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With just any browser or a Power BI mobile app, customers can keep a pulse on their business via live operational dashboards. Oracle offers new self service capabilities for loading and blending data, with no modeling required making fast analysis available to anyone in the organization. This new incarnation of InfoCaptor is quickly gaining traction and being adopted by users from diverse industries and businesses of varying sizes. Dashboards for monitoring operations are often designed differently from those that support strategic decision making or data analysis and often require monitoring of activities and events that are constantly changing and might require attention and response at a moment's notice. With DBxtra, even inexperienced report designers can create and distribute interactive web-reports and dashboards in a few minutes without the knowledge of SQL, programming or web…, •Report Designer •Manage and distribute reports •Dashboard Designer - interactive web-based •Desktop Report Viewer •Desktop Report Viewer for secured reports •Automated report deployment •XL Reporting Service - in real-time mode •Schedule Server for repetitive tasks and alerts, •Dashboard Designer - interactive web-based •Desktop Report Viewer •Desktop Report Viewer for secured reports, • Easy to learn and use • Design reports and dashboards in minutes • One click report and dashboard deployment, The Report Designer, makes it quick and easy to create database connections, queries and reports. IT creates performance tuned and security-controlled data blocks that can be transformed and assembled by business users for real-time business questions.Visualized analysis is constructed in real-time by dropping data items into visual elements such as charts, KPI displays, and…, • Real-time data mashup Data Block architecture • Professional atomic data block modeling tool • End user data mashup on the web • Connectivity to relational databases (JDBC) • Security control at the data cell level for users, roles and groups • Data mashup across domains and multiple data sources, • High performance scalability for Big Data and large volumes of users • Embedded dashboarding • Dashboard and visualization annotations, • All popular web browsers supported with or without a Flash plugin • Unlimited multi-dimensional charting • Visualization view re-use and collaboration. Periscope Data is a data analysis tool that unifies business data across multiple…, •One Tool For All Your Data Needs •Enable data experts to answer more complex questions, quickly. Qlik Sense offers improved capabilities for business users to load, transform, and enrich their data without the need for complex scripting. Freeboard. •Drag and drop easy chart design. With a single click dashboards can be distributed. By clicking Sign In with Social Media, you agree to let PAT RESEARCH store, use and/or disclose your Social Media profile and email address in accordance with the PAT RESEARCH  Privacy Policy  and agree to the  Terms of Use. Business Analytics platform built to help you understand what's going on with your business. WebFOCUS offers self-service analytics with Dashboards and scorecards give executives and managers a high-level view of critical indicators and metrics, Self-service tools allow users to easily…, • Data Discovery • Predictive Analytics • Reporting • Dashboards • In-Document Analytics • Location Analytics • Big Data and the Internet of Things, • Big Data and the Internet of Things • Sentiment and Word Analytics • BI and Analytics Smart Search, • Sentiment and Word Analytics • BI and Analytics Smart Search • Natural Language Generation (NLG), Information Builders’ WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform delivers rich, consumable, interactive information to a wide range of stakeholders. Arcadia Data Instan uses smart acceleration to enable ultra-fast analytics and BI with agile drag-and-drop access. Finally, you can easily have complete control over data querying, filtering, field expressions, end-user input parameters, report formatting and report behavior with this innovative web-reporting platform, AnswerRocket is a Search-Powered Analytics that helps users get the right answers based on simple questions that doesn’t require any technician in formulating them. Receive report snapshots…, •No Coding Required •Connect With Multiple Sources •Flexible Visual Builder •Self-Optimizing Data Store •Customization and Embeddability •Data Embedding Across Sources •On-Cluster Security •Advanced Analytics, •Personal $35.99/month •Startup $75.00/month •Enterprise $200.99/month, •No Coding Required •Connect With Multiple Sources •Flexible Visual Builder. With ReportServer's Dynamic List users can…, • Eclipse BIRT • Ad-Hoc Reporting • Jasper Reports • OLAP & Mondrian • SAP Crystal Reports • Office Templates • Script