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They decided to use a peculiar design, which goes with a peculiar sound signature to match. I know it is important that you try to get affiliate sales and views to survive, however your review layouts have such large interruptions with links and deals, etc, that, on more than one occasion, I have thought I was done reading the review early! The dynamic drivers have a diameter of 10mm and 6mm. They cost about 5$, and provides really good sound quality. REVIEW: KZ ZS6 - ultimate budget-priced high-class earphone from Knowledge Zenith is a Custom-built Hybrid HiFi In-ear Earphones with great design & excellent price. KZ ZS6 Reviews: Superb Headphones With Four Converters And Removable Cable. Stainless screws are applied to keep the earbuds together. This is indeed an issue, as the sound can become distracting or annoying. The KZ ZS10 Hybrid IEM was quite an hotshot last year, and KZ now released the Pro version. At the time of writing it seems the ZS7 is only available in 1 colour combination which is blue and black. ?because that zs6 “ssshh” high pitch sound is really spike ur ear. Finale from the aforementioned Mike Oldfield album, or Massive Attack’s Angel). Both mid-bass and sub-bass show a good relation between them. Undoubtedly, QKZ has a very efficient marketing team. As I previously stated, it’s elevated and it’s prominent, so you will always notice it and have it almost shoved in your face – which is not too bad, given it is decently detailed and natural. It’s not spectacular on paper, but MAN what a great pair of IEM’s to just enjoy your music on! Value 8.5/10. Today we have another budget IEM in our hands here at Headfonia. You can read the review of the original below: As Headfonia, we’re trying our best to cover Chi – Fi products as much as we can, although there are a sheer number of products from there. RHA T20i, Meze 11 Neo) they are not as fatiguing. KZ ZS6 Reviews: Superb Headphones With Four Converters And Removable Cable. There is something that I find disorienting though. 6 min read. Our resources offer: All photographs published in this review/article are protected by copyright laws; the use, reuse, publication, modification and/or copy of them is strictly prohibited and legally penalized unless a written permission has been emitted by While testing the KZ ZS6 I used a variety of sources to test them: a Head ‘n’ HiFi Objective2 amplifier fed by a Topping D30 DAC; an Aune M1s; a FiiO X3 III; a Topping DX7; a Lenovo K3 Note smartphone. Using an EQ lower mids get even clearer with reduced mid-bass bleed strength while higher mids still do not get harsh. On the other side, rock, metal, pop, electronica and other modern genres where a bit of added low-end strength is welcome sound good. All product names, company names and logos are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Hybrid Technology Knowledge Zenith KZ ZST Read more. Close. By providing exhaustive information we allow our readers to even fine-tune their choices to select among the best budget earphones, best earphones for sports, best basshead earphones, best fun sounding earphones, most balanced earphones, least fatiguing earphones, most comfortable earphones, best looking earphones or even for the best cheap earphones to buy. Thank you for your kind words. All in all, I would say the KZ ZS6 is not accurate nor ideal for those looking for a reference-class sound, but they are more on the fun side. Alas I haven’t got my hands on a red unit yet, and I think it will take a good bit before I will possibly have a chance to do that. So I jumped on the hype wagon and bought the kz zs6, received them about a week ago. About QKZ and KZ, despite the similar brand name, there is no connection between them. The greys ar similar between them, but much different with the red. Amazon Associates Disclosure   As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I think they are different compared with the black/red/green. Recently, I’ve done a head-to-head comparison review of the (then) flagship AS10 and BA10 models, which both offer a much more balanced sound than the lesser-priced models.Up for consideration, today is the new top-of-the-line ‘Pro’ monikered version of the KZ ZS10 – KZ ZS10 Pro.This IEM features a hybrid design with 4 balanced armatures plus 1 dynamic driver per side. KZ Removable Silver Plated Earphone Braiding Upgrade Line 3.5mm KZ ZST 0.7mm gold-plated pins Detachable Audio Cord Silver Upgrade Earphone Cable for ZS3,ZS4,ZS5,ZS6 4.8 out of … Review. It seems to be similar to the ZST, though it has far better layering: as an example, Russian from Tubular Bells 2003 has layers of guitars which are clearly distinguishable and laid out. According to reports from users, this setup introduces noticeable sibilance to the