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Polk is a renowned brand which manufactures durable and quality products in the line of sound systems. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Fluance is a brand that has carved out its place among the various brands competing to make the best quality sound systems in the market. 3. You can also place these speakers on a shelf in the rear wall spacing them as apart as possible. The technology used to design this product ensures that the sound is aimed directly at the listener and the unwanted reverberation bouncing off the walls is cut out. You can expect prolonged service from this product for long years without any hiccups. It also is flexible enough to create good music in a room of any dimension and size. Trending top #5 Hand Files Products: The strong and robust material used to build these speakers ensure extended longevity of the items. Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers, 6. Fluance SXBP2WH Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers, 15. It is very easy to get it connected to any device as it is armed with 2 AUX input. You can expect your evenings to transform to a new level once you install this in your home. You can put two speakers in the rear sections, keeping the left, right and center channels untouched. Front speakers should be at the same height as each other, and the same goes for the rear speakers. Though bipolar speakers are usually avoided by customers due to their high cost, this product manages to balance the best of both worlds. It would be ideal if your sitting position is toward the center of the room and you can mount the speakers on the side walls. They are easy to install and do not take up much space. This set of bipolar surround sound speakers come at a price that you surprise you. Effective filtering is done to reduce the white noise. We advise you to study our buying guide before you spend any money on Rear Surround Speakers. Read our latest guide about the best fluance speakers. Samsung Wireless Rear Speakers Kit Surround Sound Wall Mountable WiFi Movie Show 9.6 9.1 9.7 3: Sony SAZ9R Surround Speakers for The Soundbar Home Speaker, Set of 2, Black 9.3 8.8 The look and feel of this set of bookshelf speakers is quite appealing despite the less price and you can be sure that you would not regret if you choose to buy it for your home theater. Position both pairs of speakers one to two feet above ear level for best performance. The sturdy MDF cabinet reduces resonance and consequent distortion, playing out to you amazing audio. It comes with a built-in tone-control system which will control and ensure comfortable listening. It also comes with the flexibility of using it as left and right front speakers or as rear speakers. A dipole surround speaker has two drivers which will fire sound in two different directions and the sounds are electricity out of phase with each other. Polk Audio Signature Series S10 Bookshelf Speakers, 11. In Speaker Properties, go to the Enhancement tab and uncheck the box next to Disable all sound … Speaker layout diagrams courtesy of the Dolby Surround Sound Speaker Placement Tool. First, check the dimensions and door positions of your room and then you can choose the set of rear speakers that are compatible with your room. Klipsch RP-502S Surround Sound Speakers (Top pick), 2. Whether it is a war movie or a wild chase in the jungle that you are watching, you can expect an immersive experience that will transport you to the real setting like magic. This product comes with silk dome tweeters paired with neodymium magnets which help to preserve excellent audio quality. The sound quality is superior and empowered with acoustic engineering the speakers can spread out audio in an even fashion irrespective of where they have been placed. Definitive Technology ProMonitor Two-Way Bookshelf Speaker. The resulting audio is life like and clean. Also, their friendly customer care and service personnel will always be ready and smiling to help you out in case of any hiccups. Now, you would have the flexibility to place them anywhere in the room but they work ideally when placed at the rear right and left corners and closer to the rear wall. Theater Solutions has made its space in the market of sound systems and speakers by manufacturing great products consistently. Dual 5.25″ Spun copper cerametallic woofers, Equipped with a 5.25 Inch dynamic balance driver, Heavy duty ABS construction sealed cabinets, Klipsch RP-502S Surround Sound Speakers (Top pick), Definitive Technology ProMonitor Two-Way Bookshelf Speaker, Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers, Polk Audio FXI A4 Pair of Surround Speakers, Fluance SXBP2 Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers, Polk Audio Signature Series S10 Bookshelf Speakers, Fluance SXBP2WH Bipolar Surround Sound Speakers, 1. It is priced lower than most speakers in the same bracket and yet the quality remains something to be happy about. Enhanced technology makes sure that the music is delivered clean and accurate and that you can enjoy the thrill of the high notes. This set of speakers come at a higher price but with amazing quality and extended durability. Polk Audio FXI A4 Pair of Surround Speakers, 8. As a customer, you can certainly choose to use your money to get this product and it will not disappoint you. They are rather small in size and can be placed conveniently on bookshelves for you to integrate the speakers with your existing music system. A home theater has probably costed you a lot and now you are revamping it by adding a set of rear speakers. DURABLE AND MOUNTABLE - Black ABS sealed cabinets with spring loaded raw wire connectors and mounting brackets. 