Reports, •Powerful tool for the ad-hoc generation of list-like reports •Supports various output formats from Microsoft Excel over PDF to XML •Comes with audit-proof documentation, •Variety of parameters to allow for customization of reports •Present all key performance indicators on a single page •Unlimited dashboards per user. Presently, as a senior writer, she is associated with GoodFirms, a pioneering B2B research, review and rating platform. • Cloud based platform with anytime-anywhere access. •Track KPIs and automatically send alerts. Components created by Visual Analysis can be reused in JDashboard for seamless compatibility. You can track data and performance of an unlimited number of devices with this software. Easily assign goals and collaborate…, • Dashboards that put all your data in one place • Visualize your data from any angle • Tell amazing stories with your data • Yellowfin is mobile • Connect to all your data, • Yellowfin Analytics-From $50 per user per month • Yellowfin Stories - From $10 per user per month • Custom Quote- Contact for Pricing, • Awesome analytical apps • Prepare your data for analysis • Ensure trust with data governance. Lumalytics lets you create dashboards with charts, data tables and filters that display real-time data from your own data sources. 77 Open Source, Free and Top Dashboard Software : Review of 77 Open Source, Free and Top Dashboard Software including Top Dashboard Software Open Source: Seal Report, ReportServer Community Edition, Metabase, Shiny are some of the Dashboard Software Open Source.Top Dashboard Software … as well as a end-user dashboard. The GoodData platform includes advanced distribution and product lifecycle management features to automate the process of maintaining one-to-many cloud deployments. This free dashboard software allows everyone in your team to create, share, and organize the collections of data. •One reporting toold for all databases. Easy Report Creation •Innotative and Creative Visualizations. Zoomdata provide a simple, intuitive, and collaborative way to visually interact with data to solve business problems to enable interactive data visualization at any scale. • You can cycle through several dashboards with “sharing loops”. Users can also…, •Ad hoc reports •Dashboard •Data analysis •Data visualization •Connect to various data sources, •Micro $9 / month •Small $29 / month •Medium $49 / month •Large $99 / month, •Ad hoc reports •Dashboard •Data analysis, • Create dashboards with charts, data tables and filters • Display real-time data from your own data sources. OSSEC is an open-source cybersecurity tool … •Drag and drop explore. Access dashboards from anywhere, anytime, on standard browsers using any internet-enabled device such as PC, tablet or mobile. Purpose-built Embedded BI Self-service analytics designed for OEM use and embedding. Top 15 Free & Premium Infographics Maker Software, Top 28 Campaign and Lead Management Software, What are Business Intelligence Tools and the Types of Business Intelligence Software, 73 Free, Open Source and Top Project Management Software. Perform BI reporting and advanced analytics operations all from one integrated platform. iDashboards provides the best experience when it comes to managing data and dashboards alike. Birst’s Networked BI platform redefines the way BI is delivered and consumed, eliminating…, • Rapidly unifies complex data • Broad and complete business visibility, fast • Analyze complex processes & models • Real time sync across users and departments • Blends centralized and decentralized • Enable local agility with global analyses • Trust and reuse key metrics, • Values are correct, for ad hoc and scheduled use • Users can use a variety of tools • Drive adoption, usage and self-service, • Short time and cost to deploy = lower risk • Economically scale, on demand • High performance and superior economics. LookML is a easy-to-use modeling language for encapsulating business logic, defining important metrics once and then reusing them throughout the model. •Visual, Motion, Email, Sound Alerts. The DBxtra Report Designer is the core part of the reporting suite.It allows you to create projects, connect to your databases and define user-groups and user security. Business users need not rely on their mere gut instincts! •Unified, governed, and clear metrics make data analysis easy. The datasets bring in the data you need and then our powerful gauge builder allows you to customize the gauge to your needs. opportunity to maintain and update listing of their products and even get leads. ... 