sound. For anyone who has not yet purchased a pair ZS5's or ZS6's yet, the 6's are the way to go. When I first tested out my ZS6, it was very obvious that KZ’s latest IEM’s are better than the earlier ZS5. I have reported on technology for major Italian publications since 2011. MONITOR REVIEWS v1.1. KZ ZS6 Review. So much so that I … Hybrid four-way headphones in a $30 price tag were something extraordinary. The grey are better equalized, with mids more forward and without sibilance. The black color is always the most popular one but we bought the green model, they cost the same so you might be wondering why we got it in green. The housings of the KZ ZS5 vs KZ ZS6 look very similar and have almost identical shape and design, with the exception of the metal grids on the outer section of the earpieces of the KZ ZS6. It seems a second version. We have just done some fine tunning to the layout; the web team will continue to evaluate the best possible design and functionality. The KZ ZS6 features 8 drivers in total (4 drivers in each earpiece) in a premium hybrid configuration of 2 balanced armatures and 2 dynamic drivers per side. It is the first time I hear about this change in the ZS6, though. And paste it. The Zs6 arrived in a typical manila padded envelope. Stainless screws are applied to keep the earbuds together. 789 | Cayin N6ii |CA Andromeda & Hifiman Arya & ZMF VC Ironwood. With an EQ, brightness is highly added and a substantial amount of additional detail is resolved, still there are no piercing highs while sibilance gets stronger. Hello Phil, thanks for the feedback. They’re not as recessed as on V-shaped earphones (i.e. To me they are clearly superior to the B & O branded earphones that came with my LG V20, and the AKG branded earphones that came with the Samsung S9+. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for KZ ZS6 HiFi Quad Driver Earphones 2DD+2BA with Extra Bass, Detachable Cable, Black at We have reviewed the KZ ZS6, the ultimate budget-priced high-class earphone from Knowledge Zenith. Call Quality. A silver-plated (SPC) cable can be bought separately (it was kindly provided by AK Audio). BLENDER REVIEWS … Inside there are the two earpieces, the cable (with 0.75 mm pins) and three pairs of eartips. Tools have the right volume and character, with ZS6 being more subtle and missing the bottom. We ran the KZ ZS6 through our standardized extreme basshead tests and they were able to handle 40% of the maximum power of a Fiio E12 Mont Blanc amplifier (custom basshead EQ, bass boost ON, high gain mode). You reviews are awesome, and I enjoy reading them. Design 7.5/10. Dont get tensed about ba and treble damping issue as both dynamic driver are full range to avoid crossover colouring…, Thank you for the best review, however i would like to ask for alternatives eartips tht are compatible with KZ ZS6. Prateek Pandey - December 24, 2017 “Here’s why the ZS6 are the best-sounding budget IEM of 2017” Knowledge Zenith (KZ) is a Chinese audio company which got on the radar of many audiophiles when it launched the ZS5 in-ear headphones. A lot of times you lose quality when the volume goes louder, that is not the case with the KZ ZS6, the quality stays on a constant level and it is a pleasure to listen to music with the KZ ZS6. It has 3 angled vents on the faceplate and 3 screws attaching the faceplate to the shell. Disclaimer: I received a review sample from AK Audio which I will be able to keep. It’s simply impossible to cove… You can listen to Friedrich Gulda’s Blues for H.G. Archived. Review: KZ ZS6 Hybrid Earphones – Amazing Audio Quality. Photographs © 2020 - - All Rights Reserved. My ears scream in agony after just a few minutes wearing the earphones. The KZ ZS6 come inside a packaging with a style similar to the one of the KZ ES3, which now seems to be the new generation of KZ’s packagings. The market is teeming with products and KZ manufactures its very own aftermarket, silver-plated cables. The housings of the KZ ZS6 are made of metal and have a metal grid on the outer side of them which suggests an open-back design, we saw this on the design of the KZ ED9, KZ ED7 and some other KZ earphones, we will see after the KZ ZS6 soundtests if they show an open-back design. This is a Review and Comparison video on the KZ zs6 earphones with the KZ zs5. Nov 16, 2020. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This is a high-quality product for a low price, with a hi-fi quality. It may be true that maybe so. I am referring a friend to the KZ6 review here, and I feel that I have to let him know that he needs to keep scrolling, even if the review seems to be over. However you look at them, they are not neutral, though the overall tonal balance is pleasant and engaging. Given the cable is detachable, it can be replaced with any compatible cable on the market with double 0.75 mm connectors. Apple®, iPod®, iPhone® and iPad® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of these marks and any other third-party trademarks are for identification purposes only and does not imply endorsement or affiliation. The dynamic drivers have a diameter of 10mm and 6mm. Well the earphone was fantastic earlier, now they slay andromeda. The complaint being that they are not innovators, just marketers. