killing feral cats legal

Reader on feral cats: Trap and release only tries to control the population; it does nothing for the issues wildlife and humans deal with. Taking a feral cat in the wilds of Idaho would require a valid hunting license. Consult your local wildlife management organization to find out what the laws and restrictions are. It may be legal when protecting your property, such as feral cats engaged in the taking of your livestock or even pets. feral cat problem on my property. If someone in your neighborhood is hurting animals or treating a nuisance problem without regard to the law, report them. It may be legal when protecting your property, such as feral cats engaged in … Stray and Feral Cats HOWEVER the methods are tightly controlled. Legal issues of property ownership, causation, and classification of cats are central to the question of human liability for feral cats. This means that cats who appear to be stray or lost are still considered the property of their original owner and so adequate steps must be taken to locate the original owner where possible. Pursuant to Kentucky Statute Section 258.235 (which also applies to cats and ferrets), any person may kill or seize any dog which he sees in the act of pursuing or wounding any livestock, or wounding or killing poultry, or attacking human beings, whether or not such dog bears the license tag required by the provisions of this chapter. Together with their domesticated cousins, cats are killing about three million animals a day. (4) Feral cats pose particular safety hazards for animal shelter employees. At least not with a lethal weapon. Melissa Tedrowe, Wisconsin state director for the Humane Society, said laws in some states permit killing feral cats. If you are faced with this problem, we will show you how to get rid of unwanted cats.. I also live in Solano County. Fish & Wildlife Service December 2002 Univer sity of Florida Conser vation Clinic Pamela Jo Hatley, J.D. If you are involved with feral cats, Trap-Neuter-Return, colony care, or advocating on behalf of cats, knowing your local laws about cats—as well as your state anti-cruelty laws—is valuable. Depends on the jurisdiction, but often times, yes. In that thread, Spoons quotes with approval a website that claims: Since this is at best misleading, and at worst an outright misstatement of the law, I thought a GQ thread clarifying matters might be of value. While cat advocates fight against killing cats, bird advocates and others see them as destructive to protected species. hangtownz , Apr 7, 2009 The Animal Control representative told the resident that the 2 states it's legal to shoot feral cats as scary Doug suggested but you can also get in major trouble for killing someone's animals since ferals are many times actually by law someones property/pets,if they are even feral. I had an issue with a neighbor’s cat that they allowed to roam free. Candidate, 2003 Thomas Ankersen, Director Reader suggests killing feral cats to deal with overpopulation Cathy M. Rosenthal Nov. 9, 2018 Updated: Nov. 9, 2018 7:38 a.m. Facebook Twitter Email LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest Animal cruelty charges apply. ... I’d rather have bunnies and birds than feral cats. The methods of killing available to you (for example, poison) are animal abuse because they inflict pain/suffering and can take a long time for death to occur. (2) “Feral cats” are cats with temperaments that are completely unsocialized, although frightened or injured tame pet cats may appear to be feral. The killing of feral cats is so much more than a simple legal question and answer. The key question in either case is whether the owner has a duty to control the cat's behavior. These can be found in large numbers in public spaces as well as the odor they spread by territorial spraying. This petition had 619 supporters. Australian officials are airdropping poisonous sausages across the country in order to kill millions of feral cats that have taken over the continent. And since feral cats only live three to five years, their colonies will decline through attrition, provided that TNR is implemented community-wide. However, harming animals or removing them using cruelty or killing/maiming the feral cats is against the law (see Fla. Stat.’s § 828.12 and § 828.13). If you killed a pet cat, you’ve essentially destroyed its owners’ property, so you can be brought up on criminal charges for that. Don’t be a dick and try to kill a feral cat on your own. Feral cats also provide a service many neighborhoods unknowingly rely on. This ensures that the cats don’t suffer. Use of guns and poisons are tightly controlled. The Vacuum Effect: Why Catch and Kill Doesn’t Work | Alley Cat … Don’t shoot the cat. HB 120-Killing Feral Cats-will invite many lawsuits and is upsetting the nation. The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law J Am Acad Psychiatry Law 30:257–65, 2002 (3) Some people care for or own feral cats. It is NOT illegal to kill feral cats. They should leave it to professionals. Although Wisconsin law does not declare it legal… It's about respect and knowing what you're killing. It is wildlife management of an "invasive species". In jurisdictions where feral cat keepers or caretakers are considered the cats' legal owners, keepers and caretakers may also be liable for damage caused by feral cats to property or persons. Further, I should have explained that this feral-cat poison, if registered, would be applied only by the state and federal wildlife managers who are widely, legally and lethally (but not effectively) controlling feral cats with rifle, shotgun and trap. Criminal Damage Act 1971. Stray cats are considered pests because they pose a health challenge to other pets. I urge people not to take the law into their own hands. In this now-closed thread, a discussion arose over the legality of killing cats, feral and otherwise. Feral Cat Colonies in Florida: Legal and Policy Considerations A Report to U.S. It is illegal-a felony- in most states to harm or endanger feral,stray or free roaming cats. Legal Concerns Killing feral cats through traps, shooting or poisonous substances may be illegal where you live. Louis Terrance started this petition to Utah State House and 2 others. ANSWER: Answer: The killing of feral cats is so much more than a simple legal question and answer. It is not uncommon for there to be up to twenty full grown cats + kittens, hissing, yowling and fighting at all hours (keeping me awake), pissing and shitting all over my back garden and digging up my lawn and flowerbeds. Cat urine scares away mice, so this service can be preserved by keeping feral cats alive. Any method that is not specific enough to only affect the feral cats can get you in trouble. New research finds each feral cat in Australia will kill 740 animals a year. Summary: Controversy has arisen over how best to deal with populations of feral cats. I have been forced to remove my birdtable and nesting boxes too, as my garden is the last Although feral cats belong to the same species as domestic cats, feral cats live in the wild where they are forced to hunt for survival. Cats are regarded as property in the eyes of the law. There may be local laws that directly, or indirectly, effect Trap-Neuter-Return programs and other work you are doing. If I wanted to shoot feral cats on my property I'd check with my neighbors first to see what they have, or if they care.

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