4 best free or open-source dashboards (In alphabetical order) 1. It combines advances in database and computer graphics technology so you can analyze huge datasets on a laptop. With interactive visualization tools, you can bring meaning to the data of your company. ReportServer Community Edition is open source software under the aGPL. Metabase is the easy, open source BI tool for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data. • Create Your Own Story, • SAP Lumira, standard edition - USD 185.00 per user, • Create beautiful and interactive maps, charts, and infographics • Import data from Excel and many other sources • Perform visual BI analysis using intuitive dashboards, • Manipulate and transform data with ease • Connect to your data big and small • Combine visualizations into storyboards. •Advanced dashboard filtering. ORBIT Dashboards provide advanced interactive solutions with powerful visualization choices like charts, gauges, sliders, and maps that empower users to dive from the highest level of detail in graphs to the lowest level details to get relevant information for improved decision making. SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions are designed to empower organization to achieve remarkable results by enabling trusted data discovery. With the QlikView Personal Edition license, everyone is free to create QlikView documents for personal use. This data management and visualization tool helps the user maintain their data centralized and organized while keeping collaborators informed at all times through interactive dashboards, self-updating reports and shared workspaces. Its dashboard software can be used to create visual insights and metrics and also collaborate with other users while monitoring business data and managing KPIs. With a feature-rich library of ready-to-use charts, maps, gauges, drill-down charts, and progress bars, plus a point-and-click interface for connecting prebuilt charts and graphics to data, you can create interactive data visualizations based on Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex technologies . Countless organizations have since benefited ... Read more, They say that humanity’s biggest inspiration for order, coordination, and efficiency is mother-nature herself. ... For instance, digital dashboards, spreadsheets, reporting, and querying tools, activity monitoring, data warehouse are all some kind of business intelligence tools. For any hosted service or API, this software provides generic status dashboard. •Quick prototyping. AVORA is a next generation data warehouse and machine learning platform, that radically changes the way business and their staff can interact through data. What are the Best Free Cloud Business Intelligence Software: Sisense, Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, Google Data Studio, Cluvio, Tableau Public, Visualize Free, Databox Free Edition are some of the Top Free Cloud Business Intelligence Software.. What are the Best Free Open Source Business Intelligence Software: Seal Report, Apache Superset, BIRT, Metabase, A Reporting Tool… Cyfe provides a browser-based dashboard that allows business users to connect to many data services, automate data retrieval, analyze, and then transform and visualize the data for business intelligence. Build a dashboard with a mouse and a couple clicks. Phocas BI Software : Phocas is a governed data discovery application with an HTML5/Javascript presentation layer, Microsoft.NET business logic layer and Microsoft SQL Server database layer.The web application is deployed on premise or in the cloud on Microsoft IIS7. This way everyone…. Besides, it enables users to access and manage data visualizations, dashboards, and reports answering key association-focused questions. Periscope Data can securely connect and join data from any source, creating a single source of truth for your organization. Cognos Analytics is ready when you are with a unified experience that works the same on web or mobile devices, enabling you to quickly find, analyze, create and share insight. What are the Top Free Dashboard Software? Visual Analysis in JReport allows report developers and end users to easily transform their data into rich visualization. You can connect and query your data sources and build dashboards that help you in visualizing data. Datapine provides a scalable SaaS, data analysis tool that gives customers fast and easy access to their business intelligence data without the need for any SQL or database knowledge by using an intuitive drag & drop interface to analyze the database. ... Read more, Business intelligence (BI) first surfaced in a 1958 paper published by IBM. There is no need for SQL expertise or lengthy training sessions…, •Guided Search Experience •On-the-Fly Calculations •100% Accuracy •Security •Unlimited Data Scale •Easy to manage •Unlimited Users, • Instant data access • Guided search experience • On the fly calculations. •Consolidate from multiple sources into a single application, •Exploring the associations in data, enabling social decision making through secure, •Real time collaboration, visualizing data with engaging, state-of-the-art graphics. AppInsights connects to disparate data