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Use Ramie … ramie synonyms, ramie pronunciation, ramie translation, English dictionary definition of ramie. They are prone to wrinkling and will breakdown if sharply creased, so it is best to fold them loosely and store flat. All of these shortcomings make it more expensive than similar plant fibers, such as linen. Cultivation. Like flax, jute, and hemp, ramie is considered a bast fiber crop, meaning that the usable portion of the plant is found in its connective tissue structures. Created with Sketch. Fibre Plants - seed, bast & hard fibres: Plant Fibre from cotton, linen, hemp & jute. in reference to various types of ramies or a collection of ramies. Dictionary entry details • RAMIE (noun) Sense 1. The most commonly used plants for making clothing comes from hemp, ramie, cotton and flax. Source: Vietspices.blogspot. Viscose comes from trees, but it is not as environmentally as other types of rayon, such as modal, because the production process uses high concentrations of chemicals. Search options; Acronym Meaning; How to Abbreviate; List of Acronyms; Popular categories; Texting; Medical; Technology; Business; Military; Clear; Suggest. The stalk can be harvested up to six times each year in favorable cultivating conditions, although three to four crops annually are much more common. The difference is covered here. Study reports on the diseases of ramie, its occurrence, symptoms, and control measures. Ramie is a flowering plant that is native to Asia. Used to prevent miscarriages and promote the drainage of pus. Hemp fabric is a type of textile that is made using fibers from the stalks of the Cannabis sativa plant. Ramie - definition of ramie by The Free Dictionary. ramie has been used for over five thousand years in China, India and Indonesia (which makes it older than cotton) it was also very popular in Japan. I have a beautiful white 100 percent ramie skirt, but I am considering giving it away because I just can't stand how it wrinkles. I just never feel neat when I have it on. Morphological features of Ramié. The versatility of ramie fibre allows it to be made into fine yarn for garments ranging from dresses and suits to sportswear and jeans. The noun ramie can be countable or uncountable.. Ramie fiber is known especially for its ability to hold shape, reduce wrinkling, and introduce a silky lustre to the fabric’s appearance. Dry spinning results in a harsh, hairy yarn. Ramie Recipes Little Ramie Rice Cakes. The demand of the ramie fibers are increasing day by day. Let's Get Connected: LinkedIn | Facebook | Email: textilelearners@gmail.com, Until recently ramie has been unknown in the ready-to-wear market, in this country, but it is appearing in more garments. Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibers, ... , ramie, etc. uro, pp. 오늘도 어엄~첨 많이 쓰이지만, 언뜻 혼동하기 쉬운 표현을 소개할까 해요. and is used in many textile products. Data Briefs. Most people chose this as the best definition of ramie: A perennial herb or shrub... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. n. 1. See more. Ramie is most often blended with other fibers for its unique strength, absorbency, luster and dye-affinity. Ramie has long been used in China and Japan as a staple fabric and ramie is often misidentified as linen (which is not native to East Asia). Ramie is used as filling yarn in mixed woolen fabrics, as adulteration with silk fibers, and as a substitute for flax. RA abbreviation stands for Ramie. used to synonyms, used to pronunciation, used to translation, English dictionary definition of used to. Left is 100% ramie shirt from Dressart Paris Ramie is a flowering plant that is native to Asia. The fibers are also very strong and—like linen—improve in strength when wet with very little shrinkage. Used to definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. It is relatively drought tolerant and can usually withstand frost. Ramie fibers are naturally white, which reduces the need for bleaching, but in order to be used in textiles, they require extensive processing, including de-gumming. The fiber is white, soft, lustrous and slightly coarser than flax (linen) when degummed and bleached. Ramie fibre, also known as China grass, and ramie fabric, variously known as grass linen , grass cloth, or China linen, have been exported from East Asia to the Western Hemisphere since early in the 18th century, but commercial production of ramie products did not achieve importance in the West until the 1930s. The major and most widespread diseases are: (1) white fungus caused by Rosellina necatrix, (2) leaf spot caused by Cercosporo spp. From all the processing that ramie has to go through, it doesn't seem like a very environmentally friendly fabric. subject + used to + base verb. Fabrics of 100% long, fine ramie fibers are lightweight and silky. It is often blended, with cotton and available in woven and knit fabrics that resemble fme, Ramie usage increased in the mid-1980s with a fashion emphasis on, natural fibres and a loophole in textile import regulations. Ramie and, garments made of more than 50 percent ramie, entered the United, States without import quota limits. Buy it now - Monsoon-Womens Ramie Broiderie Anglaise Detailed Dress in White Mix/UK 10/Used Add to Watch list More to explore: Monsoon White Dresses for Women , It has been used as a diuretic and hemostatic in metrorrhagia, epistaxis, and hematemesis. When. Used in fabrics, and often mistaken for linen, it is extremely absorbent and dries quickly. Would it help to have it starched? Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and Resistant to bacteria, mildew and insect attack. ca (ŭr'tī-kă, er'ti-), The herb, Urtica dioica (family Urticaceae); a weed, the leaves of which produce a stinging sensation when touching the skin. blended with rayon, it offsets the low wet strength. Hence it is one, if not the oldest, natural plant fiber types to be used by man. Ramie is still not used much by the textile industry largely because it is a high cost fibre due to its complex processing requirements.

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