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A week ago I adopted Willow, a 10 year old neutered female from a close friend who needed to rehome one of hers. Foods That Are Toxic to Cats: From Deadly to Upset Stomachs. Many cat-loving households have more than one cat in their family. i wasn't holding the kitten or anything, it was just walking around. Sarah Gooding, a dating coach from Plenty of Fish, shares 5 common online introductions gone wrong and how to do it right. While dogs usually seem to enjoy being around their humans 24/7, cats like to get away from it all and hunker down in a … My boyfriend and I moved in together about 4 months ago and decided to get a new kitten. The Wrong Way To Play with Your Cat. We adopted the new kitten (4moM) about a 10 days ago and I think we've done everything wrong with the introductions. Here are some selfies with cats gone horribly wrong because cats hate selfies: 1. She is a delightful cat, friendly and loving like the old cat but so far the introduction has gone far from well. my cat saw her SUDDENLY wright in his face by mistake ofcourse. Do it the Right Way When Introducing Cats. 01. He is a neutered male, beloved friend and companion to Jake who passed away two months ago aged 9 after a short illness. Re: Introduction resident 6 year old to 4month kitten (gone wrong) Post by lilynmitz » Mon Sep 23, 2019 10:31 pm If it’s only hissing rather than full on fighting, I would be inclined to let them sort it out between them. )However, introducing a new cat to an existing cat-home can take time and patience. Any change in a cat’s behavior could also be a sign of a medical condition. he is too spoiled for a cat (literally). Two cats are likely to reestablish a relationship or at least tolerate each other, but future episodes of nonrecognition aggression are likely. The Cat was avoiding him, hissing, acting scared and also aggressing him so we put them in separate rooms. I am stressed out with how ours is going and need a refuge to talk, support and advice ... oh and probably PATIENCE as many of you have pointed out. Avoid giving too much information. Only a few lucky people will end up with a photogenic cat that poses for the camera. Help! I wonder how owners of pets with social media accounts do it. The Ugly Truth About Cats and Christmas Trees Plus More Holiday Tips. It is almost impossible with me and my cat. Cats can be companions, playmates and help enrich eath other’s lives. If either cat’s behavior in such situations does not improve, further veterinary care is warranted. Cats are not always the most social of creatures. Going for a drive. But rather than wading through a pool of un-inspiring introductions, why not send a few super smooth introductions yourself? We brought home a new kitten about 3 weeks old. Cat and kitten introduction gone wrong!? Feline Non-Recognition Aggression: 4 Tips for Reintroducing Your Cats After One Returns From the Vet. Recent Videos. Intro Fail: Hi there, Your profile caught my eye. The way I tell my clients to do new cat introductions is to take it “one sense at a time.” First the cats may hear each other (if one or both are vocal), then they’re going to smell each other (in a controlled way via my behavior modification method) and then they’ll see each other (again, in a controlled way). hello, I have a male nutred cat, 5 years old. I had no idea my older cat would hiss when my little one got back from the vet. (Learn more about the benefits of multi-cat households. When introducing cats during the Eat Play Love phase it’s all about reading the room for any warning signs, and being ready to act quickly. I have been reading the various threads and posts on this forum regarding new kitten introductions.

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