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Recommendation. I wrote the KZ ZS6 headphones last year as a model with a fantastic price/performance ratio. Also, there is a new tech with wired noise-canceling. If anyway you decide to do so, we cannot be held responsible of the damage done to your equipment. Most other products by KZ come in a cardboard box with a plastic front cover. While it works very well on the KZ ZST or ZS3, Venture Electronics Asura 2.0s review: there’s always a silver lining, Best earphones, headphones, DACs, amplifiers, DAPs, Well-built, premium materials for the price. December 26, 2017. When we thoroughly analyzed their review scores, we learned that all of the sources that tested both Canal Earphones, including Head-fi, preferred the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 over the KZ ZS6 (2017). I will investigate on the matter, thank you for the input! Comfort is a very subjective matter and making general assertions is always risky, but I do not see how a very large housing with sharp edges could ever be comfortable. You can buy the KZ ZS6 in: Right now there are some limited timed deals available for the KZ ZS6 and the KZ ZS5, you can get the deals by clicking the green button, KZ ZS6 Flash Deal, Limited Time Deal Get Deal Get DealKZ ZS6 Flash Deal, Limited Time Deal Get Deal Get Deal, KZ ZS5 Flash Deal, Limited Time Deal Get Deal Get DealKZ ZS5 Flash Deal, Limited Time Deal Get Deal Get Deal. KZ is a Chinese IEM company that specializes in making budget grade earphones, and is … Get the latest reviews on your favorite social network, ✅ Incredible bang for buck for a quad driver with this performance, ❌ Some sibilance could arise with very sibilant prone songs, ❌ Not as basshead ear-impacting as the KZ ZST after extreme amplification (if you were searching for a KZ basshead model), FIND ALL OUR: Earphones Reviews / In-Ear Headphones Reviews, MORE: Gearbest Coupons – Discounts – Deals – Promo Codes – Sales Deals, RECOMMENDED FOR YOU: Headphones Frequency Response Curves, SEE ALSO: KZ Headphones Frequency Response Curves, MORE: Coupons – Discounts – Deals – Promo Codes – Sales Deals, We hope you enjoyed this article. As a practical example, the sound of fingers sliding on the guitar strings in I skumringstimen by Vàli is almost piercing, while using other headphones (i.e. All the earphones reviews, earbuds reviews, headsets reviews, in-ear monitors reviews (iem), in-ear headphones reviews are made as objective and thorough as possible to provide our readers a way to choose the best earphones, earbuds, iem, in-ear monitors, headsets and in-ear headphones. The KZ ZS6 offer real premium design by the high quality materials used on manufacturing these. Go on headfi and see slater zst balanced armature foam mod. Nov 16, 2020 . Today I want to tell you about another earphones from the same manufacturer. The cables have a grayish color and very rubberized finish. Due to their clear heights, they have declassified their competition. The audio cable in the headphones is separate. You can buy the KZ ZS6 in black, red, gray or green color…, MORE: KZ ZST PRO – KZ ZST COLORFUL Review. If there’s anything the Andromeda design is not good at, however, that is, Given the cable is detachable, it can be replaced with any compatible cable on the market with. I listen on high end studio monitors and m50xs every day so I ears are VERY finely adjusted. Some days ago we published a review of ultra-budget earphones called KZ ZSE. 2 years ago. (I also edited your comment to hide your e-mail address! Pros. The KZ ZS6 comes in a cardboard box which slides out from another cardboard box. from its incredible album As you like it and be amazed at the bass control as much as you can listen to the rage of Perturbator’s Tactical Precision Disarray and enjoy how bass is deep and fast. Wearing them on public transport I could not hear music properly at reasonable volume, and even in quiet environments I was well aware of the surroundings. The KZ ZS6 is yet another pair of earbuds from the recently prolific and now highly popular headphone brand Knowledge Zenith. The amount of bass that the KZ ZS6 produce is super fun and energetic, the KZ ZS6 will never under-deliver bass during any kind of music genre and song, even under EDM styled music.

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