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For novelty’s sake, I feel as if I should put the Crossbow higher on this list. Screengrab via Activision . If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies. Below is our Marksman Rifle Damage Comparison Table. The new marksman rifle simply outshines the Kar in practically every category, but it’s the improved damage range and bullet velocity that makes it so effective in Warzone. Its magazine size is super small, it has a low fire rate, high recoil, and a slow ADS speed if you want to spec it for Warzone. Here we compare the base recoil of the SP-R 208 to that of the other Ammo Attachments, the .300 Norma Mag and the .338 Lapua Mag. The SP-R 208, with either ammo is very comparable to the KAR 98k in terms of the Damage profile. Find out weapon features, traits, tips, newest Season 6 Marksman Rifles, & more! level 1. It is, after all, among the strongest weapons in Warzone. Hdr. This Warzone November 2020 sniper rifle tier list is here for those looking to get their kills from a distance in Season 6.. We’ll talk more below about the SP-R 208 and all the other Marksman Rifles in the game, but before we do that let’s take a look at the stats of each DMR, using this table taken from our Warzone weapon stats guide: Now that we have a better idea of the capabilities and traits of each weapon, let’s discuss the tier list we’ve landed upon for the best to worst Marksman Rifles in Warzone. The latest addition to the plethora of Marksman Rifles in Warzone is the new SP-R 208, which is also known as the "R700." 2 days 18 hours left. Best Marksman Rifle in Warzone; Best FiNN loadout in Warzone; Rytec AMR. And it’s not about to replace the HDR or AX-50. FSS 20.0 Factory. The best marksman rifles and attachments in Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone. Though it may have one of the worst fire rates on this list, the KAR98K is still a beast. Lightweight semi-auto Carbine chambered in 7.62x39mm. But despite their relatively low position in the current meta, there is still a lot of fun to be had with these guns. This hard hitting and agile Soviet rifle focuses on utility over accuracy. Check Out The SP-R 208 Here! Best graphics cards Whether it can outperform an AX-50 or an HDR is more of a question mark, but this thing hits hard and flat over any range, and by stats alone it beats out the previous favourite, the Kar98k. Just like Warzone’s Marksman Rifles, the Type 63 offers sniper-like precision and damage with the added bonus of mobility. Modern Warfare and Warzone season 4 Patch Update 1.22 adds in game events, Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 release date plus large update expected, new playlist update brings duos to warzone, Patch Update 1.21 for Modern Warfare Warzone introduces new circle changes, Call of duty Modern warfare Warzone Update 1.20 Patch Notes. The designated marksman rifle version, which the Marines are already fielding operationally, is essentially the same as the base M27 weapon with … A marksman rifle with virtually no downsides shouldn’t be outclassing behemoth .50 caliber rifles at long-range. Support RPS and get an ad-free site, extra articles, and free stuff. Screengrab via Activision . Rechambering takes time, and with the heavy range-boosting attachments equipped, so does aiming down sights. With the .338 ammo, you can even get a 1 shot kill to the lower torso as well. I've had various 5+ kill games with the marksman rifle (downing them and finishing with same rifle, 1shot kill, or sometimes getting down, then they bleed out from the marksman gun). Call of Duty: Warzone SP-R 208 Bug Removes Bullet Drop. Ollie is known round these parts for having the deepest voice in existence. Some say he used to be quite good at Rocket League. Sniper Rifles, such as the AX-50 and Rytec AMR are heavier and designed for range in Warzone and Ground War. I think snipers and marksman rifles in gulag is the worst thing to be added to warzone. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Marksman rifles, assault rifles, and literally any other weapon that you can attach a high-zoom scope to will create a visible glint, as long as the scope/optic is equal to or higher than 4.0 zoom. As things stand, I’m fairly confident putting in my early vote for the SP-R 208 as the best Marksman Rifle in Warzone. Weapon Guide . But 10 round mags simply aren’t enough in Warzone, and the SKS’s headshot damage gives it a serious edge over this slightly underwhelming rifle. And there you have it! The difference is the job title of the guy (or girl) behind the rifle. It is, after all, among the strongest weapons in Warzone. Here's where to find Alfred's key to unlock his secret study. This site © 2020 Gamer Network Limited. 