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Finally, add a layer of mulch to your tree on an annual basis as well. With columnar trees, you don’t need as much space. Amur maple is a small tree that gives big autumn color. Sold as both a single and multi-stem tree. If you think fast-growing trees are bad bets in the backyard, Autumn Blaze maple trees will make you think again. Acer - Maple Clump-form Amur Maple Acer ginnala Mature Size: 20’ x 15’ (6 m x 5 m) Crown Shape: Rounded Fall Foliage: Red Hardiness: Zone 2 Multi-stemmed specimen of this cold hardy species. The Amur maple is considered a Medium texture tree. In addition, Amur maples have decent fall color; turning shades of red and yellow. A large shrub or small tree with glossy green lobed leaves that turn spectacular shades of scarlet in autumn. Site Requirements: requires sun to light shade. It can be grown as a multistemmed clump or trained into a small tree with a single trunk. Unlike many maples, paperbark maple is an excellent small tree for small yards, where it can work well as an ornamental specimen near a deck or patio. Some nurseries dig their Maple Trees out of the ground and send them bare-rooted, or 'ball and burlap.' But when you order from Fast Growing Trees, you are getting well-rooted, better-branched Autumn Blaze Maples ready for explosive growth. Amur Maple slide 43c 360% slide 43d 400% slide 43b 360% III-85. Available In-Store Only. The Amur maple is a low-growing tree excellent for small yards and other small-scale landscapes. Multi-stemmed specimens can grow as wide as they are tall. Trees; Yard Supplies; Amur Maple. Ginnala — Amur Maple Glossy, green leaves change to fall shades of yellow, orange and red. Amur maple is an introduced, deciduous large shrub or small tree. MAPLE AUTUMN BLAZE - 25 GAL. The Amur maple requires the least amount of pruning of all the Acer genus. White, spiky flowers appear in mid-summer when little else is flowering and showy, mottled olive-green bark adds to winter interest. Range of soil types; tolerates wind, dry soil and drought. Recognized for its three-lobed leaves. MAPLE AMUR - 10 GAL. The natural range of Tatarian maple is from Southeastern Europe into Western Asia. Contact us today. Has anyone on the forum trained Amur maple in forest or clump/group style ? Armstrong Gold Maple. It has all of the fine characteristics of Acer ginnala as well as the outstanding fall color. This variety is … We offer the best warranties, prices and will price match any estimate. 8 - 9' $329.00. A relative of Amur maple, tatarian maple is a tough, attractive maple tree that tolerates cold winters and hot summers. Amur maple. Palmatum ‘Atropurpureum’ — Redleaf Japanese Maple Location: Size: Quantity. The fragrant, creamy whit flowers appear Bright green leaves turn to shades of scarlet, orange and yellow in fall. TREES 105 RED MAPLE CLUMP / ÉRABLE ROUGE TALLE Acer rubrum Height:12m Spread:12m Zone:4-9 Shape:Rounded Foliage:Green The popular Red Maple is now available as multi-stemmed clumps. In spring, it produces masses of small, yellow flowers that are highly fragrant. It can be grown as a multi-stemmed clump or can be trained into a small tree with a single trunk up to four to six feet tall. It is native to China, Mongolia, Manchuria, Siberia (along the Amur River Valley), Korea and Japan. Shop with confidence for quality trees, shrubs and perennials. The tree typically grows 20 to 30 feet tall and has an upright, rounded, finely branched canopy that creates dense shade under the crown. A selection of Acer ginnala made by the USDA for its fiery red autumn color. The shrub-like appearance, beautiful leaves, and interesting form make it a great addition to any landscape. Extremely hardy, rounded habit. It can also be planted as a lower-level tree below a towering canopy of taller trees. The fruit samaras are 0.75 to 1 inch … Maple trees are known for their brilliant fall color as well as the ease with which they “bleed” sap. Look for varieties of maple trees that develop spectacular scarlet seedpods, such as 'Hot Wings'. A dense, finely branched, small tree or large shrub with an irregular, rounded habit. Amur Maple is one of the most adaptable and cold hardy of the small-sized Maples. Add to cart. The layer should be three to four inches deep and located at least two inches away from the tree. It works well as a stand alone specimen, a small tree, or you can even shear it and use it as a large shrub. Amur Maple Habit - The tree is deciduous, it loses it's leaves every year in the fall then grows new leaves in the spring. This shrub-like tree explodes with a striking red fall color that will be sure to turn some heads. I have a nice stump that died back and sent out about 15-20 shoots from the base, which is about 8 inches across with a nice flare. Winged seeds appear in summer. In spring, they produce clusters of greenish-white fragrant flowers that grow into winged samaras that redden with age. It can be grown as a multistemmed clump or be trained into a small tree with a single trunk up to 6 feet tall. The tree should be pruned in winter or early spring. Amur Maple can grow up to 25 feet, but typically grows to 15 – 18 feet. The Amur maple is a small rounded understory tree that thrives in most conditions, however they are found mainly growing in moist, cool locations. The compound leaves emerge silvery-green in spring changing to medium green in summer. It can also be sheared into a hedge. In addition, the tree seems to be on fire in autumn; turning a bright vivid red. The trunks are from 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Growth Rate is slow. ... Amur Maple Clump. With lovely flowers in the spring, whimsical whirligigs in the summer and brilliant, flame-colored leaves in the fall, the Amur maple is a common tree in small yards. It can be grown as a multi- stemmed clump or can be trained into a small tree with a single trunk up to four to six feet tall. This can leave up to 90% of the roots behind, while the tree loses up to a year of growth. Our seed source produces extremely red fruit and leaves in fall. : Maple family (Aceraceae). The Amur Flame Maple is a very versatile multi-stemmed shrub/tree. It also matures over time to 15-20' tall as a large shrub or small tree. ginnala (formerly Acer ginnala), is commonly called Amur maple. Ornamental trees, such as maple trees, should be pruned every year. Hardy to -50°F Maximum Elevation: 8,500 ft. The tree in the backyard that blazes with red, orange and yellow foliage in autumn is most likely a maple. Cold hardy, rounded habit.

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