5.1 surround sound system. There is a rear panel keyhole which can be used in case you wish to fix it to the ceiling or to the walls. We have kept in mind that the speakers on our list can seamlessly integrate with your existing sound system and enhance the sound quality in a pleasing way. This set of bookshelf speakers come with a host of advantages and are offered to you at a reasonable price. Right from the rich mid notes to the highs and lows, these speakers will play out any audio with superior quality and will transport you to a different kind of experience. Get FREE 2-day shipping and free lifetime tech support with your order. Yamaha is another brand which has been manufacturing excellent products in the space of sound systems for several decades and customers tend to trust their items very much. 1. Sound quality will depend a lot on where and how you have placed the rear speakers. Klipsch is a brand that comes up with revolutionary technology to deliver quality products in the space of sound systems. Fluance is a good brand which is loved by the customers for their technologically advanced products offered at cheaper than usual rates. Use it in the manner you wish and enjoy full and thumping audio. The subwoofer, on the other hand, will create low frequency bass to add the booming or thumping effect to the sound. Built from steel with a wide base to deliver high-quality sound. The heart pumping quality of the emanating sound will certainly catch your attention. The strong MDF cabinet makes it strong and well-engineered. Klipsch RP-402S Surround Sound Speakers, 5. Sometimes you might not be able to find suitable positions to place either of the above options and then you can opt for in-ceiling surround sound speakers. Also, this set is compatible with most of the receivers, and thus installing it will be no big deal. This product scores well in the matter of affordability. We have kept the following things in mind before compiling our list. Operating it is also very convenient and you would have no complains there too. Description Complete your HT-Z9F surround system with this Sony rear speaker. If you wish for a pair of portable rear speakers to upgrade your system then think no further and purchase this pair for superior listening experience. There is a vented tweeter that works to reduce the standing waves and thus, filters out the unwanted harmonics. Do you enjoy spending your evenings at home enjoying a thrilling movie or perhaps playing a high-adrenaline video game with your spouse or children? It is made with sturdy materials and is quality tested for defects. The surround speakers (wireless) constantly "chirp" a most annoying sound. There will be five at the front and two more rear speakers to enhance the quality. So, they serve two completely different purpose and you would need both for an ideal sound system. So, they score high in terms of durability and reliability. The speakers are made of quality controlled and superior quality material. But typically, there used to be no rear speakers in this system. This set comes with impressive features that fill up your living room with an enthralling experience. The advantages that the sound systems of this brand produce are often unmatched by similar other brands. KEF Q50a Home Theater Surround Sound Speakers - Dolby Atmos - DTS:X - Side Rear. Also, this is extremely flexible as far as placement is concerned. This set of speakers from them can promise to take your home space into a whole new level and enthrall you in the evenings. There is a perpendicular woofer and bass radiator with an elliptical cabinet that has the ability to fill any room with superior sound. The speakers come equipped with sound correction mechanism and you can expect a wonderful ambiance within the confines of your living room. It is not susceptible to easy damages and will produce good audio for years. When you’re listening to a great piece of music or you want to get immersed in a great movie, only great sound will get you there. They look small and inconspicuous but they are capable of packing a punch and adding zeal to your home ambiance. Then you are someone who would definitely need a wonderful set of rear surround speakers to give that additional edge to the ambiance at your home. The silk titanium dome tweeter with raw wire connections is capable of producing accurate and enthralling audio. The Injection Molded Graphite woofer is well-equipped to deliver the low frequency sounds and will fill your room with