eat them almost daily! I still don’t love it, but it’s easier. When you’re craving something sweet try this healthy and easy greek yogurt apple dip for a simple snack. Whether you keep it in the refrigerator for after-school munchies or serve it at your next fall party, the crowd-pleasing treat will make everyone smile! Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt Apple Dip is an easy, 3-ingredient dip that takes just seconds to prepare and it's loaded with protein! Mix peanut butter and vanilla yogurt in a small bowl until smooth. 2 tablespoons Splenda® Granulated Sweetener. All Rights Reserved. Serve it in colorful silicone muffin liners. It’s a simple yogurt dip for fruit, enjoy as an easy healthy snack. In a small mixing bowl, stir yogurt, pumpkin butter, and cinnamon until combined, smooth and creamy. On the other hand, yogurt made with whole milk usually has about 8 g of fat per 1 cup serving. If I need a super fast protein-heavy snack, I will eat it plain. Then add the required amount of salt along with a pinch of pepper. For peanut butter yogurt dip: ½ cup plain, nonfat Greek yogurt. This homemade French onion dip uses GREEK yogurt to PACK it with protein, and deliver a 1-2 punch of creamy-tanginess that complements the sticky-sweet caramelized onions and smoky paprika in the most CRAVEABLY ADDICTING ways. This easy Greek yogurt fruit dip recipe is made with just 3 ingredients and makes eating fruit dip with apples, strawberries and more seem like a party. I’ll post more photos and recipes later, but my MacBook – and photoshop – is in the shop this week (sad face). Drink responsibly. Take this one, for instance. Oct 30, 2019 - Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt Apple Dip is an easy, 3-ingredient, protein packed dip that takes just minutes to make! I figured out a way to eat Greek yogurt so I wanted to share it with you too. 4.19 … Sprinkle the apples evenly … This recipe for Simple Yogurt Peanut Butter Apple Dip is made with just four ingredients, has no refined sugar, and the kids LOVE it! I have also tried eating the yogurt dip with cocoa nibs, for a different flavor profile, but it’s only slightly tastier than plain. The Best Healthy Apple Dip Recipes on Yummly | Healthy Apple Dip, Caramel Apple Dip, ... greek yogurt, caramel ice cream topping, apples, English toffee bits and 2 more. Serve with sliced apples. I still don’t love it, but it’s easier. A great recipe for kids to make on their own. Pin any image in this post to save it! Your email address will not be published. Using your fingertips, sprinkle the apple slices generously with the topping. A professional high-speed blender which utilizes a commercial grade 1500-watt motor boasting up to 30,000 RPM. Sharon lives in Southern California with her adorable family. Kim's(RUN_LIFT_EAT) Apple Dip. The official first day of Fall might be late September, but according to me, it’s the exact moment apples are ready to be picked! It’s one of my favorite, easy snack ideas that I don’t feel guilty about eating. © 2008-2020 Cupcakes & Cutlery. Take a cup of cold plain yogurt, I usually use full-fat yogurt as it gives a rich creaminess to the dip. Serve with sliced apples for a healthy and delicious snack. A simple caramel apple fruit dip perfect for kids with just 2 ingredients & takes less than 5 minutes to make. I’m sure it will be your new favorite healthy snack idea too! Greek yogurt is low calorie and high in protein. But you gotta think that it isn’t going to be as many calories as a bowl of ice cream. Before serving, top chocolate and … Your email address will not be published. My kids even like this. Heads up! Caramel Apple Dip Happy Foods Tube. For apple chips: 2 medium apples. Bringing together apple, yogurt, lime, and garlic will take your snacks to a … To keep this snack super easy, I just add the vanilla and cinnamon right in to the yogurt container and stir it up. caramels, apples, dulce de leche, cream cheese. Required fields are marked *, Based in Southern California, I am the mom to two amazing boys and married to the raddest man in all the land. ⅓ cup unsweetened peanut butter. MORE ABOUT SHARON. EASY PEASY. Notes: Adjust toppings per taste preference. Add olive oil and lime juice. 1 cup Splenda® Granulated Sweetener. Be them nachos or chips, snacks will always benefit from the presence of a well-prepared dip. Another hint: If the label says “Traditional Greek Yogurt,” the word “traditional” usually indicates it’s made with whole milk. Mix a salt, caramel, and thawed whipped topping (nonfat for skinny). I love to give this to my kids for an after school Rate this recipe by clicking the stars in this recipe card up above. When the dip is done, I just cut up an apple and it’s ready to go. In an effort to not grow out of all of my clothes, I am really trying to make better food choices. Be sure and use Greek yogurt because it’s thick and gives the dip a little substance, Chobani is my fav because it’s super creamy and thick! Pat and I went for a little picnic in the country this past weekend. But if I have a few minutes, I’d prefer to make it in to the dip. Cinnamon also has anti-inflammatory properties and is full of antioxidants also. Plain Greek yogurt is really hard for me to eat. This year’s Big Game could be … This Snicker’s Yogurt dip is super delicious when paired with fresh apple wedges, graham crackers, or eaten alone. How to make French Onion Dip AND how to caramelize onions 101: Caramelize onions. Feb 6, 2019 - This peanut butter greek yogurt apple dip is an easy, 3-ingredient dip that takes just seconds to prepare and it's loaded with protein! Made this yourself? Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and enjoy with the apple or fruit of your choice. It’s the best way to make sure I am eating the right portion. So I decided to try to make it more tasty with some vanilla and cinnamon. Are you a Greek yogurt fan? ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon. And they are super easy to make. Lemme just break it down. How to make apple cinnamon dip: In a medium-large bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth. Feel free to use any type of apple you like with this dip. It gets too easy to eat more than you need when you are scooping it out of a larger container. Toffee Apple Dip … Sprinkle slivered almonds on top. Cover and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to let flavors combine together. Cupcakes and Cutlery is your resource for simple solutions to help you be an awesome wife and mother and not lose yourself in the process. Peanut Butter Yogurt Apple Dip is apple’s soul mate it didn’t know it had! This dip isn’t just for apples and you will surely find tons of other ways to use it. Even with the addition of the flavorings it’s still a great healthy snack choice. I LOVE making everything and anything with apples—my Email me at [email protected]! Easy Cocktails and Recipes | Mom Life and Style | Orange County Blogger, June 20, 2017 By Sharon Garofalow Leave a Comment. Serve this healthy protein-packed yogurt dip with an assortments of fruits like apples, strawberries, bananas, raspberries, blueberries, and so on. Bake until the edges curl … And while it doesn’t taste as good as a piece of cake, it’s not half bad.One of the things I always look for when I’m eating healthier is how to get the most flavor I can without adding a ton of calories. Kim made this suggestion to use with greek yogurt and it's absolutely delicious and reminds me of a butterfinger blizzard. I’m not a fan of the tang. This yummy Greek Yogurt dip is the perfect sweet treat for your afternoon apple snack. Submitted by: CD3514403 But it’s a great source of protein and makes a great snack idea for busy moms. After school or on weekend playdates, my daughter and her friends were always on the lookout for any opportunity to partake of a snack. 1 (8 ounce) package ⅓ less fat cream cheese. Make this fruit dip for your next party and watch how quickly it goes! Slice the apples crosswise in 1/4' thick slices. Serve with the sliced apple. Serve with sliced apples & fruit. If your bored with your plain peanut and almond butter and want a change and more bang for your buck since you get so much more dip then you have to try this!!! Make family night still fun, but more healthy with this Apple Chips and Dip recipe! Fresh Yogurt Dip for Apples! YUMMY! Top greek yogurt apple dip recipes and other great tasting recipes with a healthy slant from SparkRecipes.com. Apple Chips with a sugar-free Yogurt Dip is a great healthy alternative to the regular chips and dip. It’s pretty easy to keep these items on hand so there’s not really an excuse for not choosing a healthy snack…(but I will still eat Doritos, from time to time, because the heart wants what it wants…) My favorite apples to eat with this are Honeycrisp. 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon. We are always trying to find ways to shake things up a bit and, let me tell you, my kids LOVE to dip… Stir in whipped topping, yogurt, sweetener, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. 1 tablespoon Splenda® Granulated Sweetener. It’s SO good! Others will work, but I’m a bit of an apple snob. This post was originally published way back in 2010! Nutrition information isn't always accurate. If you like apples in yogurt, try making some baked apples with cinnamon! As my kids grow and as I become more aware around what we’re fuelling our bodies with, I find snacks becoming a challenging balance of tasty treats without compromising too much on nutrition. Read my, Quick Dinner Party Appetizers For a Festive Shindig. Sharon's "me" time often includes watching Hallmark Channel movies, sipping sauvignon blanc, trying not to eat Salt and Pepper potato chips, and planning girlfriend getaways. I keep these in the fridge which makes it super easy to grab when I’m hungry. Toss them into this recipe for the ultimate “dessert” yogurt, so good! Other dips to try 5-minute Chocolate Fruit Dip Cupcakes and Cutlery is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. While it may cost just a little bit more, I like to buy it in the single serving cups. Feb 14, 2020 - This recipe for Simple Yogurt Peanut Butter Apple Dip is made with just four ingredients, has no refined sugar, and the kids LOVE it! How to Have the Perfect Date Night at Home, Taking Care of Me as a CosmetiCare Ambassador, Pitcher of Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo with Sauza® Tequila, Fruit Desserts for Summer You’ll Want to Make Now. Healthy Caramel Yogurt Dip (makes about 1 cup) 1 container plain yogurt (such as So Delicious coconutmilk yogurt) (170g) 1/8 tsp salt; 2 tbsp pure maple syrup or agave (30g) 1/4 cup coconut brown sugar or regular brown sugar, sucanat, or date sugar (30g) 1 tsp pure vanilla extract (If you don’t have a stove, just stir all ingredients together. Add garlic powder, onion powder, and thyme to the yogurt. Mix until well blended. This simple Greek yogurt dip for apples is delicious. A sauce can make a whole array of dishes taste better. Log in, Pinky Promise (Disclosure & Privacy Policy).

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