sources and brings them into a single application, giving you and your team a single source of truth so decisions are based on facts rather than feelings. Drop. Incorporate images, videos and company logos to various charts or even create unique theme for each dashboards. It provides actionable insights, accessible…, •Auto-Populated Dashboard •Smart Alerts •Leading Indicators Algorithm •Custom Reports •Unlimited Dashboards •Collaboration, •Free $0/mo •ESSENTIAL $49/mo •PRO $149/mo, •Auto-Populated Dashboard •Smart Alerts •Leading Indicators Algorithm, • Control and understand the root-cause of your business making it easier and actionable to manage performance • Provides an actionable view of your business performance • Uncover the underlying leading kpis that drive the business performance. At its foundation is a powerful data mashup engine that enables fast and flexible transformation of data from disparate sources, which can either supplement or obviate a data warehouse solution. WebFOCUS, is a comprehensive and flexible BI and analytics platform, offers simple to sophisticated analytical tools and apps that enable the visual exploration and answering of a broad range of business questions for users inside and outside the enterprise. BrightGauge Gauge Builder puts the power to slice and dice your data into your hands. Finance, Marketing, Customer service, healthcare, human resource, sales, manufacturing, retail/eCommerce, IT, education, computer software, government & city, energy, performance, supply chain, executive, telecom & media, travel & hospitality, SaaS, Project management and social responsibility. • Users can access dashboard & created Business Stories even with non technical skills. •Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface •Ensure Control, Consistency and Trust, •One Tool For All Your Data Needs •Tailored For Every Workload •Combine all of your data sources into a single platform for powerful analysis and insights. Both types of data could be processed by the solution. Cluvio Pro and Cluvio Business offer full-featured analytics for the whole company. The dashboard simplifies the complex data sets by making use of data visualization, which in turn helps users to gain awareness of the current performance at a glance. The BI Office Suite is architected with centralized security and content in addition to being able scale up and out effortlessly, load balanced over as many servers as required. • Explore & Analyze data at the speed of thought. Domo bring together in one platform all the technical components required for business users to get meaningful value from business data. A modern open-source tool for business analytics that allows its users to build their own analysis, process and analyze their data in one place. •Track KPIs and automatically send alerts. It offers a quick and easy lookup function to help search and filter through data and visuals. TARGIT’s business intelligence software combines all the disciplines—from financial reporting to self-service visual data discovery—in one business intelligence platform that can be deployed across the entire organization. GoodData’s dashboards are responsive, mobile optimized, and include built-in alert, email and collaboration features to promote sharing across the organization GoodData provides groundbreaking BI for data monetization to enterprises, independent software vendors, and system integrators who seek to unlock the value of data for their business networks with engaging, one-to-many analytics. It provides a visual presentation of performance measures, the ability to identify and correct negative trends and measure efficiencies and inefficiencies. Answer new and evolving business questions with self-service ad-hoc reporting and analysis – on the Web, your desktop, or a…, • Gain real-time business intelligence from any data • Increase user autonomy by exposing data in plain business terms • Make information consumption simple, personalized, and dynamic • Benefit from a flexible and scalable information infrastructure, • Ad-hoc reporting and analysis • Multidimensional analysis • SAP HANA as BI system repository and audit database, • Single sign-on (SSO) integration with LDAP, Kerberos, eTrust SiteMinder, and Windows AD • Universe semantic layer access to over 40 data sources • Support for SAP BW 7.x, SAP Business Suite, and SAP S/4HANA. Connection all information with iDashboards is also made possible with an ease.