accurate, thumping music. You can use them in various ways, as standalone speakers and also as rear speakers that add to your existing home theater. The smallest speakers designed by Bose so the focus can remain on your home entertainment not your speakers, Designed to bring music movies and TV to life with full immersive surround sound. This product is extremely affordable and you can expect to install and buy it without spending too much money. You can decide to purchase it to revamp your home theater without any worries as it would certainly give you the best of experiences. This product is not exactly the cheapest product around in the space of rear surround speakers and it would cost you quite some money. The price is on the lower end and you would not need to plan ahead in order to incorporate it into your home theater system. It can be used in various ways i.e. It supports 100-watt power which means you can expect loud, booming music with good room fill to emanate from the speaker. The price is on the higher end but the technology employed to design this set of rear speakers is cutting edge. The entire set is also designed in an aesthetic manner and it adds to the appeal of your room. There are certain attributes which you must look for when you are buying rear surround speakers for yourself. The advantage of swivel arrangement means that you can swivel this speaker in any direction from their mount point. Klipsch RP-402S Surround Sound Speakers… Definitive Technology ProMonitor Two-Way Bookshelf Speaker, 4. The sound quality is deep and rich and will fill your living room in an immersive way. The Neodymium Tweeter and polymer treated woofer ensure that you do not miss out on anything when you play audio using this pair of speakers. And, now when you add the rear surround speakers to enhance the effects, you will be able to enjoy truly multimedia experience. Pair Rockville RockSlim White Front+Rear Surround Sound Shallow On-Wall Speakers. The keyhole mount is a feature that offers additional flexibility and you would be able to mount it anywhere as per your convenience. It comes with 2 rear speakers and a wireless receiver that add 160W of power to your system for an immersive surround sound experience. You will be surprised with the quality and would surely be happy with the bargain. Definitive Technology SR-9040 10” Bipolar Surround Speaker | High Performance | Premium … This comes with quick release spring loaded wire terminals, making it easy for you to connect it to any existing system. The SXBP bipolar surround sound of this device enables the speakers to play rich tones in the middle that is pleasing to the ears. Now, in a 5.1 system, as I said, you'll have two rear channels. The audio quality is good and you can expect to listen to clean and accurate music without the problem of noise or interference. Always remember to turn the speakers off before you clean it. An ultra-wide frequency response technology ensures true surround sound and your living room is magically transformed into a 3-D experience for you. Clever design and engineering make sure that this pair of rear speakers look super stylish and fit in aesthetically to the interior of your room. This set of speakers come with amazing features that are bound to amaze you. It is extremely durable and reliable so you can count on it to give you quality service for years without running into issues. As the name suggests, these rear surround speakers can be placed on bookshelves or similar racks at the rear corners of the room. The neodymium tweeters ensure that the thrill of the high notes is not altered and you can expect to feel the real vibes of the loud sounds and music from the confines of your home. The dipole and bipole rear surround sound speakers have some basic differences. In a 5-channel system, the side surround speakers should be located 90-110 degrees off-axis. The speakers will deliver quality audio for a long time without developing issues or snags. However, the Bose Surround Speakers do require electrical power to power the wireless receiver and there is a speaker wire connecting the wireless receiver to the speaker itself. Simply put, a 5.1 surround sound will have five speakers. The product is extremely sturdy and made of quality-checked materials. You can use them as the front speakers of your home theater, or as the rear speakers in order to augment your existing sound system, or even in a different room as auxiliary speakers. With hidden wiring, it is not that difficult to get them installed. A simple wipe with a dry piece of cloth should be enough for them to remain in good condition. It is also rather convenient to install and to operate these speakers, which is a big plus point. This set comes equipped with propylene full range woofers, mounting brackets and other equipment needed to install it into your home space. The recommended power range for the speakers is 20 to 400 watts which means you can choose to get the immersive experience at any level. MULTIPLE PLACEMENT OPTIONS - The Built-in Keyhole slots & threaded insert let you wall-mount the speakers or place them