maharashtra traditional dress for male

Tourism and culture are its main heritage and it unifies every community in it with same harmony and love. The traditional dress material and costume of the Angami men are kilt and wrapper, while the women use a skirt, shawl, and apron. The traditional outfit for Rajasthani men is dhoti and angarkha, or pyjama-kurta. It is important to note that Islamic teachings regarding modesty are addressed equally to men and women. Traditional Dresses of Jammu and Kashmir for Men. With several different tribes hailing from the region, there is a range of different ethnic clothing worn in Assam.Most of these are variations of the Mekhela, worn by women, and dhoti, worn by men.The women of the Bodo Tribe wear Mekhela paired with a chadar while women of the Thai Phake Tribe wear a striped girdle called Chiarchin. The dhoti is a long piece of cloth tied around the waist and wrapped around like a loin-cloth between the legs. It is paired with angarkha, a type of robe characterized by an inner panel that covers the chest. Pehran is the most typical attire of Kashmiri men which both Muslim and Hindu wear. So, ladies, these were the different types of Maharashtra traditional jewellery. Recently, they have started wearing salwar kameez as well. Maharashtra Traditional Dress. Maharashtrian culture|Cultural dress of Maharashtra|Traditional dress of Maharashtra Maharashtrain folk dress The traditional costume of women in Maharashtra is a nine-yard long sari, called Nauvari. Women in Gujarat wear sarees or chaniya choli. Most of the women, unlike men, wear traditional dresses. A waistcoat known as "Bandi" is also worn at times on top of the shirt. The traditional Gujarati dresses for men include kediyu or kurta on the top and dhoti or chorno at the bottom. This sari bears a resemblance to male trousers. Muslim men often wear traditional clothing, which varies from country to country but which always fulfills the requirements of modesty in Islamic dress. Maharashtra, the name itself means ‘Great State’. The traditional dress for Indian men essentially is Dhoti paired with Kurta and Gandhi Ttopi or Oagri. Image – Rotary Club of Nagpur via Flickr. Maharashtrian Nauvari sarees are usually made in green, red and Kesari (yellow) colours. The modern Maharashtra is a mixed result of indigenous traditions and western education. All traditional Islamic attire pieces for men are based on modesty. Marathi women wear 9 yards long saree known as the Nauvari or Lugade saree. Explore the top line collection by Manyavar including Dhoti, Kurtas, Wedding Dresses, Sangeet Wear, Suit & Indian ethnic wear for men. Maharashtra Traditional Dress. Dhoti is a six feet unstitched garment worn in a particular style which gives the pant effect rather than a skirt effect! Most of the elderly men wear the Pheta or the head dress which is a matter of respect. The clothing of Assam is as vibrant as it is varied. The Maharashtra traditional dress is suited to festive occasions as well as to the prevalent weather conditions. All these styles are worn with a traditional Maharashtrian saree. This specific style of draping does not require a petticoat or a slip beneath it. Traditional Dress of Maharashtra. Read in detail about traditional dresses of Gujarat: Source Traditional Dresses of Gujarati Men 1. The traditional attire of men in Maharashtra is the dhoti and shirt. A kilt looping down to the knee is a man’s typical waist dress which is of light blue color. The Pheta is a folded turban made of cotton, silk or woolen fabric. Get best deal on mens traditional outfits only at Manyavar This is a long loose gown that hangs down below the knee area. Men usually also wear a skull cap with a salwar which is tightly worn.

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