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No one I ever mentioned Sour Bites to ever remembered them. 357k members in the OnlyFans101 community. Even as an 11-year-old I could tell I was being manipulated. These are the most classic and most popular movie theater treats each year, starting with Jujyfruits in 1920. And they were collectible, too! I hope when Ferrara Pan started putting vintage candy back on the market that sourbites would reappear. The craving has only intensified since... Keep the faith!!!!! There was no candy lower on the Halloween trade-chain than a licorice Necco wafer. Beech Nut will also be hearing from me :-). Sour Bites Candy. Reese's Pieces, Pop Rocks, Jelly Bellies -- for kids prowling the candy aisle at the local 7-Eleven or Circle-K in the 1970s, there was a constant stream of new and delicious sugary stuff. Is there any simple pleasure more endearing and less threatening than a stick of Fruit Stripe? I always wondered why they stopped making them. As a side note the Owl said three licks and the end of the commercial said the world may never know. This is crazy! Unfortunately, my friends and I were one step ahead. Friday night movies, when they cost 50 cents to get in, always had a coke and sourbites. Can order Love Hearts, Fizzers and Double Lollies from the U.K. Has anyone found them????? I really really wish that they would make these again. Bottle Caps came in a green and pink package, kind of like a giant M&M's pack. Crowd source investment? I remember I used to blow my Cub Scouts dues money on Sour Bites, then got in trouble for not paying my dues. The last time I bought sour bites was in the early 80's at Hill's Department Store for Halloween and i did not give them out. I was asking a friend today about them and she remembered them too! google_color_link = "A74403"; A list of the most popular scanned grocery products in the category of candy > sour candy. WOW once you hit 38-40 you realize, but Hey i Loved candy & kids before & After have. But then again, I guess when you're 10 years old and it's summer vacation and the lawn has already been mowed, you really don't have anything better to do anyway. Pop Rocks were a bang when they were first offered in 1975, and they still are ( read about Pop Rocks and Children’s Culture and Candy Consumption ). Loved these things - not quite as much as the original Love Hearts and Fizzers (and double lollies) by swizzle matlow . There was nothing like these little gems in the 70's. Stunt gum! I wish I could still buy them -- I think I could eat about 100 right now -- my mouth is watering. Bite into a Fire Zotz at your own peril. I have to agree, nothing compares to them. I'm not crazy! Somehow, there seemed to be even more options available back then, as smaller confectioners continued to churn out regional favorites. In my childhood, this was the best candy available at the public pool (and believe it or not, you can still find Bottle Caps right here!). My daughter was eating sweetarts the other day and I had a complete flash back to my childhool only it was sour bites I was remembering. If anyone ever finds them again please let us all know. My most favorite candy. They looked like tiny aspirin tablets... one side was white, the other side the flavor color with an animal face. Publication date 2011-03-02. The stickers were funny and gross and unforgettable. Nostalgic Retro Candy from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s . So many of the candies we know and still love today came to us during the decade of Watergate and disco. Brenda, is there any trace of SB scent in that package?

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