smoking and praying in islam

Before you know it, you have spent quite a fortune only for cigarettes. Martin Broughton, chairman of the British American Tobacco to the Common Health Committee states: “Smoking does not intoxicate, does not require ever-increasing consumption to maintain its pleasure and is not a short-term risk to health.”, The medical definition of an intoxicant is either poison or a drug which excites or stupefies to the point where physical and mental control is markedly diminished. Smoking is also not good for your financial health. Say: in both of them there is a great sin and means of profit for men, and their sin is greater than their profit. Smoking is a folly and an activity for the mindless bigots. Secondly, every place in which a prayer is offered is “a mosque”. So those are all the ways how to give up smoking in Islam. Please consider supporting The Muslim Vibe, from as little as £1 – it will only take a minute. Therefore, it is not possible to have a religious text about smoking from Allah, His messenger or the infallible Imams. Where do you stand on this topic? Prayer is an act of worshipping Allah and there are plenty of reward lies in it. And if we suppose that every smoker spends one dollar a day, which is the least price of an ordinary packet of cigarettes - and we do not talk about those who smoke two or three packets a day nor those who spend two or three dollars on the expensive brand of cigarettes - we shall find that two hundred million (200,000,000) dollars are spent by Muslims on smoking every day, and seventy-three million (73,000,000,000) dollars every year. Lawful v Unlawful. Is there any harm worse than cancer, which has been proven by medicine and sciences of today to affect smokers and do away with their lives? 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If Muslims know how much monies they lose because of smoking and that it has been a plot against them, they will be thunderstruck! Or special, in which something is mentioned by name, like these sayings of Allah: …And go not nigh to adultery. So i think the same rulings will apply. I found it odd and so I asked some of their (the Shia) ulama about it. Let one not be deceived by saying: Can that which has been corrupted throughout too many centuries be repaired? Praying together in a congregation helps Muslims to realize that all humanity is one, and all are equal in the sight of God. If you continue to use this site, you agree with it. Is there squandering worse than to spend one’s money on things that are harmful to his health and dangerous to his life? They tell me that smoking is merely disapproved of but not forbidden in Islam. This website is for people of various faiths who seek to understand Islam and Muslims. It is the same as with regard to many impermissible things available nowadays that are included by the general texts, such as lottery, horseracing and modern games that cause many profits with no effort. If you’re on your period this Ramadan, don’t despair. This bad habit made many of the Sunni, who visited the countries of the Shia, be alienated and go back to their countries, criticizing the Shia, though they did not know anything about Shiism other than those bad habits. There shall be no poor amongst them. If continuing to smoke will cause serious harm to the compulsive smoker —as explained above— it is necessary for him to refrain from it unless the harm in quitting is similar, greater than to the harm in continuing, or the great difficulty that he will face in quitting is such that it cannot be normally tolerated.”. Making female members of the family feel ashamed and bad is wrong and has no place in Islam. However, in Islam, the door to repentance is always open. Is Islam Difficult So That People Cannot Comply With It? I often criticized this state and discussed these matters with some of ulama, but I did not find any one who had enough courage to prohibit smoking,6 neither among the Shia nor among the Sunni. Someone PLEASE give me the EXACT punishment that is stated in hadith or Quran and not some B.S. Be a cause of honor to us and not a cause of disgrace for us.7. Because Islam … Any other use of the hosted content, such as for financial gain, requires express approval from the copyright owners. When a child opens his eye to see his mother and father smoke, he is likely to imitate them before he tries to follow the religious authority. I want to say that the religious authorities have to give an open, clear opinion about smoking without fearing the blame from any quarter. Consequently, and on this evidence alone, smoking would be forbidden and should in no way be practiced by Muslims. Lastly, the British government forbade smoking in the metro and the same was done by the French government. New articles are added every week. After this example, is there any lesson in that for men of understanding?! In the end, I say that reform is necessarily required, and returning to the truth is a virtue. After this brief discussion, we want to say that Muslims have to prohibit themselves from everything that harms and does not benefit them. However, with the protection from serious harm (for example, by smoking less frequently), there is no problem in it. This can help people to stop smoking altogether by dealing with their cravings in a safer way.”. But, if some Shia insists on permitting smoking and not prohibiting it, then let them observe the feelings of non-smokers and observe the sanctity of the places of worships, as their Sunni brothers do inside their mosques. This is actually what the Prophet Muhammad (S) meant when he said: There should be no harm (to oneself) and no harming (against others). With this, we know that the general consensus in Islam is that anything harmful to the body should be avoided. How often is it that the Sunni criticize the Shia for smoking in the mosques and say that it is an abominable doing from the deeds of the Satan? The Muslim Vibe is a non-profit media platform aiming to inspire, inform and empower Muslims like you. Our results also suggest that while e-cigarettes are not only safer, the amount of nicotine they provide is not noticeably different to conventional cigarettes. Therefore, smokers must attend these places as non-smokers. Of course there would be no ayah on Smoking because smoking was invented well after the coming of the prophet. They can with such monies, buy modern technology and develop in all fields. The Muslim Vibe's shared team account! Would that we learn from the Ahlul Bayt (as) the morals and etiquette of inviting others to do something! So, Smoking is not the clean habit, it harms you, it affects your lungs and also, your brain. Other ceremonies of different occasions are also held in the Husayniyyah. If we suppose that only a fifth of them smoke, we shall find two hundred millions smokers. (Qu’ran 2:219). One is expected to repent any delay due to negligence or forgetfulness and is encouraged to commit to developing a habit of performing the prayers within their prescribed time frame. (Qur’an, 17:33), O you who believe! Therefore, Allah has said: …and cast not yourselves to perdition with your own hands. (Qur’an, 17:26-27). For example and in a simple mathematical operation, we can see the danger of the situation. Yet, the Prophet (S) forbade it. Would you try that individually? Smoking also yields other health hazards besides its general and specific economic harms.

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