how to get rid of stinging nettles permanently

Try wearing some tough gloves alow the nettle to grow a bit so there just a little bit surdey then pull them out of the ground. The purists will tell you that using a good weed whacker is no way to get rid of weeds as you’ll never remove the root with this method. This spray can be used on roses and any fruit and vegetable plants that are affected by aphids. Finally, use a selective herbicide that’s safe for use on grass. Hoe just below the surface to make sure you cut through the young roots. Perenial weeds are difficult but not impossible to get rid of. Or a weed killer for driveways if the pesky things are sprouting up through your concrete and brickwork. However, it doesn’t stop there. To get rid of allergies, you suggest taking stinging nettle leaf, local honey, and onion- I love these 3 important tips very much. There are lots of ways to deal with nettles, and there are many chemicals that will do the job. And check out these compost tumblers for a great way to effortlessly make the black gold in your back garden. This should give you significant relief from any continued discomfort. There is a lot of mature trees that shade large areas of the plot providing a perfect habitat for Nettles to thrive. Never use on more delicate plants like seedlings, tomatoes, or roses. While they’re usually regarded as a nuisance in the garden, nettles have a number of advantageous properties worth considering if you’d prefer to keep them around. As the name implies, stinging nettle has the capacity to irritate and blister when it comes into contact with skin. Again, make sure children and pets aren’t in the area. The trouble with chemicals is they are too broad, they kill all plant life and affect insect and animal life as well. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail, How To Get Rid Of Stinging Nettles Organically. By hand, by herbicide, or by mowing. Nettles are a great plant for making liquid feeds, and they are useful in compost heaps as well. The stalk and leaves of the weed are covered with tiny thorns, and each stalk produces a white-colored, star-shaped flower in the spring. If your plot is big enough it’s well worth allowing a small area to grow wild, and letting the stinging nettles grow. By all means, feel free to try – you’ll find plenty of how-to videos out there to get the recipe right – but the jury is out on how successful this method actually is. It is however the healthiest option for you and the environment. Return to the patch in about two weeks and pull up any new stinging nettles that … With an established patch, a bigger task awaits you. In order to remove them permanently you might have to try a number of different techniques I’ve outlined in this article. Nettles do have friends in the animal kingdom. Brambles are prickly shrubs that several types of berries grow on. However, they do have some merits and it’s up to you to decide if you should remove them at all. With frequent mowing, the grass will eventually choke the nettles out, and they will die. Common the world over, Urtica dioica/stinging nettle/burning nettle/nettle/stinger is a herbaceous perennial flowering plant. Glyphosate-based herbicide and suitable dispenser (although other weed killers will be suitable and are recommended). This means that it may be a natural remedy for eczema. In the growing season, rhizomes can sprout as much as five to six feet and then develop new plants at each node (joint section). By adding lime you will change the soils chemical balance and help to eradicate the nettles. It’s non-selective and will destroy any plant life it comes into contact with. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. You could unwittingly spread nettles all around your garden or plot. A drain/sharp-shooter spade is preferable. Nettles are hardy perennials that form large clumps up to 1.2m (4ft) in height. For larger patches of nettles, you should spray the plants with a glyphosate-based herbicide for best results. Then remove all of the roots from below the surface. They also attract beneficial insects like butterflies, bees, and ladybirds. Remember that the plant has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties. Stinging nettles are another excellent choice if you suffer from histamine intolerance. Due to the strength of this fertiliser it should only be applied to more robust plants. Eczema is an itchy and dry rash which can last for a long time. By the time you have used up your mixture there will be enough nettles to make another batch. Although it’s extremely cheap and available in large quantities, and in theory you can use it with a vinegar combination to exterminate unwanted foliage, I feel that deploying salt as a weed killer is simply not worth the hassle. Still, it’s the fastest solution with the minimum amount of effort for instant results. Again, just make sure there are no seed pods appearing – otherwise, you’ll be turning your compost bin into a nettle patch. Getting rid of them without using chemicals is not as easy as using a harmful herbicide. Unfortunately, they are garden pests because they grow very large and can quickly overtake large areas. And always make sure to wear protective clothing and gloves, and fully cover the skin on your arms, legs, feet, and