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I am not going into debate of whether they originated from present day West Bengal or Odisha. This is a traditional sweet pancake of Odisha, which is basically made of rice flour, kneaded in sugar or jaggery syrup and topped with sesame seeds. This sweet dish is baked for a prolonged time to give the best of the brownish texture and heavenly taste. Pinterest. 2,092 homemade recipes for odisha from the biggest global cooking community! Considered as the most popular dessert sweet of Odisha, Chhena Poda is also considered as the favourite sweet of Lord Jagannatha. This popular sweet consists of deep fried, flattened brown patties of chhena (Indian cottage cheese) that are soaked in thickened, sweetened milk (rabri). Take some time out and make it a point to try out these delectable sweets of Odisha. It is served with green chillies, onions, yoghurt, badi etc. Are Holland America Cruise Ships Superior to Others? If you visit Puri, then you must taste the Malpua Prasad of Lord Jagannath. Considered as the most popular dessert sweet of Odisha, Chhena Poda is also considered as the favourite sweet of Lord Jagannatha… The word “Chhena Poda” in Odia, literally means roasted cottage cheese. Arisa Pitha is a rice pancake which can be made either out of jaggery/brown sugar and white sugar as well. Whenever you get an opportunity to visit Odisha, please ensure that you never forget to taste these Odia sweets (popularly called “Mitha”). Kheer Sagar, most popularly known as Khira Saagar in Odia, literallly means the ocean of milk. Unlike other popular chhena-based Odia desserts (such as rasagola) which are quite famous all over India, the Chhena Gajaa remains largely popular within the state itself. Answered October 24, 2019 The word “Chhena Poda” in Odia, literally means roasted cottage cheese. See recipes for Odisha Famous Rasabali, Chhena pana (Odisha special) too. 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But, there are several other local Bengali sweets which do not depend on chhena as one of its main ingredient. It is made by caramelising cottage cheese with sugar, cardamom and other ingredients and then burning it over chula (wood-burning clay hearths). Since this Pitha is deep-fried, it is mostly dry and hardened, which makes it possible to preserve Arisa Pitha for about 2-3 weeks. Interesting fact – The man who was the pioneer of this sweet preparation in Odisha was Aarta Sahoo from the Shyam Sundarpur Village of Nimapada, Puri District, Odisha. Like all the other milk sweets, Rosogolla is also made by cheese curds and dipped in sugar syrup later. This dessert is one variant of the many other popular pithas of Odisha. The modern Odia homes use parchment paper or just grease the sides of the baking pan, to prepare Chhena Poda these days. Dalma (a mix of dal and selected vegetables) is widely known cuisine, better served with ghee. Chhenapoda is another major Odisha sweet cuisine originated in Nayagarh. Rasabali is the sweet delicacy of Odisha soaked in thick flavored milk is indigenous to Kendrapada. This is another lip-smacking sweet of Odisha, which is a must-try on your visit to the state. But, it’s definitely worth a try! Rasabali is a famous dessert from Kendrapara district. Chhena Poda is made with kneaded chhena, sugar, and nuts. The word “Chhena Poda” in Odia, literally means roasted cottage cheese. We provide different types of sweets such as Rasagola, Rasabali, Peda, Chenna Gaja, Khaja and Namkeen Mixtures. Rasagolla, famous sweet originated in Odisha; The Chandipur Beach is a hide and seeks beach of Odisha that appears and disappears with every high and low tide to approximately 5 km. You can read more of my travel stories at Wander Bird. Odisha is popular for its variety of sweets. The Pahala rossogalla, the chhenna jhilli of Nimapada are other famous sweet dishes famous in Odisha. His tiny shop has led its success path to a giant Sweet Industry named as ‘KAR AND BROTHERS’. Yes, leaving this beautiful state, without trying its sweets, is a sin. Chariot festival. Given the fondness for sweet foods, the dessert course may include generous portions of more than a single item. 07 /12 Chhena Jhili Chhena jhili as the name suggests is made using chhena that is the Indian cottage cheese. This dessert is one variant of the many other, You can read more of my travel stories at, World Famous Witches Through The Course of…, 10 Shocking Facts People Don’t Know About….

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