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If you’re looking to buy your first ‘extra lens’, or you’re a working professional looking to add to the arsenal, Pentax lenses … View cart for details. This is another area where the Pentax 645 35mm manual-focus lens stands out: it works great even with two 77mm filters stacked! See also my 35mm Equivalent Focal Length Chart for other 645 lenses. 16.520 oz. Don't pay $7,819.00 $6,646.15. This isn't caused by the lens, it's how God made the sky. All rights reserved. If you've gotten your gear through one of my links or helped otherwise, you're family. I haven't tried it with three stacked filters simply because I haven't tried yet. Intro Specs Performance Usage Recommendations. Pentax. It's slick, smooth and perfect. The Pentax 35mm f/3.5 has no visible distortion. Panasonic. Markings: Engraved and filled with paint. I support my growing family through this website. In addition to full compatibility with the PENTAX 645 mount, D-FA 645 lenses also incorporate modern imaging technologies in glass, coatings, and construction to maximize image quality for the demands of digital image sensors. Pentax's digital interchangeable-lens camera bodies maintain compatibility with any Pentax K mount and even the M42 screwmount (with a Pentax adapter) ever made. Pentax 645 ; Pentax 67 ; Pentax K ; Filter By Prime Or Zoom; Prime ; Zoom ; Filter By Category; For Pentax (65) Pentax 645 (18) Pentax K (47) Pre-Owned (3) Lenses (3) Filter By Stock; In Stock (4) Filter By Price Range; $1,000 or below; $1,000 to $2,000; $2,000 to $3,000; $3,000 to $4,000; $4,000 to $5,000; $5,000 or above; Filter By Price Range return Math.floor(Math.random()*999999999999) 8 blades stopping down to f/22. Performance top . Lenses For The Pentax 645Z Lloyd Chambers has just commented that he wouldn't purchase a Pentax 645Z because of poor and inconsistent lens quality (and quotes his testing on the 645D, as well as with the 25 mm. The 645D is actually based on a lens system that captured images on 60-by-45mm frames of film, and can accept older lenses that were used with Pentax 645 film bodies. Serious landscape photographers often run two or three filters at once. It must be quite something because my A is a star. Olympus. Carl Zeiss. Intro   Specs   Performance   Usage   Recommendations. Savings & Stock. For instance, I shot with an 81C warming filter and a Tiffen graduated-ND 0.6 filter in 77mm screw-in mount, and I got no vignetting. PENTAX D-FA 645 lenses are designed exclusively for use with PENTAX 645 digital camera systems. In addition to the 35mm line, Pentax added professional medium format 645 and 67 cameras lenses to its lineup. The Pentax 35mm f/3.5 has no visible distortion. As mentioned before, I can use two stacked 77mm filters without vignetting. This is the worst I can make it look: Horizon, worst case. The focus ring feels fantastic; you can flick it with a single finger. The Pentax 645 35mm is made as it should be. The acronym "smc" stands for super multi-coated, a feature long found on higher-grade Pentax lens. Promo Financing. PENTAX HD D FA 645 MACRO 90mm F2.8 ED AW. Stop it down a stop or two if you're on a tripod or have good light, otherwise, don't sweat it. Just one fingertip can flick it. } Add to Compare Quick View. The "A" series manual focus lenses were released with the original 645, followed by the auto-focusing "FA" series for the 645N, and the "DFA" series for the 645D. Also not used much. Something went wrong. It costs you nothing and is a huge help to me. The Pentax 645 has a built-in motor drive and all auto and manual exposure modes, as well as a full line of excellent lenses available cheap. Shoot interiors with vertical lines or the horizon at the beach, and all is well. Pentax 35mm with 81C filter on expired-three-years-ago Fuji Velvia 100, 6x4.5 cm, processed and scanned at NCPS, f/9.5 at 1/125, program auto. Pentax 645 / FA 12. 