30 inch whole house fan motor

Considering the real estate in the attic, and the floor lay-out for the upper floor, I decided to install the fan in the main bathroom. I just installed the triangle fans 36" fan http://www.industrialfansdirect.com/TE-CC3622.htmlwith the grainger dayton shutter 4C228A http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/items/4C228. Oh, and one other thing -- only buy a belt-drive whole-house fan, don't EVER buy a direct-drive model...the direct-drive models are at least five times louder, they sound like standing on an airport runway next to an old prop plane getting ready to take off. If any other whole house fan owners care to share their method of ventilating their attic, that would be a useful addition to this discussion, as whole house fans requires plenty of attic ventilation to work well. You generally run these fans before bedtime in order to cool down the house and especially the attic. Sold by ErgodE. There is a recent design whole house fan called "the ghost" that has a properly shaped duct, with the fan located at the top. It's a BIG let down when you're led to believe that the fan will match the inside temp to the outside temp in a matter of minutes when in reality, that's no where near the truth. Electric Supplies. Air is like a fluid when in ductwork, every elbow and corner increases turbulence and drag, which robs CFMs. I am very interested in installing a whole house fan as part of a larger remodel. Also, Triangle re-brands some of these as a private label for Dayton, which is the "store brand" of Grainger - so if you have a Grainger store near you (check your phone book or their website), you can buy one there. This means opening many windows, and also opening a door to the attic, unless there is some other path provided to the attic, such as a louvered vent. Miles,The disadvantage is twofold: It will do nothing to get the heat out of the attic. Ours is an Emerson, at least the control switch is. This will not work with any other fan. Insulated doors that automatically open/close upon power-on/power-off is very nice, convenient, and I wouldn't go with a product that didn't have automatic, insulated doors.5. Cool a 500 sq. These sentiments are expressed over and over - their customer service people tell you this over the phone - it led me to believe that if the inside of your home is 80 degrees and the outside temp is 50 degrees, then certainly if you ran the whole house fan for an hour - the inside of your home should be at 50 degrees - right? I have the smaller Tamarack, and I feel like I wasted my money. Because even though the outside temp is 50 degrees, by the time it moves 1 foot into the room, it has mixed with the warmer inside air. Opinions? Mine is ceiling mounted - and we get very good drafts when running. I saw your post (above) about a 36" Triangle whole house fan and Granger/Dayton shutter. I mounted the fan above the existing rafters and sealed between the rafters with plastic and Duct Tape. Here is the "real life" of it as I've experienced. It's quiet, but that's about it. Bottom Line - I think the pros outweigh the cons. As mentioned above, just because a fan can move enough air to change the entire house's volume of air in 14 minutes or 14 seconds, doesn't mean your house will cool to the outside temperature that fast. Does it for you? The only question i have is between Lowes and Home Depot who has a better buy for a small house such as mine? between this and the rain barrels, i cant think of a better way to spend a couple hundred dollars on the house. I've done so much research on this in the past now have to come down hard on the decision -We have 2000 sq ft Dutch Colonial revival (1930) no central air - during remodel project I would like to include a whole house fan. My home is a split. Brother found a motor locally and I have been a happy camper since. Fan motor is attached to blade with a … I did some research on sound levels, although I don't own a sound meter. our current 3 story house is much better, there is no second floor returns but there is a return at the bottom of the stair hall. "Whole house cooling will reduce the temperature inside the house to the outdoor temperature"2. Whole House Fan Switch - looks better and lasts longer, Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversion rates. Only $ 132.54 /Each. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. The QC system that allows you to install a system in individual rooms seems like the answer. It's also a let down to order the HV1000 upon the spoken (phone conversations) and written (sizing chart posted on website) recommendations when in reality - The Ghost should have been the recommendation. 