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In the beginning, there was a bit of opposition from cat lovers who thought Korat cat is not particularly different from other blue shorthair cats, but in 1975 this breed was recognized in the UK as well. Color cats resembles the color of these fruits. The easiest way to identify a Korat cat is to look for a bluish, silver-tipped coat and green, luminous eyes. The Korat cat (Thai: โคราช, มาเลศ, สีสวาด, RTGS: Khorat, Malet, Si sawat) is a silver-tipped blue-grey, short-haired breed of domestic cat with a small to medium build and a low percentage of body fat.Its body is semi-cobby, and unusually heavy for its size. They only give a sign of friendship and deep respect. Key Characteristics of Korat Cats Weight: 5.5–11 pounds Life Expectancy: 15 years At this point it is worth explaining how things were done in Thailand. It is an intelligent and playful[1] active cat that forms strong bonds with people and is very vocal in a very unique way as Korats sound different than other breeds. How long will the footprints on the moon last? Appearance and Grooming. Korat Yog-Hurt's Atlach-Nacha at Turok Cat Show. Male cats will not cross the line but female cats will. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Il a réussi en quelques années à être reconnus par toutes les associations félines même s'il demeure encore rare. The breed is said to have extraordinary powers of hearing, scent and sight. Today, however, Korat cats are somewhat more common. Here, we give you all the info you need to know about this very special silver-gray cat. Korat cats are native to the Thai province of Cao Nguyen Khorat from which it takes its peculiar name and where it is said that its color was the bluest. If you're looking to adopt a cat and want a friendly, loving cat who will be your constant companion, then the Korat might be right for you. When did organ music become associated with baseball? [4], Korats first appeared in the US in the 1950s. The first Korats in the west were imported into the US in 1959, having been given by a breeder in Bangkok. It is named after the province in which it originated, although in Thailand it is often known as ‘Si-Sawat’, which means good fortune, and they are highly prized in their homeland. Since your Korat will love following you around the house, make sure your house is safe for the cat. The Korat is a rare, or minority breed, in America mainly due to its small gene pool. A young male lilac was then born to another pair, also in the U.K., allowing more crossings without inbreeding too closely.[1]. Health. As a curious fact, the korat race receives other names such as Si-sawat or fortune cat, si… They should drink only water. He loves attention and likes to think of himself as the one in charge, whether of other cats, dogs, or the people in his family.He can be a bit stuck up, preferring the company of other Korats to that of any other pets, but he’s affectionate with his people and calm with children. Weight. These are seen as flaws, and the cats are disqualified from competing in cat shows. To help Korat breeders find good homes for their cats and to help Korat lovers find the right Korat for them, I made this list of planned litters, available Korat kittens and a very special list of "Retired" Korat cats. Korat: Personality. The policy for full registration of Korats only allows blue cats of full-registered parents or third-generation supplementary-registered parents. Is it common to have the medicine come out your nose after a tonsillectomy? In 1990, Lillee's parents were re-mated with more lilac kittens resulting. Skip to Registered Breeder list > The Korat (Koh-Raht) is a slate blue-grey short-haired pedigree cat with a small to medium build. Show of The Korat Cat Association of Finland Loimaa 2010-09-26, Sitting female Korat cat with typical bulbous green eyes and blue sheen, Female Korat cat with a litter of kittens, This article is about the cat breed. Korat Cats in the West. Sommaire. The Korat is one of the oldest natural breeds and comes from Thailand. One early import, "Dwina", owned by Russian Blue breeder Mrs. Constance Carew-Cox and mentioned in Frances Simpson's The Book of the Cat (1903), reputedly produced a large number of "Siamese" kittens; the other, Mrs. B. Spearman's Blue Siamese male, "Nam Noi", was disqualified as a Siamese, but accepted in the Russian or Any Other Blue class in which he placed first (WR Hawkins, "Around the Pens", July 1896). The first recorded Thai Lilac kitten was born to the Jenanca line in 1989, when "Jenanca Lilac Lillee" was born from two Korat parents in the U.K.. Korat cats came to Europe only in 1972 when they were imported to Britain from US. Le Koratest un chat originaire de Thaïlande. Comparing a Korat from the earliest pictures to one from today, one finds little to no difference in the cats. In 1966, the American Cat Association (ACA) became the first North American association to recognize the Korat, followed by CFA later the same year. The Thais refer to this colour as "rain-cloud grey", and the shimmer as "sea foam". In Thailand, there are the existence of these cats since before the 14th century, specifically from the year 1350, because already manuscripts of that time collected descriptions about cats of this breed. Well, it could be if you decide to adopt the Korat, a cat that originates in Thailand and is known as a good luck charm. Korat cat. Look at pictures of Korat kittens who need a home. Activeness. Korat Cats: Korat cats are a slate blue colored breed with a short-haired coat with a small to medium build. It is an intelligent and playful active cat … All Rights Reserved. Their names were NARA and DARRA. Originating in Phimai temple, Nakhon Ratchasima province. Their body is semi-cobby and they are heavier than they seem to be. Son visage est décrit comme « en forme de cœur », les arcades sourcilières formant les courbes et le menton la pointe. What form of id do you need 2 visit rikers island? The probable first allusion to the breed is in the Thai Tamra Maew (The Cat-Book Poems), authored between 1350 and 1767 CE and now in the National Library of Thailand. What does struck out mean from the county court? Does pumpkin pie need to be refrigerated? Korat cats are known to suffer from gangliosidosis, an inherited enzyme deficiency that affects the nervous system causing paralysis. Korat is an ancient cat breed from Siam now Thailand and their ancient pictures can be found in the cat book poems in the national library of Bangkok. Korats first appeared in Britain under the name "Blue Siamese" in 1889 and 1896, but these solid blue cats did not conform to the cat show judges' perception of a Siamese cat, and they disappeared by 1901. Let your Korat sit with you on the couch and if it’s okay, on your bed when you sleep. The Korat rules his household with an iron paw sheathed in velvet. Korat Temperament and Personality. Why buy a Korat kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Is it normal to have the medicine come out your nose after a tonsillectomy? [1] However, the illustration of the Korat in this book is not detailed enough to be definitive as to the breed portrayed. Wang Kaang Raang, a female korat un Vantaa Cat Show, Finland. Milk is too high in fat for cats. Despite the fact that the Korat Cat Breed dates back to at least the early 1300s, this beautiful blue cat didn’t “officially” make it to the west until the late 1800s, when it was first exhibited in London as a cat breed belonging to the Siamese class. The Korat isn’t a couch potato, but they do love to snuggle. To keep your cat healthy and at the ideal weight look for high protein and grain free foods. These silver tips give the cat's body a phosphorous-like effect, glowing radiantly. A third and fourth Thai Lilac Point has recently been born into the Jusarka line. However, such markings have no effect on personality or health. The hairs begin with a lighter blue shade at the roots, progressively getting darker until the very tip of the hair, which is silver. Is there a way to search all eBay sites for different countries at once? The eyes are large and peridot green in an adult cat, but kittens have muddy, amber or golden-green coloured eyes which gradually change as they become adults, at two to four years.[2]. Il a fait l'objet d'une protection accrue sous l'impulsion de la Korat Cat Fanciers Association (KCFA), en particulier aux USA et dans quelques pays d'Europe, et notamment en France depuis 1989. The Korat breed of cat eats the same food as other cats do. The Korat cat (Thai: โคราช, มาเลศ, สีสวาด, RTGS: Khorat, Malet, Si sawat) is a silver-tipped blue-grey, short-haired breed of domestic cat with a small to medium build and a low percentage of body fat. This gradation of the hair color gives the Korat a bit of a “halo” effect. Healthy Korat cats don’t have any specific dietary requirements, but they need a high-quality cat food in order to thrive. D’ailleurs, il tire son nom de la région de Korat, où il était le symbole de récolte abondante et de richesse, notamment grâce à sa robe grise et ses yeux verts. Otherwise known as a “Si-Sawat” cat, this remarkable feline’s name literally translates to “color of the Sawat seed”. The Thais allowed Siamese, Copper and Korats to interbreed. The genes responsible for Pointeds and Lilacs were introduced into the Korat breed when new Korat breeding stock carrying the recessive genes was imported from Thailand. A rare Thai breed, the Korat is truly an affectionate and constant companion that is soft, gentle and great with children, Surprisingly, this is one of the rare breeds that can actually recognize their owner. The first recorded Thai Lilac Point was born to the Clairabelle line in 2014 when Clairabelle Pixie Dust was born from two Korat parents in the U.K.. A re-mating from the same parents resulted in another Thai Lilac Point, this time a boy, Clairabelle Ninja Rococoa. Look at pictures of Korat kittens who need a home. Korat Cats & Korat Cat Breeders. The Korat, also at times known as the Si-Sawat or the Good Luck Cat, is an ancient breed named after the Korat province of northeast Thailand. After the establishment of the breed standard with a policy of no outcrossing, they became known as the “natural” blue coated cats. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Many find that the breed is a pretty standard size when compared to others. How can creditor collect balance due after auction in Texas? What is the supporting tissue of the embryo? If they see a stranger they might scare or make a noise, but they will run to their owner and play with them. Ce chat de petite taille est caractérisé par sa robe de couleur bleue et ses yeux verts. This native Thai breed has aptly been described as having hair with roots like clouds and tips like silver, and eyes that shine like dewdrops on a lotus leaf. The Korat is a rare breed with a long history as a symbol of good luck in his native Thailand. Korat cats hail from the island of Thailand, where they were first used as good-luck charms. The Korat is a natural breed, and one of the oldest stable cat breeds, and one of the very few that has not changed its appearance throughout centuries. As a cat of medium size, the Korat can potentially weigh anywhere from 6-10lbs. They are intelligent, playful cats that if trained from an early age can play fetch and walk with a harness and lead. The Korat is possibly the cat in the fancy that most closely resembles its original look – more than any other breed. Le korat est une race de chat originaire de Thaïlande. Female cats will teach their litters to survive and protect themselves by taking some small animal for the kittens to play with for practicing. Les éleveurs s'attachent à garder le type originel de la race, malgré l'apparition naturelle de nouvelles couleurs, telles que le colourpoint, non-acceptées par la quasi-totalité des f… These should not be confused with the Thai cat, a new name for the original (traditional or classic) Siamese cat type, with a rounder face and thicker body than modern "ultra-typed" Siamese. To care for your Korat cat, be sure to spend plenty of time with your cat because this breed needs a lot of attention. There is no outcrossing allowed, and no color or length variations. A unique American breed, this cat is believed to be the result of spontaneous mutation in a litter of an upstate New York farm cats in 1966. Korat cats were once the exclusive breed of Thai royalty. The first Korat to be honored at the national level was Munn Kette in 1981, which took seventh place in competition. Another of the Korat's more recognizable traits are its large, round, luminescen… For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. Although small, they are muscular, strong, and surprisingly heavy for their size. The hair shaft colour increases to deeper blue and the tips are silver, especially on the muzzle and toes. This book is written in the Ayudhya period of Siam history and has the list of seventeen good luck cats from Thailand, which also includes the Korat. A rare Thai breed, the Korat is an affectionate constant companion that is gentle and good with children. The Korat cat is quite a long-lived cat with ages of 18 and 19 not uncommon. The Korat (Thai: โคราช, มาเลศ, สีสวาด, rtgs: Khorat, Malet, Si sawat) is a slate blue-grey, short-haired breed of domestic cat with a small to medium build and a low percentage of body fat.Its body is semi-cobby, and unusually heavy for its size. His name, they take the name of one of the provinces of Thailand. They were owned by Jean Johnson of the Cedar Glen line, and thus began the history of the Korat in the west. For more information, please contact the Breed Council Secretary for this breed. Korat cats can remember their owner. This cat has a single coat that is short, with roots of a lighter silver blue. Why buy a Korat kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? They are intelligent, with a good memory. Its hair begins at the root in a light blue color, darkening along the shaft, into a slate grey-blue color, and tipping at the end in silver. Also known as the Si-Sawat cat, the breed dates back to the 14th century. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. In 1959, Cedar Glen cattery was the first to import a pair of Korats to the US for breeding: a male named Nara and a female named Darra. [2], The Korat's unusual colour is actually a silver-tipped blue that appears to shimmer. Anything Look…Weird? The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy recognizes Korat-type cats differing from the traditional solid blue appearance of the Korat on their experimental register. The Korat cat is a medium size feline with a medium tapering tail to a rounded tip. Sometimes these spots increase in size with age. One may have been entered in a British cat show in the 19th century as a Blue Siamese. Meow! There, they were given as gifts to brides due to their association with fertility. The Korat has a very different temperament from other Thailand-derived cat breeds. When fed, the sergeant of the group will eat first and then the other cats follow the hierarchy, though