on a... Bring wireless surround sound to your Samsung sound+ Soundbars, Create an immersive surround experience to bring you into the action of your favorite games, movies, shows, and sports, MOUNTABLE INDOOR WIRED SPEAKERS - Traditional passive speaker design, simply drive power from your amplifier or receiver, HIGH QUALITY - Full Range sound coverage with 2.5" Polypropylene woofers, frequency response is 150Hz-20 kHz with 88dB at 8ohm. amzn_assoc_title = ""; Such technology minimizes distortion and reproduces distinct and accurate sound. This set of speakers come with dual Titanium LTS vented Tweeter coupled with Hybrid Tractrix Horns. A home theater is a possession that you are likely to use for years. Sonos Arc Surround Sound Package set-up — Choose your rear speakers wisely The Sonos Arc is designed to be a 5.0.2 system, replicating standard surround sound and … Distortion of sound is minimized through use of technology and you can expect accurate audio. The quality of sound emanating from this pair of rear speakers is unmatched by any other product. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; Encompassing, powerful and clear, Klipsch surround sound speakers will awe and delight any listener. It employs bipolar radiation pattern for great surround imaging which means optimal sound distribution. Also, the size being rather small, the pair will fit into the smallest of the spaces without creating any disruption of any kind for you. The aluminum dome tweeter is neutral and it helps to fill the room even with deep, thumping sound. Best Rear Surround Speakers reviews and buying guides: The list with the top Rear Surround Speakers in 2021. All rights reserved. It is also flexible enough to integrate with sound systems of other brands. Tech support to date has not been supportive, the problem persists. Just like the two-way bookshelf speakers, these floor standing surround sound speakers are also ideal for you when your primary sitting position is closer to the rear wall. Premium components ensure serious performance, natural sound and seamless timbre to match with the Fluance SX Series and other... Versatile design holds satellite speakers up to 3.5 lbs. This pair of bookshelf speakers from them is a good quality item that you can expect to buy and install in your home without any problem. The product looks minimalistic and yet stylish and would certainly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room. The rounded edges and detailing are concepts borrowed from acoustic guitars and implemented in these speakers which make them capable of producing rich and full sound. Do you like to invite your friends over in the weekend and dance with them amidst loud, booming music? Technology has been used well in this product to bring to you the best of listening experiences. These speakers use bipolar radiation pattern to bring about optimal surround imaging. The sound quality is rich and distortion is kept to a minimum due to intelligent acoustic engineering. Placing the Subwoofer: First, let’s place the subwoofer (4 in the diagram above) as it’s the simplest speaker to place. You can expect to enjoy the warmth of the mid-tones as well as the low thumps of the bass. This brand is all about creating good products in a manner that it does not end up pinching a hole in your pocket. amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "bottom"; You can expect it to give you good durability. The speaker enclosures come armed with 3 drivers, 1 high-quality woofer, a 4 midrange and a dome tweeter which operate together to produce an immersive experience in your living room. Not only is it a reliable product, it is also likely to enhance the aesthetics of your home. The easy integration would mean that you can install and operate them with no hassle. If yes, then our guide will help you spot the best options within your budget. Sound bar sold separately. In this system, place your speakers in the left and right position of your … There is a wide variety of rear surround speakers in the market, manufactured using different technologies by different brands. Though the price is high, yet it is totally worth spending the amount. You are very likely to be happy if you choose to purchase this product. The sound now moves perfectly from the left to the right and vice versa. The full and rich middle notes also fill your home with immersive sound that is pleasing for you to hear. This set of surround sound speakers come with several features which will help you to jazz up your living space in a jiffy. The rear speakers are positioned behind you, facing forward. Polk is a brand that you can count on when it comes to durability and reliability. It has dual isolated tweeter and woofer crossovers which enables it to be a dipole or bipole or the SVS duet mode. Buy It Now Samsung SWA-9000S/ZA Surround Sound Bar Home Rear Wireless Speaker Kit. The clarity and accuracy of the sound is phenomenal and whether it is a heavy-duty explosion or the subtle rustling of leaves, you can expect to hear distinct and pleasing audio.

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