6. Whether it can outperform an AX-50 or an HDR is more of a question mark, but this thing hits hard and flat over any range, and by stats alone it beats out the previous favourite, the Kar98k. For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "PSA: You need Gold Camo on Marksman Rifles AND Snipers to unlock Platinum". The Crossbow is a curious pick for the third-best Marksman Rifle in Warzone, so let’s break down how we’ve arrived at this conclusion. All guns are split in four tiers. The FAL is one of the more modular assault rifle options in Call of Duty: Warzone, so there are lots of ways to configure it to your needs. Recoil Study. Warzone’s Anti-Material Rifle is exactly that. The EBR is fine. Fortunately, you can go a ways towards fixing this by affixing the largest barrel and a Monolithic Suppressor onto the gun. This is a DMR, not an SMG. Assassin's Creed Valhalla Alfred's Study location: where to get Alfred's Key and enter the study. However, these warzone weapons, like all others, are deadly, as players can link their shots with less recoil due to the lower rate of fire. Here's the best loadout for every Sniper & Marksman rifle in Call of Duty WARZONE! You are required to spend COD Points in order to buy a Battle Pass and enjoy its other tiered rewards. best. Note that in Warzone though, Headshot Damage is 250, regardless of Range. Great at mid to long range, easy to handle, and has the perfect attachments for Warzone. Best HDR loadout and class setup in Warzone - plus in-depth HDR stats, This HDR loadout is the best we've seen in Warzone, Best Warzone loadout for the top weapons of Season 6, The very best Warzone loadouts for Season 6 revealed, Best Kilo loadout and class setup in Warzone - plus in-depth Kilo 141 stats, Devastate entire teams with our best Kilo loadout, Best M4 loadout and class setup in Warzone - plus in-depth M4A1 stats, This is simply the best M4A1 loadout we've come across, Doom 2 designer takes a demonic tour of his own home, Introversion will let you play their failed prototypes for charity. [Warzone] What is the best marksman rifle/sniper to pair with an aug {Question} What is the best marksman rifle/sniper to pair with an aug. 103 votes. All Rights Reserved. Scott Duwe. by James Mattone on September 29, 2020 TOP GAMEPLAY HIGHLIGHTS. In Warzone, it may take up to 5 shots to kill an Enemy, with a painfully long TTK, so make sure you go for those Head Shots. First, it should be noted that scope glint is not a gameplay element that only affects sniper rifles in Warzone. The SP-R 208 seems to be just a little better than the Kar98k in just about every feasible way. Other Weapon List & Traits • KAR98K: Interestingly, this marksman rifle was classified as a sniper in previous Call of Duty titles, and is just as powerful as those in Modern Warfare. The SP-R 208 marksman rifle was added into the game in Season 6 and can be acquired for free by reaching the Battle Pass tier 15. 193. The EBR-14 is the first Marksman Rifle you unlock in Warzone for a reason. True, it deals greater damage anywhere except the head, but if you’re not aiming for the head with a DMR then you’re not using it properly. If you’ve been experiencing Warzone games where everyone seems to be rocking the new SP-R 208 marksman rifle, there’s a very good reason. With its unique explosive and thermite round attachments, it can lay waste to a vehicle in just a few shots. The MK2 Carbine is one of my favourite weapons for regular Modern Warfare multiplayer modes, but when players are going around with 250 health in Warzone, what is the point of a Carbine, ever? See how to get it, gun stats, attachments! Is the Kar98k still the best Marksman Rifle in Warzone? While Marksman Rifles were always extremely potent weapons in Modern Warfare, in Warzone they’ve historically been outclassed by the bulkier and harder-hitting sniper rifles. ______________________________________________________________________________. Warzone’s Anti-Material Rifle is exactly that. Though classified as a Marksman Rifle, this weapon performs more like a Sniper Rifle. Read this guide to know more about Old Growth Marksman Rifle blueprint in Call of Duty (COD): Modern Warfare & Warzone! Where the Kar98k falls down is its poor bullet velocity over longer distances.

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