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The key is to analyze the market and find a way to turn yourself into a category expert that will easily differentiate yourself from all other candidates seeking a position in your chosen category.”. Add a long-distance move into the mix, and it becomes even more challenging. Companies with this position: Eurofins, Honeywell, National average salary: $66,949 per year. They are responsible for using their expertise to report on and present their findings in legal cases. Get the right Chemistry job with company ratings & salaries. Look at your network. Environmental consultant 3. The job outlook for most chemistry-related jobs is listed as good to normal, and most of these positions are well-paying and accessible with a bachelor’s degree. Many chemistry majors choose to attend graduate school, which can be free for graduate students who teach or complete research. Companies with this position: U.S. Navy, Tetra Tech, PAE, National average salary: $86,315 per year. Displayed here are job ads that match your query. Companies with this position: Kao USA, Pace Analytical, HCL America, National average salary: $94,193 per year. Easily apply to jobs with an Indeed Resume, 3 Habits That Could Increase Your Chances of Getting the Job. They might perform various scientific studies to identify or find applications for materials. Primary duties: Chemical technicians … Chemistry Major. From chemical engineer to lecturer to pharmacologist to chemist, career opportunities are vast, to say the least. Scientific laboratory technician 10. For versatile careers with abundant job choices, it's hard to beat chemistry and physics. Companies with this position: Superior Technical Ceramics, TEKNOVA, BioBridge Global, National average salary: $92,978 per year. Primary duties: Oceanographers are responsible for researching marine ecosystems. Primary duties: Analytical chemists study substances for toxicology examinations, developing pharmaceuticals, answering forensic questions and more. Description: Calling all Magellans! Acquiring a degree in chemistry opens a multitude of doors for graduates for a variety of educational or professional opportunities. An undergraduate degree in chemistry could be the first step toward a successful career with a great salary. Dispensing medications and teaching people about the potential side effects of … Nanotechnologist 7. Chemistry degree jobs. See who among your contacts might have access to companies, laboratories or roles that fit your “passion point.” Use your honed study skills to become an, Check out professional societies and organizations, noting who you know among the membership, such as, In the same way, see what your university offers in terms of alumni connections. 46,079 open jobs for Chemistry. Work and grow your network. A four-year college degree can be used to gain admittance to advanced degree programs (e.g., graduate school, medical school, law school). This might include items like dirt samples, blood samples, fingerprints and more. By far the most obvious job on the list, many chemistry students do go on to find work as chemists after their studies.… This job requires a high-degree of organization and attention to detail as well as a curious nature. Apply to Analyst, Adjunct Instructor, Staff Scientist and more! Start developing a sense of what you want. What bridges the divide between who you are as a person and who you are a student? Higher education lecturer 4. They must have strong analytical skills as well as communication skills to relay information to outside parties. This can be a rich resource for networking. Here are a handful of the skills and talents honed by those who concentrate in chemistry: As if choosing the degree weren’t hard enough, you’re eventually going to have to choose a career path which holds its own circus of questions. Primary duties: Chemistry teachers develop and present curriculum related to chemistry science. However, some of the higher-paying fields, such as dentistry, pharmacy, and radiology, require years of postgraduate study. What experiments or research truly intrigued you? Adaptability is the operative characteristic. For example, many, Where to Begin Your Career After Getting a Chemistry Degree, American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), The Best Jobs and Career Advice for Communications Majors. Description: Pharmacologists perform a variety of research and data-based duties. Become a student of your quest to find fit, and invite input starting with your own sense of what you want and then expanding out to your network. Description: A general program that focuses on the scientific study of the composition and behavior of matter, including its micro- and macro-structure, the processes of chemical change, and the theoretical description and laboratory simulation of these phenomena. Chemical professionals can be divided into five main sectors: industry, academia, government, non-profit, and entrepreneurship. Companies with this position: Antea Group, ExxonMobil, Golder Associates, National average salary: $83,705 per year. You will be directly involved in developing new medicines, technology and more. A bachelor's degree in chemistry positions you perfectly for a career in research … This can be a rich resource for networking. Refine your professional candidacy package. In any job search, you have to sort through many job postings to find the ones that are right for you. Once you know what kind of role you’re after, refine your strategy for getting it. A Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, MSC will be preferred. Create and update your Glassdoor profile, then research companies and open positions.

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