…, •Hosted in Cloud •Unlimited Dashboards •Analytics & Reports •Excel Auto-Uploader •Scheduled Reports •Street-Level Mapping, •Unlimited Dashboards •Analytics & Reports •Excel Auto-Uploader, • Incorporate multiple types of outputs from images, videos and company logos • Real-time alerts • Easy to use interface. Looker is a web-based business intelligence platform that brings people and data together. AGO Control is a neat open source dashboard that allows you to control and automate your devices faster than any other platform. From small teams to large organizations, all are benefited from this app. Why not get it straight and right from the original source. You can make shipping custom end-user analytics smooth and seamless with this customer-facing metrics platform. •Database intellisense. Standard Reports is a familiar, Excel-like design grid with advanced functionality. Panintelligence's vision is very simple “Enabling better decisions”. Three editions of the product are designed to deliver the many benefits of governed self-service apps and tools to your entire universe of business stakeholders, from management to employees to partners to customers to citizens. In order to create an incremental and revolutionary approach to mobilizing your data, one need to re-think with other revolution in data analysis that are highly driven by AI and ML. Freeboard is a dashboard tool designed with simplicity and ease-of-use at top of the mind. With Qlik Sense, everyone in your organization can easily create flexible, interactive visualizations and make meaningful decisions. From Google. The solutions help you to transform decisions by providing fact-based information, regardless of where data resides. Through this, users have an excellent platform to download a kit quickly and get started with exploring visualizations of Kafka topics. You can explore the critical measures, projects, goals, and action items of your company through dashboard software. It's designed to support how people think.Tableau Desktop is a product that everyone can use to ask new questions, spot…, • Get actionable insights fast • Connect to more data • Answer deeper questions • Put your data on the map • Let everyone in on it, • Big data, live or in-memory • Sharing and collaborating securely • Designing for a mobile-first world, • Get actionable insights fast • Connect to more data • Answer deeper questions. Strategic dashboards benefit from static snapshots of data such as daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Bilbeo's auto-populated dashboard is ready to use in minutes and provides actionable recommendations based on data mining techniques, which anyone can understand. Visually explore, prepare and transform your data into stunning dashboards, multi-page reports and visual data analytics – all to your exact specifications. Visualize It. SAS BI software integrates the power of SAS, role-based interfaces and Microsoft Office so everyone can make fact-based decisions. Moreover, the platform can easily blend, transform, and analyze data from various sources including an AMS, LMS, event management systems, email, Google Analytics, and more.It is a tailor-made solution for all for associations and it blends data from unlimited data sources. The connect feature allows accessing data inside Hadoop…, • The discover feature provides browse data sources, structure and content, with full granularity and transparency • Set hierarchies and logical datasets, for blending visualizations across sources • The visualize feature provides easy to use familiar web-based self-service drag and drop authoring • Flow and funnel algorithms that make it easy to measure correlation • Create semantic relationships across multiple sources • Assemble dashboards and applications of visuals that show the user’s work, • The discover feature provides browse data sources, structure and content, with full granularity and transparency • Set hierarchies and logical datasets, for blending visualizations across sources • The visualize feature provides easy to use familiar web-based self-service drag and drop authoring, • Provides an in-cluster execution engine for scale-out performance on Apache Hadoop • Achieve linear scalability of records with native in-cluster execution • Simplifies deployment and monitoring with certified integration. The users can move from their data to beautiful graphs and charts. As a cloud-ready, fully scalable enterprise-grade platform with granular security, multi-tenancy support, and multiple…, • Data Access and Mashup • Visualizations, Dashboards and Visual Business Analytics • Enterprise Reporting • Unified Business Intelligence Software, • Real-time data mashup Data Block™ architecture • Professional atomic data block modeling tool • End user data mashup on the Web, • Unlimited multi-dimensional charting • Interactive reports and in-report exploration • Ad hoc reporting wizards and free form editing. Explore data with smart visualizations that automatically adapts to the parameters you set — no need for developers, data scientists or designers. MicroStrategy makes sophisticated functionality accessible to every user, from administrators to business analysts. It is an edition of Style Intelligence that focuses on business data monitoring and exploration by combining a