they will let kittens eat first. A Thai Blue Point exhibits the colourpoint pattern also seen in Siamese. [3] In Thailand, the breed is known as Si sawat, meaning "colour of the sawat seed". En résumé, c’est un chat porte-bonheur. Although it is rare, Korats occasionally have striking or faint white markings or spots or even very faint grey stripes. The Korat has a trait that is very rare among cat breeds -they are found with only one coat color. (when availables) Interested Korat breeders are invited to send me their availabilities that will be put on-line as soon as possible. The coat is a Silvery blue color. The Blue Buffalo cat food is a great option for all adult Korat cats that are kept indoors only. [2] In 1966, the Korat was accepted into championship status, through the efforts of a breeder from Maryland. [5] It also requires genetic testing for gangliosidosis to be carried out to ensure that the breed remains free of this inherited disease which once existed in some Korat and Thai breeding lines. With his silver blue coat and luminescent green eyes, he is not only good luck but also very beautiful. Korat cats have a quiet, sweet nature but are very intelligent and playful. There they are called “B Savate”, which means “fruit savate”, t. To. They named the offspring according to colour, so it would be perfectly possible to have Siamese, Copper and Korats all in one litte… Originating in Phimai, Thailand, it is named after its province of origin, Nakhon Ratchasima Province (typically called "Korat" by the Thai people). Korat cats rest somewhere in the middle between the largest and smallest of the breeds. An example hangs in the city of Korat's post office. Such cats are registered as Thai Lilac if they are solid lilac. Spearman tried unsuccessfully to import more of these "Blue Siamese". Though this cat has an action-packed personality, the Korat moves slowly and cautiously and does not like sudden, loud noises. Le chat Korat, cette race magnifique et rare, à la fourrure bleu argenté et aux yeux émeraudes, trouve ses origines au XIVème siècle. [clarification needed] If they are living in a big group, they will use a hierarchy system. By nature they are somewhat reminiscent of the “Burme… Korats are often presented in pairs during wedding ceremonies, fertility rites and as a gift for newlywed couples. En effet, des chats semblables étaient déjà décrits dans la littérature de cette époque. Its body is semi-cobby, and unusually heavy for its size. They make ideal household pets and can be devoted to their human companions. A Thai Lilac Point also exhibits the colourpoint pattern also seen in Siamese, but in addition exhibits the Chocolate gene. This is the only colour accepted for a Korat. [1] The Korat is known colloquially as the "good luck cat". In Thailand, there is a belief that the Korat bring happiness, so the cats of this breed is not sold and not bought. The Korat has not yet achieved the level of Best Cat in the U.S., but it does consistently win places in competitions. They should be fed a high quality cat food in several small meals daily. Until recently, Korats were not sold, but only given as gifts.[1]. They are also characterized by maintaining a low percentage of body fat. Ideally, the Korat should have blue-silver color and be free from all markings. [2] Traditionally, they are given in pairs to newlyweds or people who are highly esteemed, for good luck. A la fin du 19e siècle, le Korat au pelage bleu et aux reflets argentés fut découvert par le roi Rama V. Il s’exporte en dehors de la Thaïlande pour conquérir les États-Unis vers le milieu du 20esiècle, puis … These strikingly silver blue cats may have gained popularity over the years, but the breed remains rare even in Thailand. The Korat is a natural breed, and one of the oldest stable cat breeds. They are a natural breed originating in Thailand, and are known to be “good luck cats”, being only gifted rather than sold. If they are brought to a place they have never been before, they can return home on their own. In recent years, the Korat was pictured on a postage stamp in Thailand. Among the Korat's distinguishing characteristics are its heart-shaped head, its large green eyes. Korat – playful cat, but very jealous, and so it is better to bring up one by one and, if possible, in the community only 2 adults. [2] Its front paws are shorter than the back paws. The Korat Cat is a symbol of good luck, prosperity and health in its native country of Thailand. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? Also, your Korat might be at risk of being stolen by someone who would love to have such a beautiful cat. How do you put grass into a personification? For other uses, see, Thai Lilac, Thai Blue Point and Thai Lilac Point, "GCCF Registration Policy for Korat and Thai Cats", TIMBA: The International Maew Boran Association,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from February 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 November 2020, at 22:33.

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