hands. Check out these solutions if you’re looking for more ways to remove lawn weeds without chemicals. Another approach that you might like to consider is to add garden lime to the area. A glyphosate-based weed killer is your best bet for eradicating nettles. Roundup kills the root of the weed so that weeds never come back. Lets look at the way stinging nettles spread. Stinging nettles are in most cases a nuisance to us gardeners, and if you touch them wrong they’re literally a pain. Cut as many nettles as you need to fill a bucket, cover with water and leave for a couple of weeks. As stated earlier all high nitrogen hungry plants like brassicas, squashes, and sweetcorn will benefit from nettle fertiliser. By summer and early fall, the leaves darken and look coarse while the plants get rangy looking. Just be mindful of run-off. Stinging nettles can be a nuisance to have in the garden. Stinging nettle has bright or dark green leaves that are … anyone got any eco & pet friendly solution ? To use stinging nettle to treat hives and other allergic reactions, it is recommended to take 300 mg/day of freeze-dried stinging nettle. This is a guide about killing stinging nettles. The most environmentally friendly way to get rid of weeds is to pull them up, dig out the roots, let them dry in the sun, and then add them to a compost or mulch pile. How do you get rid of stinging nettles Hi All, I'm looking for a way to get rid of nettles, they have spread like wildfire throught my back garden, also i have a cat and a dog so i'm looking for a pet friendly way to do this, i've tried roundup and garlon, but this just kills everything not to mention having to keep the pets in all day. Don’t over-saturate, and don’t spray if rainfall is likely in the next couple of hours. Any help most appreciated. Thoroughly douse the leaves with whatever product you’ve chosen using a tank sprayer, trigger gun, or other dispensing method. If it’s a windy day, wait for a calmer one. 6. Providing a nettle hasn’t been covered with herbicide and/or hasn’t already gone to seed, it’s perfectly fine to use it in your compost bin. I would err on the side of caution if you choose to use this destructive herbicide (if/while you still can). A decent size clump will bring pollinators and aphid eaters to your garden just don’t let them grow too wild. Mowing or weed whacking nettles will give you a temporary solution – which can lead to a permanent one in certain situations – see more below. How To Treat Allergic Rhinitis With Stinging Nettle From the past until now, this herb, sometimes called Urtica dioica , has been used to cure allergic rhinitis. A systemic weed killer should be applied when the weed is fully exposed above the surface. Because of their stubborn, aggressive nature, you will likely need to use a combination of techniques when attempting to remove nettles. If you’re removing the nettles by hand (with the help of a spade or other tool) you should start by carefully digging around the base of the nettle stem to expose the root. 8. Weed killer for stinging nettles. Try one of these pet-safe weed killers as an alternative. As stinging nettles are good for repelling aphids and attracting good pollinators they make good companion plants. Your grip should be firm and movement steady. While it can be used as a potent weed killer in certain situations, it’s not always successful – particularly, against the more stubborn plants. We've just got rid of about 1 acre of nettles. Horse nettle, which also goes by the formal name of Solanum carolinense, is a perennial weed that grows in tall, vertical stalks that can reach up to 4 feet tall. For this reason they could be considered a companion plant. They’re particularly rife in the coastal regions of Europe and North America but can thrive anywhere – most notably in damp, uncultivated soil where they’re likely to form dense clumps of evil. All necessary for Pest Control ----- How to Remove Stinging Nettles. Then remove all of the roots from below the surface. You will also raise the PH level of the soil to uninhabitable levels – in case you were planning on growing any desirable vegetation at a later date. Choosing a pair of these excellent landscaping gloves is the first step to keeping yourself safe. I hope this article has taught you how to get rid of nettles on and around your property. I’ll not sugar coat this – it will most likely take several weeding sessions before you completely remove the nettles – and it’s possible they will still return at some point in the future – especially if they’ve already gone to seed. And they’re not called stinging nettles for nothing – as anyone who has fallen in a patch will tell you. Will mowing eventually knock them down? A sharp hoe, just under the surface and flick so they don’t get chance to re-root. I hope this is helpful. (Photo: CC0/ Pixabay/ Kruscha) To make the brew: Fill a bucket with nettles and pour water over it. Take precautions and keep pets and children indoors. Getting their roots of the ground is the best way, you will find not as many grow next time and if you keep persevering less and less stinging nettles will come up, especialy if you plant somthing else in there place or grow grass over the patch.

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