data intelligence platform with visualization technology, serving both enterprises and solution providers. Standard Reports is a familiar, Excel-like design grid with advanced functionality. Easily hook up to any data source to instantly see your key metrics. Dundas’ software (Dundas BI) was designed to help more users, regardless of role, discover deeper insights faster, make better decisions, and achieve greater success. No setup. Google Data Studio, Cyfe, QlikView Personal Edition, Databox, Cluvio, Kyubit Business Intelligence, Bilbeo, Arcadia Data Instant are some of the Top Free Dashboard Software. BizViz will provide analytics (Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive) on PCs and mobile devices, in the cloud and on premise. SAP BusinessObjects BI provides Ad-hoc reporting and analysis and Multidimensional analysis. Access to the application is available to any HTML5 compliant browser running on a desktop or on any mobile device. • Single-Stack™ architecture • Sisense innovative In-Chip™ engine • Groundbreaking. No Coding. MicroStrategy analytics platform meets the needs of business and IT. Moreover, the intuitive Visual Analysis UI requires a minimal learning curve with no formal…, • Embedded BI • Dashboards & Reports • Performance & Scalability • Data Visualization, • Self-Service BI • Ad Hoc Reporting • Seamless Integration, • Easy Dashboards • Visual Analysis • Geo Analysis. The advantages of using this technology are as follows: You can use dashboard software in various industries to transform your data into actionable business intelligence. ReportServer completes the BIRT toolset by providing you with a powerful environment to manage and distribute your BIRT reports. One-click formulas offer the most popular statistical functions, such as correlation, covariance and various distributions, directly from Sisense dashboards. The possibility to become more independent and not rely all the time on IT developer is an attractive feature that our … The Databox mobile app provides data access and business insights through an intuitive mobile experience. It's JavaScript... Mozaïk. •Combine several visualizations. • Self-service analytics • Advanced analytics, • Enterprise Assets • Tools • Metadata Repository, •Data Visualization Software •Dashboard Software •Reporting Software. ThoughtSpot connects with data from on-premise and cloud data sources and is designed for enterprise-scale, security, and governance - all while deploying 85% faster than legacy technologies. • Free and simple to set up. There are alert signals on redash which proactively alert when important changes are made in the data. Slemma allows direct connection of date to the whole team, using a friendly interface that they can explore while sharing insights at the same time. Explore data with smart visualizations that automatically adapts to the parameters you set — no need for developers, data scientists or designers. FusionCharts Suite XT comprises : FusionCharts XT, the flagship product of the FusionCharts Suite XT, FusionWidgets XT, a product consisting of data visualization components best suited for executive dashboards and plotting key performance indicator, FusionMaps XT, a collection of over 960 data-driven vector-based maps, PowerCharts XT, a set of advanced charting tools for domain-specific uses, FusionCharts Plugins and…, •Intelligent label manager •Informative tool tips •Trendlines •Visually editable charts •Real time charts and gauges •Visual selection of Data •Client-side data update, •Trendlines •Visually editable charts •Real time charts and gauges, • Create unlimited levels of drill-down in minutes • Export charts as JPEG, PNG and PDF images for use in emails and ppts • Analyze only the data series you want to. Qlik Sense self-service visualization drive insight discovery with the data visualization app that anyone can use. Users just connect the datasource(s) then Knowi does a schema on read, and users start building queries. In order to trap a business’s metric data, users can enter business data as it occurs, right from their mobile devices or PCs. Lumalytics connect to your data source (database or csv file), create a dashboard and write SQL queries to retrieve the data you want and choose how to display it on your dashboard. Updates include faster application development, integration with GIT and TFS, and 2x – 10x faster performance. Its powerful business intelligence on data analysis provides the best reporting features that most businesses can take advantage from.ORBIT Enterprise’s gives its users the ability to create their own operational reports and be able to visualize data in any format. With minimal ongoing maintenance, you can create dashboards from any database. •Easily connect to a variety of data sources. What are the Top Open Source Dashboard Software?

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