2 zones is as important (and apparently, more important) than the lack of return. I did NOT want to go through the wait and installation more than just 1 more time. Though I have had mine for a long time, I have never regretted the purchase. In my case it would have been extremely difficult/impossible to install a conventional large diameter attic fan and the subject fan has performed well. Hot and stuffy attic air can actually be damaging to your house and health. Whole House Fans and 36 In. I'm thinking this won't be an issue and I should benefit from the cooler air downstairs making its way up. (even at 399 its worth it to me)will i later on upgrade to a less noisy? Portable Fans. I live in a 1400 square foot house near the beach in San Clemente, Ca where the climate is so mild I don't need Air Conditioning. Unlike the HV1000, I know it's actually working. ... TPI BD302WHS Belt Drive Whole House Fan – 30”, 1/3 HP Motor, 5.5-6.9 Amps, 120 v Fans for House Ventilation. and we did have a second floor return. See All . Fan equipped with 1/3 HP permanent split capacitor motor. How you adjust the opening of the windows for a supply, is you being smarter then what you are working on. More Info. Relatively easy installation.3. lol. I was completely disappointed with it - which is hard to swallow after all the anticipation and the cost of over $500.00 - I felt like it didn't work at all as advertised and felt much like rudysmallfry's post up above. TPI Whole-House Attic Fan — 30in., 7,600 CFM, Model# BD30-2-WHS (3) In terms of fan construction, everyone should be aware that larger and more blades is better (more efficient, quieter) than smaller/fewer blades for a given airflow. we used to have a 2 story home with a single zone gas forced hot air and a/c, and the a/c on the second floor was far far less than ideal. A word to the wise -- these fans move a lot of air, so make sure to install at least the recommended minimum amount of attic exhaust space (gable vents, soffit vents, roof vents, some combination thereof, whatever works for you) - if you don't have enough, the fan will operate at reduced capacity, and there will be a backpressure which will cause the shutters to rattle when the fan is in operation (any time you hear whole-house fan shutters rattling, you know there isn't enough exhaust space). Jet Fan installs and sells Dayton whole house fans as top of the line commercial quality fans. Which one makes more sense? Since I have never actually seen one of these units, and also I have never heard one operate, I can't give an opinion on how well it works, or how noisy it is. Heavy (18 gauge) steel frame consisting of a venturi and heavy formed steel supports for motor mounting and galvanized finish. We first tried gable mounted fans, but they are not as effective. 4.2 out of 5 stars 606. So with the work complete, the fan runs about as quiet as a dryer with no clothes on low. Found the TE-CC3022 30" Triangle madeinUSA fan here: http://www.industrialfansdirect.com for 399.00 w/ free shipping out of AK. All-in-all, IÂll be burning about 9 cents an hour vs. close to $2 an hour with my 2-tier air conditioning system(s). Our installation is directly on ceiling joists. Cast iron or soapstone? We are in CT - and do have window units for bedrooms - this would be nice to cool the house down in summer - I keep the house closed up during the day in summer and open up at night. This fan is a 30-inch whole house fan with a 2-speed belt drive. However, if you do not frame around the opening you need to seal off the area against airflow. If a pathway is set up to ventilate warm air up to the attic, and then outdoors, there will be a potential problem in wintertime, when the interior is being heated. It worked well at high speed; it did not seem to want to run at low speed. Overall Width. C $392.46. By the way, in the dead of winter when the house has been closed up for a week or so....try it. This is a much heavier unit. So I took about 2/3 of that to conclude that I had 2,700 sq. Cover all the bases now to ensure many years of satisfaction with your full renovation, second-story addition or bump-out, Extensive renovations, including additions, update a 1918 Georgia home for modern life while respecting its history, Don't be daunted. Commercial Refrigeration Fan Motor Parts and Accessories; Nor-Lake 915 Replacement Motor Kit (Fan) Nor-Lake 915 Replacement Motor Kit (Fan) Item #: HP915. So if we are getting a good draft in the house - why does the temp go down just a lil. These things are much higher quality than the other brands too -- these are made with very heavy-gauge solid welded steel (as opposed to the thin, flimsy metal - often aluminum - that other brands use).

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