645. enlarge. have had to take, feel free to help me continue helping everyone. That's over $1,000 in 2009 with inflation. • SMC Pentax-A 645 150mm f/3.5 (excellent, light, small telephoto). For any shots other than the horizon above, there simply isn't any visible distortion. Lenses for Pentax 645 Mount MOUNT Any Canon EF Canon M Canon RF Four-Thirds Fujifilm G Fujifilm X Hasselblad XCD Leica L Leica S Micro Four-Thirds Nikon F Nikon 1 Nikon Z Pentax K Pentax Q Pentax 645 Sigma S Sony A Sony E BRAND Any Pentax CROP-FACTOR Any 645 (0.5X) 645D (0.8X) STATUS Any Current Discontinued Any Brand. In 1997 Pentax introduced the 645N, an autofocus version of the original 645, and re-released a similar range of autofocus “FA” series lenses to accompany it. The Pentax 200mm f4 SMC FA IF telephoto prime lens is designed for use with Pentax's 645 medium-format cameras, both film and digital. eBay is always a gamble, but all the other places have the best prices and service, which is why I've used them since before this website existed. Optics are the same in A and FA. Pentax 645 Lenses 1-16 of 16. There are a lot of medium format lenses for Pentax 645Z and 645D, today we are showing you some of best lenses for Pentax 645Z and 645D. Pentax Single Vision. function getCacheBuster() { Both lenses more than pack their own weight. Don't bother with polarizers. Sort by: Best Sellers. Filter by: Savings & Stock. Here are the best scoring Pentax lenses in our database. 35mm equivalent: It sees an angle of view on 645 film similar to what a 21mm lens sees on 35mm film. It helps me keep adding reviews of this old stuff when you use these links to get yours, Thanks! Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Near MINT PENTAX FA 645 80-160mm f/4.5 AF Zoom Lens for 645 N NII from JAPAN 5 out of 5 stars (16) 16 product ratings - Near MINT PENTAX FA 645 80-160mm f/4.5 AF Zoom Lens for 645 … I was astounded when my it passed my usual torture test of a screw-in grad on top of a regular filter, which no other ultrawide lens has ever passed. I will introduce the various lenses from telephoto to macro. I have not tried the autofocus version of the Pentax 35mm f/3.5, so I can't comment on it other than that the AF version takes non-standard 82mm filters. No surprises; there's a little at f/3.5 and it goes away stopped down. This Pentax 35mm ultrawide lens feels great in-hand, has vanishingly low levels of distortion and takes stacked standard 77mm filters with no vignetting. Only an idiot would use a 2x teleconverter to make this into a very expensive 70mm f/7 combination, when the 75mm f/2.8 lens would be a much smarter idea. The PENTAX 645 lenses, the compilation of optical technologies. Tokina. ( - 2001) The Mamiya lens has the advantage of using a totally different rangefinder design. This is the worst I can make it look: Horizon, worst case. In 2010 Pentax introduced a digital version of the 645, called the 645D. RICOH IMAGING EUROPE S.A.S. smc PENTAX-FA*645 300mm F4 … 6 product ratings - 【Unused in Box】 SMC Pentax FA 645 45mm f/2.8 AF Lens for 645 645N NII From JAPAN, Pentax 645 80-160mm f4.5 SMC FA Lens 80-160/4.5 #503, Pentax 645 45mm f2.8 SMC FA Lens 45/2.8 #641, 2 product ratings - smc PENTAX FA 645 400mm F5.6 ED IF Medium Format Lens for 645 Series #201125b, 24 product ratings - 【Almost UNUSED w/Hood】 PENTAX SMC FA 645 MACRO 120mm f/4 From JAPAN / FedEx, 7 product ratings - PENTAX FA645 33-55mm F4.5 AL WIDE ANGLE ZOOM LENS AF, 8 product ratings - 【Almost UNUSED】 SMC PENTAX FA 645 200mm F/4 IF AF Lens for 645 N NII From JAPAN, 5 product ratings - PENTAX Pentax SMCP-FA 645 35mm f/3.5 IF AL, 16 product ratings - PENTAX FA 645 80-160mm f/4.5 AF for Pentax 645N 645NII etc "Excellent" #2763. The 75mm f/2.8 is smaller and weighs less than the converter, too! Pentax 645 / D-FA 3. Park Cameras are a Pentax Pro Centre and proud to stock a broad selection of medium format 645 lenses as well as K-mount DSLR lenses. lens distortion filter to correct the invisible barrel distortion, after which there is just a little bit of waviness left. This lens sees such a wide angle that the natural polarization of the sky varies so much that your pictures will have uneven darkening across the sky. SMC Pentax-A 35mm f/3.5. 1.) Samsung. I'll probably sell this one. Rebates 7. Arbitrary half and full-stop clicks. HD PENTAX-DA 645 28-45mm F4.5 ED AW SR. smc PENTAX D-FA 645 55mm F2.8 AL (IF) SDM AW. I'm a very happy camper: I've never used another ultrawide that can use two stacked filters without vignetting. Sort by : Show: Page of 1. document.write("

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