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People who hurt you intentionally aren't real friends. My best friend had confronted me if I told other friend about how I said she was made me lose my friends. What do I do? She provides therapy to people who struggle with addictions, mental health, and trauma in community health settings and private practice. She does this often and it is irritating. Well at the time, I lied to her face. Idk what brought me to say what I had to say about my bestfriend, but I know I do really love her a lot, and I hope she does not change her mindset about our friendship. Below are some of the most important aspects of this confrontation. If you asked her to stop lying and she said she wasn't lying or kept making up lies to cover the truth, she is a bad friend. Can we get this video to 5K LIKES?! I have learned to let it go and just find another group of friends. Let your friend know that you will be happy to open up more when they are ready to reciprocate. For example, your friend may have told you they weren't seeing anyone, but you later find out they were secretly in a relationship. By using our site, you agree to our. Lying is a trait, it’s not something that changes from person to person. I asked her about it and she said she didn’t tell them but I don’t believe her I don’t know what to do I get so sad when I’m alone I already suffer emotional waves I don’t know what to do . 4. How has she seemed to you lately?”, You might say, “I know you lied to me about having plans this weekend. [1] X Research source What purpose did the lie serve? She keeps looking through my stuff and taking stuff without asking. Would they backstab, lie and cheat? She just wrecks everything. They obviously didn’t care for me as much, just wish I hadn’t wasted so much of my time thinking of them. If she knew that you liked him, then she probably shouldn't be dating him and isn't much of a friend. I get straight A's and she gets Cs and Ds. I will be back. Tell your friend that their lying bothers you by saying something like, “I appreciate when my friends are honest and straightforward. No doubt about it, being lied to is upsetting. It hurts to see you this way. What should I do? Take your time, give it a lot of thought - Let this be one decision in your life that you never regret later on. ", You might even say, “I forgive you this time, but please tell me the truth next time.”, Voice your boundaries by saying, “I appreciate when my friends are honest and straightforward. She will go to lunch with this man, and if her husband calls or stops by, I have to be quick to come up with a lie as to why she isn’t in the break room. Recognize that some lying is common. The friend who held me as I cried in her arms after the loss of my father was capable of telling terrible untruths about me. And you might check out a few of my hubs and I would love to have you as a follower. What a piece of great writing. eventually she got tangled in them and lost my friend ship. Do you want to talk to me about it?" Sometimes they lie because they want to exclude you from their plans. I have a best friend from the time we were in second grade (too many years to count) and she and I have went in and out of each other's lives for years and finally reconnected on Facebook, but listen. Don't waste your energies on someone who has learned to manipulate instead of communicate with others. If you find that what your friend says doesn't jive with what others say … The Friend Who Doesn't Respect Your Time. I'll make no excuses. Be humble and vulnerable, do not insist that you're right. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. No matter what happened in life, whether it was me moving overseas for several years, or her moving to another state, we always managed to stay in contact and find ways to get together. But it pays to be armed with insight and a little introspection into your own behavior will allow you to be more open minded. The moment you think that your friend has lied to you, put a stop on all the candid things that you share with him/her. Once the best of buddies, the both of you now hold a very strong grudge and animosity towards each other. Put your head together with this person to determine the best course of action for helping your friend. In no way does this mean to inflict self-guilt. What should I do? My friendship radar was broken and I didn’t know who to trust. If they tell you they are staying home some night you want to go out, for example, and you find out later that they partied without you, it may mean they aren't as good a friend as you thought they were. She received her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Marquette University in 2011. A friend messaged me recently asking if I was free on a certain day and if so did I want to meet. She received her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Marquette University in 2011. I wonder what you feel is the right thing to do here? If you don't confront it directly, it may just get worse. She made up all kinds of details. Is she really my friend? Stop blurting out your secrets and all the other chit-chat that that is otherwise a mainstay of your friendship. Call her out on it by explaining exactly to her face what you see her doing, then telling her that the next time she does it, you will explain how she manipulates you and your friend and then uses crocodile tears to wriggle out of her misdeeds. Let's say your friend lies and says, “Yeah, I didn't do anything this weekend, but study.” Don't say, “You're lying!”, Go for a more subtle approach, like “Hmph, that’s weird. Basically, very shortly after our 'thing', at about the time I suspected something, my friends were indeed sleeping together. personality test. How should I deal with a friend who is lying to me about her love life? If the behavior doesn't change, find a new friend. You have a fall out with your friend over the lie. They just nod and say I won't tell I swear. Lying isn't always a sign that friends are trying to protect you, however. That will keep her worried for a bit, but also cut ties with her and tell her that you're no longer friends with her. If you and your friend are in a group, you might pull them aside to confront them privately. She gets us into trouble and everyone thinks we are the liars. Perhaps, by doing this, they'll get the picture--that you're not falling for their lies--and stop lying so often. Oct 28, 2019 - He cheated. If she makes an excuse, like, "It's just a joke," tell her that you don't like it, and tell her that it hurts your feelings. I just have a hard time telling the truth, because lets face it, the truth hurts. Though your friend's lying may have hurt you, that may not have been their intention. Now that you know both sides of the story, it is your call if you still want to walk down the road of friendship with your friend. Eventually she grew out of the lying phase, and i think she appreciates me sticking by her. Everyone defends her because she claims that she does not lie and cries when it is proven she did lie. For instance, your best friend lies about seeing your girlfriend with someone else because you just said “Everyone is trying to tear us apart.” They may have lied so they aren't accused of sabotaging your relationship. I have a "friend" like this as well. Once polished and nurtured, it becomes the brilliance of your life. My best friend has been lying to me and I don’t know how to address it without sounding like a creep So basically my best friend has been lying to me about a lot. Can you help me understand why you lied?”. My best friend has been my support system and my strength. Because at the end of the day, your friend is not supposed to lie to you regardless of a situation where your behavior caused him /her to do so – Friends are supposed to be honest and trustworthy no matter what. For more tips, including how to ignore someone when they lie, read on! Think of the good times and the bad. Building trust in a relationship is a very difficult thing to do. If she would just say something like excuse me. After you have confronted him/her, the ball is now in your court and you need to decide whether you want to remain best friends, just friends, ex friends or current enemies. I say it was an emotionally abusive relationship, though a lot of people would scoff at that, but it was. Or, if they lied about hanging out with someone you don’t like because they didn’t want to upset you, understand that they didn’t do it to be mean and try to forgive them. And your heart takes a permanent hit that never really heals. I have chosen to step away and, "Suggestions of what to say when confronting her helped, and the question and answer part gave me more ideas I could, "This article helped me by pointing out the different types of lies your friend may tell; silly little lies, for, "My friend just lies all the time, and its breaking my mindset. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 195,973 times.

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