section 366 companies act 2016

PURSUANT TO SECTION 366 OF THE COMPANIES ACT, 2016 (“ACT”) IN RELATION TO THE PROPOSED MERGER OF IWC WITH ISKANDAR WATERFRONT HOLDINGS SDN BHD (“IWH”), INVOLVING THE EXCHANGE OF IWC SHARES(AS DEFINED BELOW) HELD BY SHAREHOLDERS OF IWC OTHER THAN IWH FOR SUBDIVIDED IWH 127 of 2017) Companies (Accounting) Act 2017 (Commencement) Order 2017 (S.I. (2) With the exceptions and subject to the provisions contained in this section, any company formed, whether before or after the commencement of this Act, in pursuance of any Act of Parliament other than this Act or of any other law for the time being in force or being otherwise duly constituted according to law, and consisting of   seven or more , may at any time register under this Act as an , or as a , or as a , in such manner and the registration shall not be invalid by reason only that it has taken place with a view to the company’s being wound up: 6 0 obj INC.16 to allow such society or trust to be registered as a limited company without the addition to its name of the word “Limited”, or as the case may be, the words “Private Limited” and thereupon issue a certificate of incorporation in terms of sub-rule (4) of rule 4 on an application submitted under Chapter II of the Act for Incorporation of a Company: Provided further that a society which has not filed the annual or other returns, statutorily required to be filed with  the Registrar of Societies, shall not be eligible to apply for registration under section 366 of the Act. �Fv�n�MBc&J0�k�\^/Z�9��溶�{�����[+#ZeD���VXX�7e��Z40F�G�KCK����c�w�����>�kJ�������>DGc�1̸��n�޾�Vmǰ��y����?�����f� 7. Short title and commencement. 2— Objects of this Act. 1 0 obj Section No : Search : Section No. You can also search for keywords within the sections of the Act. Section 366 - Companies capable of being registered - Companies Act, 2013 X X X X Extracts X X X X Notification No. 366. endobj SECTION 366 OF THE COMPANIES ACT, 2016 ("PROPOSED INTERNAL REORGANISATION") TENAGA NASIONAL BHD Type Announcement Subject OTHERS Description TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD ("TNB" OR "COMPANY") PROPOSED INTERNAL REORGANISATION BY WAY OF A MEMBERS' SCHEME OF ARRANGEMENT UNDER SECTION 366 OF THE COMPANIES ACT, 2016 ("PROPOSED INTERNAL … Section 9(b) CA 2016 Act stipulates that ‘A company shall have one or more members…’. endobj The new Companies Bill 2015 (“Bill”), which will replace the current Companies Act 1965 (“Act”) as a whole and is expected to be gazzetted tentatively by end of August 2016 and its implementation shall commence as early as January 2017. (i) the nominal share capital of the company and the number of shares into which it is divided; (ii) the number of shares taken and the amount paid on each share; (iii) the name of the company, with the addition of the word “Limited” or “Private Limited” as the case may require, as the last word or words thereof; (vii) written consent or No Objection Certificate from all the secured creditors of the applicant; (viii) written consent from the majority of members whether present in person or by proxy at a general meeting agreeing for registration under this part. The said Amendment Rules shall also come into force fr… (c) In case of an application by a society for registration as a company limited by guarantee under section 8: (i) a list showing the names, addresses and occupations of all persons, who on a day, not being more than six clear days before the day of seeking registration, were members of the society with proof of membership; (ii) a list showing the particulars of persons proposed as the first directors of the company, alongwith DIN, passport number, if any, with expiry date, residential addresses and their interests in other firms or bodies corporate along with their consent to act as directors of the company; (iii) a list containing the names and addresses of the members of the governing body of the society; (iv) a certified copy of the certificate of registration of the society; (vi) written consent from the majority of members whether present in person or by proxy at a general meeting agreeing for such registration, and the resolution shall also   provide for declaration of the amount of guarantee; (vii) an undertaking that the proposed directors shall comply with the requirements of Indian Stamp Act, 1899 (2 of “1899) as applicable; (viii)  a copy of latest income tax return of the society; (ix) details of the objects of the company alongwith a declaration from all the members that the restrictions and prohibitions as mentioned in clause (b) and clause (c) of sub-section (1) of section 8 of the Act shall be complied. 4/2018: Procedures on Resignation of Secretary under Section 237 of the Companies Act 2016 PDF 5. Amendment of Schedule II to Act of 1893. COMPANIES ACT CHAPTER 486 Revised Edition 2012 [2010] Published by the National Council for Law Reporting with the Authority of the Attorney-General [Rev. Files: Attachment Size; 321214210.pdf: 770.41 KB: 71 of 2008. 3. Changes to Legislation . COMPANIES ACT 2016 SECTION 78: Return of Allotment (1) A company shall lodge with the Registrar a return of the allotment within fourteen days from an allotment of shares. (7) Where shares are allotted under a scheme of arrangement approved by the Court under section 366, the company may lodge an office copy of the order of the Court in lieu of the statement referred to in subsection (6) in a manner as may be determined by the Registrar. (1) For the purposes of this Part, the word “company” includes any partnership firm, limited liability partnership, cooperative society, society or any other business entity formed under any other law for the time being in force which applies for registration under this Part. To view the notification. (i) the subscriber to the memorandum of the company who shall be deemed to have agreed to become member of the company, and on its registration, shall be entered as member in its register of members; (ii) every other person who agrees in writing to become a member of the company and whose name is entered in the register of members of the company; (iii) every person holding shares of the company and whose name is entered as a beneficial owner in the records of a depository.

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