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There were occasional references in ancient literature to: the winter solstice, typically December 21, when the nighttime is longest. If a player takes too long they may find their own head being dooked into the bucket by those waiting for their own turn and ... Read More, Method: using boiled eggs, wait until these have cooled down, and then paint. On the afternoon of 31 December 1929, during a children's matinee, a freshly shown film put in its metal box in the spool room began to issue thick black smoke. This motto represents the 33˚ throughout the world and is used on the Crest of most of the Supreme Councils. Because of the dangerous nature of their work, they were unusually superstitious. From wedding dress to wedding rings, the service, reception decor and much more, the Scottish flavor and style is very much in play. As Scots emigrated around the world they took their Scottish traditions and customs with them, and there are Highland Games held in countries all around the world, including countries as diverse as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Japan.. and more. It is open to all Master Masons looking to continue the journey of self-discovery and finding a deeper sense of purpose. Saining Straw. Historically the fire may have been in the form of torchlight processions (which still abound today) and also bonfires which were part of the  celebration. These early humans buried their dead very deliberately in a cave. It is traditionally held on a frozen loch (lake) and can last 2 or 3 days over a weekend. Within these traditions there are many symbols. Thus there were words conside... Read More, " Travelling Showpeople opened Glasgow's first cinemas, operated the rides and stalls at the annual Kelvin Hall Winter Fair and Glasgow Green. At the end of the get-together everyone sings Auld Lang Syne in the traditional way with arms crossed while holding hands. Scottish Rite Clubs are organizations outside the cities, towns, and areas without a local Scottish Rite Temple. Handfasting is an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives. The famous Tam O'Shanter is a popular recital at any Burns Night. Certain dances are traditional at these gathering/parties, and the Gay Gordons, a dance which originated over a hundred years ago, is often the first one. At the end of the proceedings the torches are thrown over the Dalginross Bridge into the River Earn (traditionally believed to cast out of evil). This is also marked by the ringing of church bells (such as those of the Tron Kirk in Edinburgh's High Street or Royal Mile) onland. As Scots we are enormously proud of our history and culture and take every opportunity to celebrate them both! Today's kilts originated from the versatile Great Kilts (aka Feileadh Beag, pronounced Fee-la Beg) of the 16th century, and the Walking Kilts of the 17th and 18th centuries, which were worn by Highlanders for practical reasons more than style. Samhain marks the beginning of a new Celtic year celebrated from sunset on October 31 to sunrise on November 1st. The children then go around the houses saying ‘A penny tae burn me Pop’ and receive small amounts of money. THE BOOK OF THE ANCIENT AND ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITE OF FREEMASONRY: CONTAINING INSTRUCTIONS IN ALL THE DEGREES, FROM THE THIRD TO THE THIRTY-THIRD, AND LAST DEGREE OF THE RITE by Charles T. McClenachan, 33' (Revised and Enlarged Edition, Macoy Publishing and Masonic They took a holiday from work on a Friday and the Fair has been held on a Friday ever since. Casting and consecration of the circle 2. 1. To become a 32° Scottish Rite Mason, a new member would receive the 4° to begin with, a minimum of three additional Degrees in between, and then concluding with the 32°. American influence and marketing in recent years has seen this incre... Read More, A silver coin (nowadays probably a One or Two Pound coin) is placed by well-wishers into the pram or under the pillow of a new baby when they meet him or her for the first time. The Degrees of the Scottish Rite do not teach specific lessons. One of the most important events in Celtic life is marriage The essential ritual in Celtic Weddings is the handfasting ceremony The handfasting ceremony involves 13 ribbons, each with their own symbolic meaning. Although the Highland Games of today are very different from the earliest versions of the competition, there are also many similarities. Information about the history of the Scottish Rite, Freemasonry and the Valley of Dayton AASR, the Supreme Council and detail on each of the 33 Degrees. Visit my Scottish Weddings page to find out how to add some Scottish magic to your big day!. It was associated with Hogmanay, but the Mummers largely perform at community festivals in the summer, so performances are open-air. Local walkers, led by flute players and people playing drums and triangles, have been carrying out this tradition for 160 years. On the day, h... Read More, The Chinese community in Scotland, originating from both Mainland China and Hong Kong, numbers just over 10,000 people with the most significant population in Glasgow. Panic set in. A pipe band leads marchers carrying flaming torches (made of long thick birch poles with tarred rags tied to the top) who are followed by the fancy dress parade. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in each country is governed by a Supreme Council. Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Valley of Charleston PO Box 30817 Charleston, SC 29417 Passing of light 8. Since men and woman have been capable of making vocal sounds, incantations have been floated on airwaves by enchanters, who whispering charms, spells in rituals, hymns and prayers, invoked curses, raised protection deities and summoned demons. Today we generally think of Celtic as a wide reference to Irish or Scottish culture and traditions. In the 21st century, the Scottish wedding is an intricate blend of ancient highland tradition mixed in with modern, streamlined rites. Those taking part are the prospective groom, his male friends and male relations. All move off in a parade through the villages of Port Seton and Cockenzie starting at the Port Seton Centre. This Edinburgh-based all-female group have taken the traditional folk drama “Galoshins” (in all its various spellings) and updated it with a modernised and expanded script, written in rhyming couplets, while still respecting its traditional form and Commedia dell'Arte roots. It draws its symbolism from various esoteric sources, from Alchemy and Cabbala, from Gnosis and Rose-Croix. Possibilities include Clootie Dumpling (a steamed pudding made with dried fruit and spices) or Cranachan (a cold dessert made with cream, fresh fruit and toasted oatmeal). Most Scottish weddings take place in mid to late afternoon and are then followed by a formal reception or party with a wedding meal. August 1 was The Feast of Lugh, named after the God of Light. Stag nights can now stretch to entire weekends away or short trips abroad.... Read More, 'The Walk' - 3 days of temperance walks - is held every year at the Buchan Rathen coastal villages of St Combs, Inverallochy and Cairnbulg in the North East of Scotland. Readings, recitations and even songs from Burns' huge volume of work are the entertainment and speeches are popular too. Our local hill is always littered with eggs and shells and serves as a feast for the local wildlife. ... Read More, The 'Fish Supper' consists of fish (commonly haddock in Scotland) deep fried in batter with chips purchased from a 'Chip shop'. Burns suppers are most common in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but occur across the globe wherever there are Burns Clubs, Scottish Societies or expatriate Scots. The word Celtic or Celt is in reference to the cultural and geographical group of people known as the Celts. It is organized into Orients (generally states) and Valleys. They are often just old pillowcases, torn bedsheets or similar but must always be white. Highland Games, Isle of Skye, 1934. Over time the range of lecture subjects became m... Read More, The ‘poor-oot’ (pour out) or ‘scramble’ is a tradition related to weddings. The Scottish Rite regularly confers degrees 4 through 32 … To the early Druid priests of Gaul and Britain, the oak tree … Since 1876 these lectures have been held each autumn and winter in the Watt Hall of the McLean Museum and Art Gallery, Greenock. The club’s membership, traditionally all male, following Burns’ Bachelor Club format, has included many influential and notable local men as members and honorary m... Read More, In 1658, Paisley Town Council first granted a charter making it possible for the trades people of Paisley to form societies. Few probably associate the lighthearted traditions of Halloween with their origins in Samhain, an ancient Celtic pagan festival. Although as a kid and from years of experience with my own children the symbolism is lost as they munch though a mound of chocolate. It's held on January 25th (the anniversary of Roberts' birth in 1759). I still carry this practise on today. The decorated eggs are then taken to a gentle hill (or other appropriate place) and "rolled". It is traditionally served wrapped first in brown paper, then in newspaper in order that the food should retain its heat on the customer's journey home. In some families the tradition is for the horseshoe to be presented by the youngest wedding guest. Other popular dances include Strip The Willow, the Dashing White Sergeant and the Flying Scotsman. The Celts Did Not Originate in Ireland or Scotland. While different ancient cultures had different traditions, some of the most time-honoured and world-famous were those undertaken by the Celtic people. Liturgy of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, 15-18. The Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite is an appendant body of Freemasonry and is considered entirely optional for Masons to join. Today, traditional Ceilidhs still take place, more so in the west of Scotland than in the east, and also most commonly in rural, islolated or Highland locations. It ends with a toast to the Bard of Ayr (whisky traditionally of course). Print. Sixpence in the Bride's Shoe The Druid Ritual of Oak and Mistletoe. 32° Scottish Rite Freemasonry™ is a fraternity of Brothers committed to going deeper into the highest principles, teachings, and ideals of the Masonic craft. Possibly related to the last line (less well known than the rest) of: A Burns supper is a celebration of the life and work of the poet Robert Burns. Children go around peoples' houses (traditionally in costumes or fancy dress), asking for sweets or money although some still (voluntarily or otherwise) perform a song, dance or tell a joke in order to deserve the householder's contribution. Celebrating 'Burns Night'. Like other Chinese communities worldwide, the Scottish Chinese have their own New Year celebrations, which have now become a significant feature of the Scottish winter cultural calendar, particularly in Glasgow and Edinburgh. ... Read More, The Scottish Wedding Reception Confederate general and former Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike was the author of an 1871 book called Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, a book that describes in detail the 33 degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the stories and teachings associated with each rank, the rituals connected to each rank, and other lodge proceedings. It is also a sign of simplicity and humility. The term actually comes from Old Norse: Hand-festa, which means to strike a bargain by joining hands. The meal offered varies from location to location. The Paisley Hammermen Society was established in 1761. At the wedding meal toasts are made to the bride (by the Groom) and to the bridesmaids (by the 'Best Man' - the Groom's best friend and assistant). Tying the Knot Traditional Celtic hand tying. Membership also appears to have extend... Read More, The Paisley Naturalists' Society was formed on 22nd March 1892. Assistance could be in the form of gifts of coal, goods, sums of money, or any other form determined by the Committee of Management. In 1897 Provost George Stewart decided that the event should be c... Read More, A bonspiel is a curling tournament (curling: two teams of four players compete by ‘throwing’ two granite curling stones each). During the celebration of Samhain (Nov. Learn More. As newlyweds drive off from the church after their wedding ceremony the groom (or husband) throws handfuls of coins out of the car window. The content on this site is provided and maintained by people just like you. The cinema (opened in 1901), known as 'The Glen' and 'The Royal Animated Pictures' once formed part of the Good Templar Halls (now occupied by Burton's shop). Traditionally used for brides, it is still applied for weddings and also for other special occasions (mainly on the palms of the hands but also to the feet). Ochre residue suggests that the remains were painted ceremonially before being positioned in the coffins, and a huge feast was prepared to celebrate the passing. Many of them have rich stories behind them and others have meanings unknown. ... Read More, White flags are put up by the family and friends of the bride ( and groom) to line the route of the bridal party on their way from their homes to the church (and also sometimes to the reception) . In Scotland most Highland Games are usually held between May and September, and there are as many as a hundred different individual games held annually across the country. The most popular competitive events at any Highland Games (and some of these would've been featured in the very earliest contests) include: Modern-day Highland Games aren't just athletic competitions reveling in strength and endurance. Musselburgh's annual festival comprises several events including: CLICK HERE to learn more about the history and customs of Hogmanay. The Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite is an appendant body of Freemasonry and is considered entirely optional for Masons to join. Once the Burns Supper has been eaten and cleared away everyone takes part in reading and/or reciting some of Robert Burns' work... and there is a LOT to choose from. The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, commonly known as the Scottish Rite, is an appendant body of the worldwide fraternity known as Freemasonry. The traditional garment of the Highland clansmen is the kilt (belted plaid), which is suitable for climbing the rough hills. They are put up the morning of the wedding. Each clan had its own colourful pattern for weaving cloth and these patterns are called a tartan. As a result of milder winters and the requirement that the ice should be at least 7 inches thick for safety reasons, these outdoor games now rarely take place. Consequently, it is considered very bad luck to cut down a Rowan tree! The first burials may have taken place as long as 50,000 years ago, but the oldest known intentional burial site is Qafzeh in Israel, which dates back almost 10,000 years. Most tartan patterns are closely linked to specific Scottish Clans and are still worn by clan members today, especially for ceremonies, weddings and holidays. The first Burns Supper (aka Burns Night) was held by friends of the poet/writer in July of 1801 in commemoration of the fifth anniversary of his death. The geographical area covered by the ... Read More, Each year Edinburgh is home to Tradfest The motto of the Supreme Council for Scotland Thirty Third and Last Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite consists of the Latin phrase Deus Meumque Jus which translates into English as God and my Right. In the U.S. there are two Supreme Councils. The Summer Solstice was one of eight sacred Celtic days where the Celts would take time to celebrate through a variety of customs. One of the first tasks of the society was to make an application to the Paisley Museum Committee for a use of a room in the museum in which to hold their meetings - a meeting place that the present Paisley Museum Natural History Society still uses today. They were more for the adults than for the children and once us kids were out from underfoot the adults played raucous games, laughed, drank and at the stroke of midnight sang 'Auld Lang Syne' at the top of their voices. The tradition of seeing out the old year and welcoming in the new has, in cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, been adopted and transformed in recent decades to the point that 'Hogmanay' is now often associated with these huge public type of 'events' with firework displays. Holiday Rituals. The Celts Did Not Originate in Ireland or Scotland. Celtic seasonal rituals fused to medieval saints' days survive in modern secularized celebrations.

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