epiphone joe pass emperor ii pro review

A warm sounding guitar great for rock and rolling. All easy tasks and to be expected on most electric guitars. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. $826.00. I recently bought an Emperor II Joe Pass, and love everything about it except the silly, cartoonish Joe Pass signature on the pickguard. Easy to play nut to 20th fret. "Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-ll PRO Guitar". Did you? Made in Korea I believe (I quickly removed the sticker! active player 30 years, guitar have played in nights. Have always heard a lot of good reviews about Epis, never owned one before. Case sold separately. Free shipping . Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. In fact, I found it comparable to $2,000 to $3,000 big name jazz box guitars such as the. Pre-Owned. I'm sure it makes a big contribution to the sound too. The price for this model was comparable. Did you? Limited lifetime warranty. J S K p o F 2 C P T 4 n V s o r 9 M e d. New Listing Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II Pro Vintage Natural. Huge headstock. first of all I was inspired by seeing the guitar, and decided to check it out. The tuners seem smooth and even while adjusting. 4.8 (5 reviews) Read 5 Reviews. This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II PRO but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on our web site. The Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO Archtop pays homage to a legendary jazz virtuoso and classic Epiphone tone & style while offering up an array of updated features. I had to tighten 3 tuner nuts, adjust the truss rod to get rid of the hump in the neck and set the intonation by adjusting the bride. Building hollowbodies is a much more involved affair than building solidbodies, so to find a guitar of the quality of Epi’s Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO for this price is indeed a find. Compared prices on similar guitars made by different manufacturers. And now available in a be'tiful new Wine Red color finish. This Joe Pass signature model features Epiphone ProBucker pickups for hearty vintage tone. Looking for an affordable jazz box, one that had a lot of "air" around the notes, had that "amp in the other room" woody, sound. Soundwise, the Joe Pass model is somewhat boxy sounding acoustically, but really comes alive when plugged in. Love the pickups. Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO Electric Guitar. You may want to consider these jazz style guitars feed back even moderate volume levels, so if you play loud rock you may want to try one out in-person first. Played guitar 20+ years, bass 1 year, keyboards 6 months. Have played professionally. Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO Electric Guitar, Vintage Natural Bust out your best jazz licks on the Emperor-II PRO. I like a low action. The Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II Electric Guitar features a laminated maple neck and body; solid rosewood bridge; gold tuners and tailpiece; multiple bound body, neck, and peghead. The Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO is a true archtop with hand-scalloped bracing and sound post along with Epiphone’s critically acclaimed new ProBucker pickups with coil-tapping. Fit and finish in general are excellent. Excellent guitar at its price point. Rating and Reviews: Epi Joe Pass Emperor-II P Bust out your best jazz licks on the Emperor-II PRO. No complaints about the hardware. Very good contemporary jazz sound with a set of D'Addario ECG24s. It's an all-laminate construction guitar, but then so are the gibson es-335 and es-175. Did you. (4) Read 4 reviews for this product | Rate and review this product The tones that I was looking for. Epiphone improved all the electronics on their mid-priced electric guitars after around 2005 so now the quality's basically advanced amateur to professional level. 10 of 12 people (83%) people found this review helpful. The five-ply … Was gonna wait till July for a wine red model. The Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO is a true archtop with hand-scalloped bracing. Replaced the stock strings with flat wound chrome 11's. I like it. Anyhow, a little polish and it was gone. Used the 6 month "play while u pay" financing. I own PRS, Gibson, and Jackson solid-body guitars, and needed a jazz-box type of guitar to explore jazz and blues music genres. Origins. item 4 Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO Natural Coil Split Hollow Body Electric Guitar 4 - Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO Natural Coil Split Hollow Body Electric Guitar. $250.00 1 bid + $150.00 shipping . Volume and tone knobs dimed on the guitar, 50 watt tube amp (lots of headroom), volume as high as you can without feedback, Bass-7,Mid-7,Treb-3-4, Rev-3, Pres-1-2. Pros of Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II Guitar sweet tone, with just enough twang and punch to really make blues riffs sound full, great for jazz and blues, a bee-bop sweetheart, can do for country, christian worship styles; While the Joe Pass Emperor has been around for some time they have updated this model with some sweet new pickups. In trying out various affordable jazz boxes, I came upon a nautral-finished Emperor II Joe Pass model that was clearly superior sonically to anything under $1,000 (actual price: $649 w/Hard case). Joe Pass Emperor II, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Epiphone in the Emperor series. Hot enough for my liking. A temporary customer reference number is assigned to each customer only while they are shopping on Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II PRO has 0 ratings (Score 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings ).. Disclaimer. I find it amateurish (looks a bit like white-out/corrective fluid), obnoxious, and intrusive, and it really cheapens the look of the whole instrument. and other entertaining events. New Listing prompt decision epiphone joe pass emperor ii pro wr coil tap possible classic. ProBuckers conjure the sound of the original hand-wound PAF humbuckers designed by Seth Lover at Gibson's Kalamazoo factory in the late 1950s. Knobs turn smoothly. $706.96 + $97.00 shipping . This Joe Pass signature model features Epiphone ProBucker pickups for hearty vintage tone. The tuners are top quality. No interest either. No truss rod adjustments needed. No comment. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. ), See previous opinions, however, a detail the handle is in parts, it's cheap, we know why. Kind of between contemporary jazz and smooth jazz. The colors on mine seem to blend very nicely. I bought it used for $399 (with fitted hard Epi case) at Guitar Center Hollywood Fla. So glad I didn't and got this one! (This content has been automatically translated from French), Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitars. Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II 4.26 out of 5 based on 148 ratings . Real interesting tones when alternately splitting coils while using both pickups. You should try to play a guitar model in-person to see if it suits your comfort level and playing style before you buy it on-line. During his long career, Joe Pass’s advanced harmonic knowledge and seemingly endless well of melodic ideas made h… I have played many guitars in the past 45 years but this Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II is far and away the nicest, best set up (thank you again Sweetwater), finest sounding guitar of the bunch. The "C" shaped neck fits my hand ( a little small) fine. for us to answer any questions you have about products, services or purchases. Beautiful five-layer bindings all around. Everything about my experience with Sweetwater had been delightful. The new Joe Pass Emperor II PRO is a fitting tribute to Joe, who was a great inspiration and friend to Epiphone and guitarists throughout the world. The only reason i don't rate it even higher's there are so many well-made guitars of this design and at this price point out there now to choose from. Amplified, the Emperor II brings to the table the full, mellow, and rich sound one expects from a top quality jazzer. The classic Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-II PRO honors the "President of Bebop Guitar," one of the most prolific and groundbreaking guitarists in the history of jazz. C $1,231.50. Very well made, great sounding guitar. 13 of 22 people (59%) people found this review helpful. I was impressed at the quality tone and feel for this type of arch-top. The Golden Era returns with the Original Collection. Check the drop-down menu to …

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